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Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Now Has A Miiverse Community

Metroid Prime Blast Ball was released for the Nintendo 3DS today, and along with its release, a Miiverse community for the game has also appeared.

The community already has a ton of play journal entries and fan drawings, and a few discussion threads, you can check it out here.

Thanks, Chris “The Mexican” Ford


  1. Blast Ball is fun and all. However, it’s not quite my cup of tea. I look forward to trying the full game. I need a good multiplayer game to play, and Federation Force looks like it will fill that FPS void on the 3DS quite well. I am dissapointed we didn’t get anything like this on the 3DS sooner… The DS had a plethora of excellent FPS games despite it’s inferior hardware and resolution.

  2. Already see a few noobs defending it. Least one comment has some sense: “Some of the hate for this game is understandable. I honestly think that Nintendo should’ve released a main series Metroid game first before releasing this game. People likely wouldn’t of been upset.” Exactly. If I had a new true Metroid game to play that came out shortly before this or was coming out around the same time as it, I wouldn’t give two fucking shits if a bunch of casual gamers want to play the worst example of a Metroid game ever. Let them have that shit! But we aren’t getting a true Metroid so fuck this game!

    1. Same.

      Nintendo did literally nothing right with this game. The art style (forever its biggest flaw) is wrong, the timing is wrong, the gameplay is wrong, the focus on multiplayer is wrong, and the lack of a true Metroid game alongside it is wrong.

      I hope it bombs hard- it NEEDS to bomb, so they learn that they can’t keep ignoring the people that actually put money in their pockets on a regular basis, AKA the Loyalists.

    1. This makes me want to finally play Alien Isolation on my PS4 and play the DLC where I can play either Ripley, Lambert, or Parker as I try to escape the Nostromo before it explodes. @.@

      1. ||Although it was kind of repetitive gameplay wise, it captured the true essence of Alien unlike F#¤%#/622%”/ For?”¤=%ce…||

        1. And Sega’s not trying to shove a fucking chibi artstyle down the true fans throats so the game will sell more to casuals and little kids that like these sorts of games!

    1. “Tanabe, you fucking hack! Quit fucking up Metroid with this casual bullshit that would fit more as a new sports IP!”

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