Amazon Customers Vote For Their Most Anticipated Games

Amazon recently polled its customers to find out which upcoming games they’re looking forward to the most. Obviously there’s a plethora of acclaimed titles on the horizon but it was only a lucky few that managed to make the top ten. You will be pleased to note that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild managed to make it in at number five beating the likes of Final Fantasy and Call of Duty. Here’s the top ten most anticipated games according to Amazon customers.

  1. No Man’s Sky
  2. Battlefield 1
  3. Mafia 3
  4. FIFA 17
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  6. Ghost Recon Wildlands
  7. Final Fantasy 15
  8. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  9. Watch Dogs 2
  10. Mass Effect Andromeda

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  1. “FIFA 17”

    I… I just don’t understand sometimes. I hear that FIFA is one of those series that manages to change less and less every installment, and I know that, even if I was a fan, I wouldn’t even see the point in buying more than one FIFA game per console, since they’re almost exactly the same.

    Are roster changes, slight tweaks, and maybe a new mode really that important to go and buy every yearly $60+ (can’t forget about DLC/microtransactions) FIFA installment?

    1. I’ve only owned 2 Fifa Games. Fifa 10 on Wii and Fifa 11 on PSP. They Play differently from each other in terms of Controls, so after Fifa 11 on PSP, I saw no reason to get any other Fifa.

      1. At the very least Call of Duty tries to make “new” games. At the very least they try different stories and change a couple things. Gameplay is pretty much the exact same but at the very least there’s “some” variety, at least they try to make a new game. Every FIFA game literally feels like they ripped the older one and altered a couple things. I’m not saying that Call of Duty isn’t guilty, I’m just saying that FIFA is worse

    2. You have to go to the bars and lounges, people love that shit. Even people who aren’t soccer fans get into it when the big games come up around this time. It’s just a crazy sport where so much hype comes from a goal or not. I don’t buy the games and find them boring, but watching the game itself is just a lot of energy and love for what those plays can do. Mind you, I’m not into soccer at all. The games just make them appealing and why people drop 60 on FIFA

    3. I remember someon who bought NBA 2K 4 years in a row. It was the only video game he played (the only one he really cared about to be honest) and to him it was varied enough, because he didn’t know better variety. I tried to play them and I could barely tell any difference, same thing with FIFA games. Playing FIFA 2013 was the same as playing FIFA 2005. No difference except graphics.

      It’s like if instead of releasing a new patch for nerfs in Smash they just released it as a whole new game.

  2. <.< I also was not sent a poll to vote in. Must have sent it to just a select few people on Amazon. I hate when sites do polls for only certain people or a small group like this and then try to pass it off as if the entire site took part in it!

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