Nintendo’s Top Shareholder Has Sold Off 1,000,000 In Shares

According to Nikkei, Capital Research and Management, the U.S. investment adviser that is “in effect” Nintendo‘s largest shareholder, sold off a large chunk of its holdings last week. Capital Research had parted ways with 1.02 million Nintendo shares on July 19th. They had taken profit while the stock was still on its high following the release of Pokemon GO.  According to Nikkei, the wealth manager’s stake fell from 18.46% to 17.07%.



  1. I wonder how much they sold each stock for. If only a couple bucks, I doubt it’ll matter much since I expect a business runs through a couple million pretty quickly.

  2. The shareholder i imagine represents a group of people. Idiotic people who trust someone to sell their shares before the NX comes out.

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