Nintendo Recruiting More Programmers For Smartphone Devices

Nintendo is fully embracing smartphone gaming with two key titles coming this year which are Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. The Kyoto based company is currently on a recruitment drive for additional programmers for smartphone devices for their Kyoto office and Tokyo office. You can check out the job listing, right here.

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  1. It’s quite interesting to be honest. Cooperations with other companies are all nice and dandy, but sometimes you should take matters in your own hands. And I guess that’s what Nintendo is trying to do here.

  2. It’s gonna be ridiculously easy to get the casual audience in the palm of their hand once more. King Kalas was making a fool of himself when he was trying to say Nintendo isn’t good at capturing the casual audience and has to stay hardcore gaming. Nostalgia-blind fanboys smh.

  3. ||More room for our true scientists to create weapons of mass destruction…||

    1. Now if only certain warriors would go back to smartphones & tablets where they belong instead of buying crappy games like Federation Force or Color Splash that shit all over the original game and their fanbases. They are ruining Metroid & Paper Mario for the rest of us.

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