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The Team Leaders For Pokemon Go Have Been Revealed

The three team leader for Pokemon GO were revealed today. Team Valor has Candela, Team Mystic has Blanche and Team Instinct has Spark. We’ve included a picture below that shows all the team leaders. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.




      1. Yeah. No guy has their pants that far pulled up between their legs. We just can’t do it as there is always going to be a bulge of some kind. Our stuff needs breathing room. @.@

  1. Fun Fact: The artist for the recent Fire Emblem games is actually the character designer for this game.

    Want proof? Then check out his Twitter account.

      1. ||I’m sure they do, instinct serves the human cattle better than their so called intelligence…||

        1. I’ll be there with you… in spirit because I’m not touching this game since it’s on smartphones which I also have no real interest in. lol

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