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Man Quits Job To Play Pokemon GO Full-Time

Tom Currie from New Zealand has made the courageous decision to quit his job as a barista and bartender at a seaside restaurant on the Hibiscus Coast to concentrate his efforts on smash hit mobile title Pokemon GO. Currie family has been left a little baffled as to his decision but he seems to have the backing of friends and the internet. He has caught 91 out of the 151 Pokemon and he ultimately plans to complete the Pokedex.

“When I resigned, I didn’t tell my manager I was going out into the world to hunt Pokémon. But after my story got picked up I gave him a courtesy call to update him just in case the media contacted him. I got an absolutely lovely response, ‘Good on you Tom. It is really funny. I hope everything is OK. Have fun for your Pokémon trip.’ My dad sent through a text message saying he always knew I would be famous.”

“I get to walk around and explore towns I’ve never been to,” he continued. “I have been meeting heaps of people, tourists travelling the country and other Pokémon trainers at the small (sometimes huge) public gatherings. When you and your friends have to physically go for a walk or run to catch a rare Pokémon in the area and you all catch it, that is definitely a highlight.”

“I have been approached by a few other Pokémon trainers who recognised me and wanted a chat,” he says. “I have had people asking for photos and one guy even called me his hero for doing what I’m doing. I have received messages on Facebook from around the world, messages of support from America, Ireland, Canada, India and Nepal. The story has gone global, so no doubt I’ll be getting a bit more fan mail.”

“When I finish the trip and get back to Auckland, I will be looking for work and working on my new business. And of course still catching Pokémon.”

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  1. How nice that someone is financially stable enough to make a super retarded decision. The game is fun, but fuck. It’s still just a game. Christ.

    1. If you’d actually read more than the title you’d know that’s exactly what he’s planning to do

  2. ||Surrender to our will like this one and you shall be free…||

      1. that’s because only an Autistic or OCD sufferer would do something stupid like that htey have breaks at a tjob you muppet or even weekends.

        1. Gonna have to disagree. You do not need to have autism to make a stupid decision. And this decision isn’t even really stupid compared to all the idiotic things that happen out there today. Sure, it’s questionable. But why would this mean he has autism?

          1. well i have reasons behind my theory
            Autistics have obsessions to a certain degree thati use this term lightly “normal people” do not and no boss in their right mind would let a employee go over doing something silly like this. Any boss here would be in histerics and would more than likely be alot more offensive than i would be. I understand Pokemon is a loved franchise but doing this for two months catching all of them when you could easily do this of a weekend or on your time off they aren’t going anywhere plus it’s typical behaviour that can be commonly found in sufferers of autism. I should of mentioned that in more detail my apologies.

              1. Hey the repair shop just called they want to know when the faulty record is coming back to be changed get the point?

                  1. And in the space the time it took me to read your response you have single handedly proven that Professor Alfred Russel Wallace’s theory of evolution is reverting to a primal state or in a more an accurate description, “The Neanderthals! ”

                    1. ||Go on human boy, continue lowering yourself even beyond the lowest limit of uselessness…

                    2. You really do like the attention don’t you ? In fact I pity you Pray to god and i think he will give you a better chance in the next life as you seem to have wasted it in this one now kindly give it a rest and change the record as im now refusing to humour you unless you think of something better/more constructive to do with your time.

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                    4. ||And you even believe in an imaginary leader, so primitive you humans are, it’s too easy…||

  3. People here seeing the glass half empty, what if this guy dies within a week? He died doing something he loved, you all criticizing his acts, and living a boring life that will get you nowhere, you guys call it autism, to me it takes balls to do that, even if it is a stupid decision he will learn from his mistakes, but the fact that he choose that path, i applaud him and you all can go back to your desk at 9 am just to be waiting for the time to clock out at 5 pm. Thanks.

    1. I wonder if the people applauding him would still feel the same if he had quit his job to become the best at a different mobile app, like Candy Crush, Clash Royale or whatever other app might be popular these days.
      The guy gave up his (probably) main source of income to invest all of his time into a phone app – is that really something worth being praised for? You can’t tell me that statement in its entirety doesn’t sound even just a little absurd to you.
      Sure, the guy’s free to do whatever he wants with his life, as long as he doesn’t harm anyone with the choices he makes; and if playing a mobile app full-time makes him happy, good on him. But applauding and praising him for this particular decision of his seems really exaggerated to me, especially when you consider the pure facts of the whole situation, which literally is a guy quitting his job to play an app all day. Praiseworthy? I simply don’t think so. And I’m almost sure a lack of balls or a boring life aren’t requirements to have this opinion.

        1. I think the analogy is fine, as both Pokemon Go and Candy Crush are fundamentally the same: a mobile app. Someone quitting his job for Candy Crush would still be quitting his job for a mobile app, like it’s the case with this guy quitting his job for Pokemon Go, another mobile app.
          Might be that Candy Crush wasn’t the very best of examples, I have never played it so I don’t know too much about its details, but I still don’t think it’s too out of place in the argument I used it as an example in, as the elaboration above should explain.
          If it truly is completely out of place however, due to reasons I am not aware of because I never played Candy Crush, I do apologize for the mistake.

          1. It’s a horrible analogy in terms of what he values out of the game. Candy Crush is also not at all a social app, it’s the exact opposite, there is nothing else to get out of candy crush but the game itself. Also I had not read the full article but now that I have, I do not see any mention of him wanting to be the best at anything. He only mentions his enjoyment of meeting people and travel which is probably something that he discovered through pokemon go.

            The thing is I’ve seen people do the same without pokemon go, the game is just an enabler. In my eyes people that are discovering their need to learn about what is around them instead of being stuck in their own routine bubble and that in itself is what should be praised.

            Also it’s ironic that that we initially pushed technological determinism as we wanted to be reductionist in terms of work involvement in our lives and the complete opposite happened instead.

      1. ||As I have extensive knowledge about humans at this point, it is illogical that more of them aren’t insulted by this since humans struggle to find jobs today more than before…||

  4. This is coming from a guy who wasn’t even a big Pokémon fan but ended loving this game…….I would consider myself a huge Pokémon GO lover but goddamn it…..I’m not quitting my job for it or any other game for that matter. I hope this guy is financially stable because if he isn’t this is beyond a ” bonehead ” move. I love his determination and devotion and I often tell anyone that if you want to reach a certain goal you shouldn’t let anything stop you so long as that goal doesn’t end up hurting you in the end. I wish him all the best but I really hope he doesn’t end up suffering from his ” mission “

  5. “When I finish the trip and get back to Auckland, I will be looking for work and working on my new business.”

    …So how is this “playing Pokémon GO full-time”?

  6. This only makes the game look even more bad to non-players. Hopefully you don’t go through all your saved cash buying spare batteries and data plans.

  7. Uh, why are people ignoring the fact that he most likely has enough money saved up to survive, didn’t want to be there anymore, and decided to take some time off and vacation for a while? The fact that he’ll be catching Pokémon is irrelevant and probably a joke he made as to why he quit. I’m sure he’s not gonna be homeless and backpack his way through life, he’s probably set for a while and then he even said he’ll get another job afterwards, and in the meantime he’ll probably be doing plenty of other things too (he even said he’s working on his own business, and you can’t be working full time to do that, trust me). It’s not as crazy as everyone’s trying to make it seem, he’s not crazy and not a moron unless he really only had a dollar to his name and made that decision, which I highly doubt. If you fail to recognize that, I’d actually question YOUR intelligence.

    1. I hope that is the case and it’s just a joke reason why he quit to gain some media attention. If not and he quit his job solely for Pokemon GO, I highly doubt he has enough money saved up for this endeavor since Pokemon GO has only been out for a few weeks at best.

  8. I should just stop reading the comment sections that follow silly stories that get published like this one. Roughly 80% of commenters ignored the rest of the story and formed their opinion the instant they read the headline which is intentionally worded to mislead people into thinking someone threw his life away for an app.

    And even if he does, for God’s sake, who cares? It’s not the app that did it – it’s the individual. And if you actually wasted the 90 seconds of your life reading the story like I did, you’d know he was a bartender and barista at a seaside resort, but the article says he made the “courageous decision” to leave that job. Courageous? Come on – the guy obviously has money and likely worked as a beach bartender for some extra cash on the side. I’m sure he was always planning to leave and travel, but saw the potential to get his 30 seconds of fame while this nonsense about Pokemon Go floods the news.

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