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Video: Digital Foundry Takes A Look At Today’s Nintendo NX Rumour

We heard earlier today that Eurogamer has been privy to some information regarding the upcoming Nintendo NX platform. In a gist it’s a portable console with detachable controllers that can be used with a base to connect to your HD television set. What’s also interesting is that it’s reportedly powered by Nvidia Tegra mobile chip which is somewhere power wise between the Wii U and the Xbox One. Digital Foundry takes a look at what that means for the system in the video, below.

41 thoughts on “Video: Digital Foundry Takes A Look At Today’s Nintendo NX Rumour”

    1. I don’t get the hate. Rumors aren’t pointless and stupid. They’re amusing and get discussions started. No matter how baseless they are they’re still fun, I have a hard time understanding why people get angry that rumors aren’t realistic or facts. Yeah. That’s what a rumor is.

      1. What if this is true? Are you happy to see how the “gaming journalism” is ridiculously unprofessional? And what if this is made up? Are you happy to see how the “gaming journalism” is harming the NX marketing?



          they even thought mk8 was 1080p until there kit counted the pixels THERE MORONS

        2. If this is true? Then I’m amazed about how professional these guys are in regards to selectiveness of reliable sources. If this is made up? Then what did anybody expect? It’s a rumor. If you know what a rumor is then you know better than to let it effect your opinion.
          Either way it’s a rumor. A rumor is a rumor is a rumor is a rumor. Nobody here is trying to pass it off as factual news.

      2. Because some people are dumb enough or gullible enough to actually believe it, which causes them to form stupid assumptions and conclusions which then infect the minds of many.
        It goes full circle when that happens.
        (Lol, have you seen the YouTube comments!?)

        Rumors/speculations are fun-and-all but the gullible ones just ruin it.

    2. That’s how I feel about all “rumors, speculations, leaks, reports” made by the media that is not from the source that they are speaking of. If the information is not first hand, it is a rumor. All rumors are false until proven true.

  1. IF…..IF this ends up having any base to it. i hope that this (which NX has ALWAYS bin a development platform, not a single device)
    i hope this is the hand held device that replaces both the Wii U and 3DS
    (which is why its not an exact replacement)
    and i hope their is a more traditional home system also coming. WHICH would make sense with Nintendo’s cloud sharing processing patent.
    which would effectively this ^ a modular system to a home system. which would boost the home systems power. so “YES” this wouldn’t be X86, it would be X64. but it would still be worlds better then power PC. and easier to port games from x86 to x64.

    1. You do know there are power pc chips that are way better then x86 chips. Power PC is mostly used on the server side now. There is always something better out there or on the way. If Microsoft and Playstation switch back to power pc would you still complain about power pc.

    2. There was a recent patent for a new handheld device which seemed to be completely unrelated to the NX. It’s possible that Nintendo could be starting to work on the design for a future handheld

    1. That doesn’t sound expensive at all. It sound like a regular handheld w/ an extra feature with an accessory(docking station) that may even be optional.

                1. We don’t even know what the hook is. Even from the so called leak, that still doesn’t say what the hook is. All it says is it is a handheld device that can be played on a TV using a docking station. It certainly is not new in gaming whether it was a popular idea or not with other manufacturers and it is not even new to Nintendo.

                    1. No it doesn’t have to be new. We don’t know what that hook is. We have a rumor that major gaming sites back up that we still don’t know is true. Once Nintendo reveal it, most if not all of the answers will be known. There sources from the rumor could just have the information for the handheld and that’s it. There still could be a home console. We just really don’t know nothing.

      1. I’m a pretty firm believer in this rumor. Mostly because I think the gimmick is exactly the thing Nintendo would do, and it’s freaking brilliant. And I don’t mean the fact that the handheld can plug into a dock to connect to the TV, although that is probably one part of the puzzle. I see the true gimmick being the two controllers connected to either side of the screen, as shown in the image linked below.

        I see the console and its two built in controllers as a simple way to implement couch multiplayer anywhere someone is, without having to own multiple consoles. There’s a certain intimacy to sharing a screen instead of all having individual handhelds. That’s the way they plan on pulling the casual consumer in. It’s a console that can be used for parties or hanging out at a park to play Just Dance or Smash Bros or Mario Kart locally with their friends no matter where you currently are. That’s the new way to play, not some super unique control scheme.

        The marketing video I’m picturing is two kids sitting on a couch playing Smash Bros. with those two controllers (I know the controls don’t work out exactly, just go with it). They then have to go somewhere so they go and unplug the screen from the dock and reattach the two controllers, and go on their merry way. It then cuts to one of the kids playing Breath of the Wild by himself on the console while sitting at a table. The other kid comes back over and asks if they can go back to their match of Smash Bros. He then pops off the controllers, kicks out the stand, and sets it on the table to continue their match.

        1. That being said, I’m not too faithful that the thing will be successful. It’ll probably sell better than Wii U since it’s catering to both the console and handheld markets in a way, but I honestly don’t know if it will sell above 30 million units. And that’s stretching it in my mind. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

        2. My only problem with this is that the screen has to be large enough for split-screen multiplayer but small enough to still be considered a portable, and I can’t figure out the ideal screen size. I’d say that something similar to the iPad mini is required for that kind of multiplayer, but at that point I wouldn’t really I consider the NX that much of a portable device.

          1. I completely agree. I’ve been messing around with various phones I have lying around my house, and I found that a 5.5 inch or a six inch display should be perfectly suitable for sitting two or three feet away from it if it were on a table. There’s also the problem of resolution, and I couldn’t imagine them going with anything higher than 720p, due to battery life and cost issues. I’m excited to see how they have attempted to address these issues when it is officially unveiled.

            1. About 6 inches might be right. That’s the same size of the gamepad’s screen, and a bit larger than the Vita’s. Forget about splitscreen multiplayer on such a small display though.

              And yeah, 720p is more than enough for a screen of such size.

      2. What if… NX does not exist?
        That is why we have not had any leaks on it, because nothing to leak.
        Maybe they just went like “fuck it, lets just say we have this thing and do diddly squat for the next 2 years or so, and just watch media and industry go crazy over it”.

      3. Found this comment on Youtube:
        Rumor: The NX is actually a bio-computer that uses the brain cells of a jaguar in place of RAM, and it’s HDMI cable must be plugged directly in the user’s eyes. It will be able to run every games from current-gen at precisely 62 FPS, and will regularly check for updates seven month into the futures thanks to some new-ground breaking tachyon-based tech, so as to always be at the cutting edge of gaming technology. It’s design will be based of a cross between the Virtual Boy and the foetus of an owl, and it’s launch titles will be: Sonic (2017), Tekken 7, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ballon Fighters, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2: The Return of Jafar, Ride to Hell Retribution, Super Mario: The New Graal, and a .gif of Brutalmoose doing some oriental belly dance.

        Screencap this folk, you heard it here first.

      4. i havnt seen any rumor with two controllers

        it said two detachable controller so nintendo a comapny with 8 player smash and a 4 control port console from n64 onwards wants us to play 2 contoller multiplay

        i seen nothing discribing two controllers

        it said controller each side that detach that would make more sense if the unit had a lefthand righthand

        gyro motion unit with triggers and sticks and buttons like a dual nunchuck THINK PRO PAD SPLIT IN HA;F IN A DUAL NUNCHUCK CONTROL

        like that razor thing with pc motion mouse and sticks and buttons this would make the tv control like the handheld control allowing screen swipes and mm aim via a next gen wii set up wen docked to the tv

        zelda breath of the wild link clearly has a tablet zelda is a nx game


        EVEY SINGLE PORT FROM X360 ETC demoed on x1 has resluted in a total failand compleat removal from the shield store as the games are claerly weak er i fps and graphics than ps3 and x360

        and not one single x1 or other tablet phone game has grpahics even close to wiiu and dolphin android running on x1 cannot even handle gc games properly

        theres more to this if true

        show me one single game on x1 with even mid range x360 graphiocs let alone wiiu

      5. enough already with x86 jaguars per core are weaker than wiius ppc and jaguars per core have been beaten by a7=57 arms in EVERY BENCHMARK

        the 8 core arm amd a1100 server chip with 8 a57s has utterly destroyed jaguars benchmarks

        a shrunk and overclocked and tweeked wiiu gpu with a 8 core 2,0ghz arm would easy beat a x1 IN GAME

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