Nintendo Says Brexit Could Change Nintendo UK Operations

As most of you are probably aware the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.  During the Nintendo Q & A with investors Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima says that this could ultimately cause a potential change to the way its UK operations work.

“A conceivable impact of the Brexit vote is that Nintendo has a base in the UK and sell goods from there. Tax systems, product safety standards and rules, information privacy, and all sorts of other agreements are established by the EU for all of Europe, and at this point in time nobody knows how those agreements would change if the UK were to leave.

“For now, what we need to do is closely watch developments and prepare appropriate measures.

“The Leave vote has destabilized stock markets and financial markets. The decision to leave the EU and the ongoing preparations for doing so will gradually lead to a stabilisation in financial markets and exchange rates, but it is clear that the yen is trending strong for now.”

“The book value of Nintendo’s assets denominated in foreign currencies will take a hit compared to last fiscal year-end due to foreign exchange losses if the strong yen continues, and this could have an impact on our earnings. We will need to keep a close eye on the way events unfold.”

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  1. well not a surprise, I would not comment on too much politic cause it would be an on-going argument. Whatever was your vote this announcement is not a surprise and everybody knew it. Now it will be a wait and see game until 2019

    1. Yet weren’t you complaining a while back about the votes and how you wanted Northern Ireland and Scotland (Heavy Unionist Countries) to go independent because you didn’t like the outcome?

      Lets face it, Nintendo would have been in this situation even if we remained and did you know that Unionists in Northern Ireland and Scotland wanted to remain because they didn’t know what would happen and were scared by the Remain camp.

      I say, give it a flipping rest and learn to live with outcome of the PEOPLE.

      1. Yeah I did complaint and still, I didn’t want to bring that up cause it will be a long back and forth discuss. Yeah people in UK are uneducated and we saw the majority of them are stupid. Don’t come and cry when the country will be in a worse situation in 3 years. That info just show the leaving campaign are just idiot and you believed them.also if the situation was inverted you would moan and request another référendum. Now I don’t agree we should have one but can’t help to think we will be in the shit.Scotland will be independent if they can stay in the E.U but that another story but believe me I will vote for Scotland independence.

    2. Political & religious conversations are never fun to discuss. If they aren’t outright boring, they turn into arguments instead.

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    1. LMAO study history.

      UK has nothing to do with Brazil.

      Brazil is just a natural shit cesspool anyway. They didn’t need Brexit to sink even lower.

  3. Gotta love how biased some of these Salty remainers are in the comment section, even though the pound sterling has been on the rise again and the people from the Leave camp are actually wanting to work with the Remain camp to get the UK back on it’s feet after we leave the EU.

    Honestly, people who are salty about the voted need to reevaluate their lives and learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. I’m glad we’re living the EU and Brussels is running scared now that they won’t have control over the UK anymore.

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  5. Whatever the case, good luck to everyone that will be directly effected by this.

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  6. Seeing as no one seems to be willing to take the responsibilities of the aftermath, Britain might never leave.
    It will be a political suicide to take the country in either direction.

  7. I love how the leavers are like
    ‘now help us to make the country great again’
    and we’re like
    If the boot was on the other foot and we had voted to remain, you never would have agreed to help us make the EU a better place. Because 90% of the leavers had any interest in politics before, and now after Brexit, let alone seen a polling booth before, which is why they made the ignorant vote IMO

  8. personally i dont give a fuck about this Eu bullshit as the damage to britain is already done asylum seekers fucking everywhere, and hardly any jobs as those pricks take them all why cant we have the amazing Donald trump in england then Britain would be good again fuck i’d even take part in assisting him This Eu crap only effects immagrants so in a way it did a little good but unless we get rid of all the illegal immagrants our country won’t be the country it should be

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