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Spotify Says Pokemon Theme Song Plays Up 382%

Popular online music streaming service Spotify has announced today that Pokemon theme song streams are up 382 percent in the wake of the recently released Pokemon GO on iOS and Android. This spectacular feat was followed by news that the ’90s jam “The Pokérap” streams also spiked on the music service. Mashable also reports that Spotify also has 197,000 user-generated Pokemon playlists, and 53,000 playlists titled “Pikachu.”




  1. Gotta catch ’em all!

    Pokémon Go encouraged me to start re-watching the first season of the TV series. I didn’t realize as a kid that Misty was such a whining jerk.

          1. If Disney and WB can find new voice actors that sound roughly or change their voice to sound roughly the same as the previous actors for Mickey and Bugs Bunny and other assorted characters, the Pokemon Company or whoever the hell controls the Pokemon anime could do the same. Maybe they are too cheap or too lazy to hunt down the talent?

  2. You’re not a Pokémon Master until you’ve got the lyrics to the original Pokémon theme etched into your brain.

  3. It may be just me, but I’ve always loved the PokéRap a little bit more than the anime theme song. It’s got that especially 90’s feel to it (even though I wasn’t around in the 90’s).

  4. Remember the days when percentages meant nothing without some numbers to back them up? Those were the days.

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