Denis Dyack Is Super Excited About The Nintendo NX

Eternal Darkness creator and prominent video game industry figure, Denis Dyack, says that he’s extremely excited for Nintendo’s upcoming NX platform. Speaking on a recent podcast Dyack gushed about the next generation platform and said that he feels extremely good about what is coming.

Am I really, really excited about the NX? I think so, I think probably more than ever, on any other previous console generation. I remember Mr. Iwata saying some things on how exc.., just seeing how excited he was on talking about the future. I know these guys, and I feel really good about what’s coming. So, and I think those that are concerned and worried, don’t.

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    1. How about Donald Fucking Trump is excited for it, before he becomes our new president?

  1. I wish Nintendo would re-commission “Shadow of the Eternals” as an official sequel. I know Dyack has a reputation, but I just NEED that game.

  2. Nintendo, pay for the development of Shadow of the Eternals & allow Dyack to make it into a sequel, prequel, or sidequel (a sequel that takes place alongside the first at the same time) to Eternal Darkness! Otherwise, why even bother renewing the fucking trademark or copyright or whatever for it!?

  3. What a plot twist if Nintendo turns out to be funding Shadow of the Eternals and it’s actually Eternal Darkness 2 now

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