Video: Here’s A Look At Pokemon GO

Those of you in the United States and Europe might be waiting for Pokemon GO to be released but if you’re in Australia or New Zealand you will be pleased to know it’s available for download. One person who has downloaded it is Tilmen who has produced an eight minute video looking at the game and giving his impressions. Check it out, below.


    1. Really? o.O Got a Galaxy S4 with Lolipop myself. I did have to get the .apk file from somewhere else, though, as it still hasn’t released in Norway. Would you like to try it? is a legit site for it

    2. Yeah it’s probably because your device is from a country in euch Pokémon go has not Launcher yet

  1. Can someone tell me how close by “nearby” Pokémon are? Because it says no one. Will I just have to walk a bit, or are there no chances for me finding them where I am atm (at home)?

    1. (for Android). Works great, they have every app you could think of!

      Except for Miitomo, which just got removed for some reason…

  2. Did the roundabout australian itunes method, after all the waiting I got a little too impatient right at the end lol. It’s fun so far, it’ll definitely be more interesting once it’s officially released everywhere and teams starting doing meetups tho

  3. Having played for nearly 2 hours now, I can confirm that its a game…. kinda…. sorta…..well not exactly but still.
    You walk around, sometimes you see a pokemon, catch it, keep walking. Repeat.

  4. Played it three hours
    I like it. Not a 10/10 Game but it does everything I expected from a game like Pokémon go

  5. Hopefully it’ll come out soon for the US. I had a lot of fun playing the beta version; it even helped me discover parks and places around me that I didn’t know about. Plus, it encourages you to walk around and get exercise; I unintentionally walked 6 miles while playing it the first day.

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