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There Are Now 100 Different Amiibo In The USA

Nintendo of America has announced on their Twitter that, with the release of the Callie and Marie amiibo, there are now 100 different amiibo in the United States. The tweet came with a special picture. Feel free to check out the tweet below.


Thanks, N-Dub Nation


      1. I don’t know what planet or alternate dimension you come from but it IS still a problem. There are a couple of amiibo that haven’t been restocked by NintenD’OH! *facepalm* so the only way to get one of those is to buy from a scalper. Lucina & Meta Knight come to mind as I want them but can’t get them because Nintendo hasn’t restocked them and because only scalpers have them for sale at 20 bucks a pop or more. If you are one of those people defending or damage controlling for Nintendo, please don’t use that “but it’s not Nintendo’s fault” excuse because it is since they released minimal stock & won’t release more stock.

        1. Don’t forget Wii Fit, Pit, Robin, and Samus, whom have not seen restocks since their respective launch dates. Samus I’m not very surprised about since Nintendo likes shitting on all things Metroid lately, but there is no excuse, especially in Robin and Lucina’s case since FE Fates is a top seller and that game uses those two, along with Ike and Marth.

          I presume you are talking about the Smash line Meta Knight, as three are still a good amount of his Kirby rendition floating around. Why Kirby got his own line before Zelda baffles me, though.

          1. It’s most likely because Kirby was getting a new major game before Zelda. Now that we got a release date for Breath of the Wild, I expect to see a Zelda line of amiibo soon enough. I’d love an amiibo of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf from Hyrule Warriors. Those were some pretty awesome designs.

            1. As non-canon as HW is, I hope to see Lana return in some fashion; she’s honestly an intriguing character.

              And if Impa ever makes the Smash roster, I hope they use her HW design.

              1. I’d love to see her become a canon character. Why? Because I love her costume and hairstyle. I think I’m becoming a sucker for variations of the ponytail and twintail hairstyles. @.@

                1. I think she’s cool in that she’s half of what was once one person; they pulled a Rose & M. Bison with her and Cia. There’s quite a lot they could do with that.

                  1. True. Personally, I’d love it if they did something similar with Ganondorf, revealing Ganon is actually a separate entity inside of his body. Then again, that would fit more along the lines of what JK Rowling did with Voldemort in the first Harry Potter book where he was sharing a body with Quirrell as a parasite. I would say like a symbiote but considering who Voldemort is, I doubt Quirrell gained anything significant from having Voldemort inside of him. Unlike a parasite, a symbiote actually benefits not just itself for being in a host but the host itself also gains benefits. So unless Ganondorf is actually good deep down and Ganon is merely corrupting him, their relationship would be more symbiotic in nature. Hm. Went off on another tangent.

      1. I just have a few select more to get and I’m done til they release some awesome Legend of Zelda amiibo that I’m interested in to collect. A shame two of them are out of stock because Nintendo apparently doesn’t think they are popular enough or something. :/

  1. ||The First Order of Nintendo needs all the resources we can gather from the mindless cattle and Amiibo is our greatest of schemes towards that goal…||

    ||Now that the Mobile Infantry is operational, our power will be undeniable and the beginning of the end for the Xbot infection…||

  2. Wow, that’s a lot more than I thought.

    Now hurry up and release Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo already…or at least give us news on exactly when they’re releasing.

  3. Fuck how many there are. When the fuck are they going to restock hard to find ones like Lucina and Meta Knight!? Currently, you can only find them being sold by scalpers! “This hasn’t been an issue for 9+ months!” Yeah. If you are going after new ones. Such a weak defense for Nintendo fucking up with amiibo. Did Breath of the Wild’s reveal at E3 2016 brainwash some people into forgetting the fuck ups Nintendo made in the last 3-4 years? Seems that way cuz I see one person quick to defend Nintendo lately and like comments that defend them. Sad. He was one of the few not blinded by Nintendo’s lies, misdirections, and failures. *shrug* Whatever. I damn sure won’t be of these poor suckers!

    1. Yeah I’ll be hard pressed to buy another Nintendo console any time soon. If the NX is really a handheld/console bundle I will buy it, but only because Nintendo has the best handhelds.

      1. I’m gonna give NX a pass and buy it day 1 IF it has a universal account system, so I don’t have to worry about my save data and digital purchases being lost if my current console fucks up on me beyond repair or by some chance I send it in to be fixed and they fucking lose all of my shit and try to hand me a gift card of 300 bucks to compensate me with the “sorry about this.” Oh you’ll be sorry, all right, when I don’t buy the next console, bitch! D:<

        1. There will be no day one purchase at all from me. And I plan to keep it that way for any future consoles. Even if that means just waiting one week. Day one purchases, unless there is a collector’s or limited edition of some kind, are a trap.

          1. Since you like to have a ton of 3rd party games to choose from, that’s a wise decision to make with Nintendo. Yeah, I know. 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have said that, either. lol

          2. Also, I’ll give the NX a pass on two facts.

            1. My biggest issue with Wii and Wii U is the way they handle save data & digital purchases with having them console locked which is why a universal account system is key. No universal account system, no buy for awhile. As for Breath of the Wild, I’ll dig out my broken Wii U, take the chance of sending it in to be fixed, and buy BotW for it.

            2. This gen looks like it will honestly be a lot longer than past generations. We’re already getting close to a 5 year mark for this gen and we are getting upgrades to PS4 & Xbone sometime next year so that should add at least another 4 years to this generation. In other words, I won’t have to get rid of my PS4 for quite some time since the games for the upgraded PS4 will be playable on either console.

            Sadly, if fact #1 doesn’t come to pass, fact #2 is irrelevant!

      1. Maybe to you. To me, the Kirby amiibo of Meta Knight is to the Smash amiibo of Kirby: generic as fuck. While the Kirby amiibo line has an awesome Kirby on a star, the Smash amiibo line has Meta Knight in an awesome pose showing off his awesome wings. So I will not settle for what I consider second best.

        1. oh yeah I didn’t think about the wings. I just like the kirby line meta knight better because he is bigger and seems more detailed. I have both meta knights though, because i’m a motherfucking baller.

  4. I’m at 50 in my collection. Didn’t think I was missing that many. Of course, I kind of glaze over the Animal Crossing ones, so that’s probably a big chunk right there.

  5. But here’s the bigger question: Where in the flying fuck is Corrin, Cloud, and Bayonetta?

    And maybe I remind you that Ryu and Roy STILL lack functionality in Super Mario Maker yet?

    1. I think Ryu (and by extension, Cloud and Bayonetta) might not get SMM support because they’re third party and they’re after-the-fact of SMM’s release.

      However, I could be wrong as we’ve gotten weirder costumes, like Shaun the Sheep and Hello Kitty.

  6. I’m so sad to see this number because I have all but the two dark Skylander/Amiibo combos (not sure if those are being counted) and the Summer Isabelle. Are they counting the alternate colored Inklings/Squid in this or are they considered one? I mean, the multiple Marios are all considered individual, haha.

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