The Final Splatfest Results Are Now In

The last Splatfest took place in the Wii U title Splatoon this weekend and the final results are now in. This time the teams had to choose their favourite Squid Sister, Callie or Marie.

After the results were counted, Squid Sister Marie was crowned the Queen of this Splatfest with a grand total of 360 points. Team Marie’s votes were at 54% whilst Team Callie’s were 46%, and Team Marie’s wins came in at 51%, just 2% in front of Team Callie.

Which side did you choose?


Thanks, Henrik


  1. Happy with the results, but not the fest itself. Maybe it was just me, but this seemed like the worst Splatfest for technical issues. I got dropped nearly every 3 battles. Spent more time in the lobby than fighting for turf. :/

  2. Either way, I’m not playing Splatoon again until Action Replay (or Gecko, or anything of the like) is available for the Wii U. Then I’ll:

    -Have Inf. Health
    -Have Moon Jump
    -Beat King Octarian
    -Unlock all completion bonuses
    -Have Inf. Money and Sea Snails
    -Max myself all the way to level 20
    -Buy every weapon
    -Buy every shirt, hat, and set of shoes
    -Unlock every minigame.

    …..Splatoon is not a proper game for the average one-player, especially with a weak internet. Never again.

      1. Splatoon isn’t that great a game. And I made the mistake of getting it for my birthday. All of these Wii U titles (minus DuckTales Remastered) have been underwhelming in some way. Hell, most the titles on the Wii U are just shallow spin-offs. Now compare those titles to the ones released on the Wii.

  3. I personally prefer Callie. But hey, I don’t even have to choose. I own both their Amiibos!

  4. My nephew played this, he chose Callie. I was watching, and he was constantly being put up against other team callie players… Which means more people chose her, so when they divided the teams multiples had to play against their own side…. And yet somehow Marie won… I wonder if all the callie vs callie matches counted as losses for callie and allowed marie to win, even though less people chose her side?

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