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US: Pokemon GO Tops App Store Free Game Chart

Pokemon GO is now available for mobile devices in the United States and has so far proved to be a hit with consumers. The free-to-play title has topped the App Store in the United States beating titles such as NBA Live Mobile and CSR Racing 2 and proudly sits at number one. The game description says “As you walk around a neighborhood, your smartphone will vibrate when there’s a Pokémon nearby. Take aim and throw a Poké Ball… You’ll have to stay alert, or it might get away!” The app has yet to be released in Europe.



  1. So without spending any money… I’ve captured at least 15 different pokenon, evolved 3 of them and manage to get to Lv. 5 … Not bad for a mobile game…

  2. It’s decent. Better than I expected, honestly speaking.

    I mean, it’s still a watered down experience targeted to the more casual spectrum of players and to those that only played the first gen, but so far so good. I don’t know how long it will take until people grow bored of it, but it’s nice to hear it’s doing well.

    1. Too bad traveling is so damn expensive. Otherwise, I’d be more interested in Pokemon GO & I would say it was a great idea for a mobile game and would actually get a smartphone just for it myself. Sadly, not the case so I could care less if it ends up good or not. Least it isn’t effecting the main series in any way like some other games are doing. Like Federa-…ugh! I’m so tired of saying that name…

    2. There really should be some kind of social component. Without it, I could see this game going the way of Miimoto. (I hope not tho)

      We’ll see. This was Nintendo’s best shot at a quality, game-changing pokemon game… I hope they pull their shit together. This is a massive IP, with incredible potential for mobile integration… If they can’t pull off Pokémon on Mobile, I doubt they will fair well with other IPs

  3. Servers are down. I told a coworker this morning Nintendo’s servers are shit and it would crash. They asked why I was so negative, then the servers went down, wasting their lunch break. They apologized to me and I just laughed.

    Way to go Nintendo. Fuck it up for all to see. Can’t hide your irresponsible unpreparedness behind a view of fan boys now, can you?

      1. A captain is in charge of their ship. The estoppel gets fucked every Christmas, poke bank shut them down. They never learn. Nintendo’s name, brand and reputation are at stake, not Niantic. So Nintendo should have damn well made sure it worked.

        Only that’s not their way.
        So we’ll see how the smartphone crowd handles their first of many “please understand” ‘s

          1. They are completely different businesses. You don’t know shit. They are linked financially, but the pokemon company makes all of its own decisions. Seriously, you are embarrassing yourself talking like you know wtf is going on.

    1. Your still a dick. Also, The Pokémon company works independent of Nintendo, which means you blaming the big N for lack of servers and/or “preparedness” is proof of your ignorance. Thanks for stopping by though…

      1. Whether they work independent from Nintendo or not is irrelevant. The fact is Nintendo is a co-owner of The Pokemon Company. What looks bad for the Pokemon Company is going to reflect bad on Nintendo. And as a co-owner, Nintendo should be helping in some form or fashion. If they aren’t helping out a company they own, they aren’t doing their jobs & thus deserve some blame for any fuck ups or bad decisions that company does. Same goes for Disney, EA, and any other company that owns smaller companies. Nintendo will not be the exception!

        1. Well put, although I doubt the dumb-fuck above is capable of comprehending any of this. Just a blind Nintendo damage controller.
          We’ve been lucky to have few of them, and he’s obviously new… To a lot of things.

          Stockholders who are not so ignorant will know what’s going on, and Nintendo better be working their ass off to fix this clusterfuck before this damages both the Pokémon company, as well as Nintendo on a world-wide scale.

          I was kinda hoping this was going to be different. But no. No Nintendo server, nor any child owned affiliated company seems to have any clue on how to prepare for such an event. I’m not really that upset, I laugh and kinda feel sorry for all the new people exposed that don’t have their bar set low like I did.

        2. They are independent of each other in order to prevent Nintendo from interfering to much with the creative process so the company can continue to produce the content they want. A side effect of that is that Nintendo isn’t overseeing this kind of stuff, and thus, if anyone was unprepared, it was TPC, who should have anticipated the number of downloads this would generate. Stop grasping at straws. Yes it makes them look bad, but only because ppl like you don’t understand how business partnerships work, especially in the proud country of Japan, where you don’t go asking for help unless you are prepared to look bad to your business partners. TPC was probably attempting to make ithe work in house, and failed. Let’s not go on a Nintendo Witch hunt over a 5 hour hiccup to a game that is going to have serious legs on it.

          1. Yeah. You’re right. There are other, bigger things to trash Nintendo on then some stupid mobile game for casuals or those that want a casual experience. Like Color Trash or FedshitForce.

    2. It’s not the first time Niantic has had server problems. Ingress was really unstable during it’s first week or so of launch before becoming stable enough to play consistently. Considering they’re still setting up servers for various countries and rolling the game out to countries as they go, it’s totally understandable to have server issues currently.

  4. I am just rolling. Finally, their big debut into mobile (since Miimoto is tanking with a horrendous attachment rate) and now the world can feel a small bit of the pain that it is to be a Nintendo fan.

  5. Servers are down today. I signed on yesterday multiple times with no problem. Apparently their having traffic overload now that ppl found out about it

  6. Nintendo seems to always underestimate their popularity. Pokemon Bank crashed servers that couldn’t keep up with traffic. Pokemon Go is now doing the same. Pokemon is popular, stop crashing servers by forgetting/neglecting that fact!

    1. Nintendo wouldn’t be Nintendo if they actually learned from their mistakes. You are the consumer… So you should know that Nintendo doesn’t operate like a normal company.

      You wait until Nintendo is damn well ready to try again. There are people losing money… So it should be interesting how Nintendo answers for that…

  7. Still a cluster fuck as of this morning. I’m over this game. What a fucking waste of epic sized potential.

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