Nintendo Confirms Paper Mario: Color Splash Has A Story

Although Paper Mario: Color Splash will not necessarily be story driven, you can rest assured that there’s going to be some sort of narrative in the upcoming Wii U game. In a recent interview, Nintendo producer Risa Tabata teased that players will be introduced to a “mysterious” opening, which they won’t fully understand until they make some progress and the story develops. Paper Mario: Color Splash is on track to launch on October 7.

“This time we have–I don’t know if I want to say a proper story–but we have a story,” Tabata said. “It starts from kind of mysterious opening. You’re not sure what is going on, and as you go through the story, you’ll realize, oh this is what happens. And there’s a lot of interesting stuff that happens with you and Huey.”



  1. I have a gutting feeling that their idea of “story” is far different than everyone else’.

  2. Ok I feel this has gone too far. Sticker star had a story. Was it as good as other Paper Mario’s? No. But it was still there. I don’t know why people bother whining so much that Nintendo had to say there’s a story in this game.
    Eh, that’s Video Game fans for you though.

    1. @shiftySticker Star is the game everyone likes to beat up today. In 5-10 years everyone will say how much they loved it. It’s already happening with Super Paper Mario.

        1. Idk what drugs people are on, but super paper Mario is a good game. One of the best paper Mario games driven by a story, RPG, and different characters. To me it’s a gem with the 2d and 3d element behind it.

      1. That’s not gonna happen lol. Super paper Mario is its own game unique and fun. Sticker star is a watered down Rpg Paper Mario.

      2. Hahaha, well Super Paper Mario was the worst Paper Mario -game up until Sticker Star, then people realized what a truly BAD Paper Mario -game was. And when people realized that, Super Paper Mario looks a lot less like a total failure and a lot more like a slight bump in the road.

        To be clear: I actually enjoyed SPM, even thought my favoirite definitely is PM:TTYD, followed by PM64. Sticker Star wasn’t the end of the world to me, but was quite bland and rather tedious, to the point that it felt a little like a chore.)

        1. I don’t see how Super was the worst Mario. All the Mario’s were good until the RPG elements started disappearing to make the game easier for Mario fans to play. That’s why it sucks now.

            1. I don’t see it. It is a game in a different direction that stays true to the RPG and paper Mario game. The story isn’t bad either. I guess what you mean to say is that, after that game came out, when you rank all paper Mario games, that’s the last one on the list when you go from best to not good. Now its higher up since other Mario games have come out. I know that’s what you meant.

              1. I find it funny that you first say “I guess what you mean is […]” and end it with “I know that’s what you mean”, but I digress.

                What I actually am meaning is this: At the time of it’s release, Super Paper Mario was indeed the worst of the 3 then existing Paper Mario games. Let me remind you that I still liked it, and I too thought the story was good, albeit I thought that it was the least good of the 3 games in the series.
                Now however PM:Sticker Star exists, and it took the place as the worst game in the series, but Super Paper Mario is still in 3rd place.

                1. Okay. That makes sense. And I agree with you. Sorry for me assume but without an edit button on here, these comments can get crazy

                  1. Yeah. There is a comment to Sylux I’d like to edit before he sees it because I don’t like some of the things I said in it to him but yeah. No edit button. I’m bad with words sometimes. :/

                    1. SickR needs to decide if he wants to change his site, because I don’t think wordpress gives you the edit button. I would love if we had one though, but I think to the typewriter days. You had to be perfect or you fuck up on the paper, have to do it over.

  3. I mean technically Sticker Star also has a story, even if it was was “Bowser did a thing, just go rescue the princess again”.

    1. See, the thing about Paper Mario is that its stories are typically bigger than “save the princess… again.”

      Sure, the first one on N64 was that, but it added the layer of “Bowser is all-powerful now, you don’t stand a chance until you save the Star Spirits first.” TTYD and even SPM both involved stopping an even greater threat that could bring about the end of the world. While I never played Sticker Star and don’t intend to, people felt it was steps backwards because of its worse game mechanics and the simple story.

      There’s a reason fans don’t like the direction PM took, same as there are reasons fans don’t like the directions Animal Crossing and Metroid took, but we won’t get into that yet again.

  4. “I don’t know if I want to say a proper story” then it’s just not a fucking story, stop beating around the bush. You can try your hardest, you’re not gonna fool anyone with Sticker Stars 2.

  5. I was already turned off enough when they said they weren’t doing the RPG style the old games had. That was a big part of the reason I liked those games in the first place. The argument that the Mario & Luigi games fill that slot and Paper Mario can’t is just silly. The only reason it could be perceived as such is because they are trying to put both series on the same device. I say have M&L as the handheld RPG series and PM as the console RPG series like it originally was and there won’t be a problem.

  6. It’s sad times when a Paper Mario game having a story is news. Especially when she admits it’s not a proper story.

    Surprise Surprise, it was Bowser Jr. all along, stealing colours for his colouring book. Mystery solved.

    1. I swear to gods, if that actually turns out to be the story, I will buy you a cookie.

      Once I’m done laughing at their use of such a sorry story as that, anyway.

      1. Knowing these guys & how casual Paper Mario has become, it probably will be something similar to Bowser Jr needing colors for something silly.

  7. Let me fix that for you:
    Nintendo Confirms Paper Mario: Color Splash Has “A Story”

  8. ||I can confirm for you all that The First Order does not stand behind Tabata’s explanation…||

  9. This game sucks. Period. When you don’t give people RPG elements to the game, then fighting makes no sense to do. I beat stick star and barely fought anyone. It was a shitty game and splash is going to get splashed into my toilet.

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