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Pokemon GO On iOS Has Full Access To Your Google Account

Update: No user data has been accessed, and Google and Niantic are working on fixes.

It’s no lie to say that a lot of you in Australia, New Zealand and the United States have downloaded Pokemon GO over the last few days. One of the options you’re given is you can sign in with your Google account on iOS. This generally isn’t an issue as a lot of applications allow you to do this, but for whatever reason Pokemon GO asks for full access to your Google account which includes email, documents and whatever else you have stored in your Google account. It’s unlikely that anything malicious will happen, but it’s still worth being aware of this if you decide to use your Google account to sign into the game.



  1. It’s important to note that this only affects iOS users who sign in with a Google account. If you use an Android device it doesn’t even show up in the apps connected to your account. This is most likely a bug. It is an important one to be aware of however.

  2. Meh. The company used to be owned by Google. I don’t see a problem with it.

    Also, why only the iOS version? The Android version doesn’t do the same thing (since it’s asking for access to the Google account and not the device itself)?

  3. The reason why iOS needs full access and Android is, that Android has an integrated Google Login API whereas iOS needs an external library to login via Google. To store user information like a unique ID, it needs those permissions on iOS.

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