Wall Street Journal: Nintendo NX Is A Hybrid That Will Run Mobile Games

The Wall Street Journal has backed up the Eurogamer report that we heard yesterday which stated that the Nintendo NX is a portable console. The respected publication also says that the NX system will also be able to play Nintendo’s mobile games which makes sense. There wasn’t much information discussed, but the following nugget was spotted.

“A person familiar with the matter said NX would be a handheld-console hybrid that would be compatible with its own smartphone games.”


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      1. Right… The only thing that may be possible is that this device will be the successor to both the 3DS and Wii U and Nintendo will no longer develop for two different systems. Beyond that… specs, design… All up in the air.

          1. You are correct… Which I found after quickly looking it up. So much info flying around and so little from the company, one tends to forget

      1. It just hasn’t been confirmed to be such by the big N, so we will have to wait. If successor to the Wii U, that screams home console first with the ability to also be handheld (and would coincide with more power and more “home” functions as well, not to mention the higher price point)… If it is a dedicated handheld able to stream or connect to the television in a home, then that is something different in my opinion.

        1. But it’s literally on the headline of Eurogamer’s article. There’s no reason to believe that leak and not accept what they say about being more portable-oriented. Besides, portables are Nintendo’s strongest market, of course they will promote it from that angle.

          1. OK, well, then you’d have to just take Eurogamer’s article as the truth, and forego all that we have read/heard thus far. I will say it does make sense in that Nintendo has done better in the handheld market than home console, but we will just have to wait and see exactly what the NX is to know for sure… obviously.

            1. That’s what I’m doing. If I believe EG’s article, I believe it in its entirety. There’s no reason for me to pick and choose, it’s either as they say or it isn’t.

              The good thing about these leaks, other than the fact that they give us something to discuss, is that they place Nintendo in a position in which they need to come out and actually talk about the device if this information is incorrect. March 2017 is not that far away, eight months is not that much amount of time to promote and market a new platform, especially if it turns out to be as wild (conceptually speaking) as reported.

              1. True… force their hand. However, if the fall reveal stands as has been rumored or theorized, then they can let these rumors persist till then as that gives them six months to market and bring awareness to the platform.

        2. All Nintendo has said is that it is a dedicated console available March 2017 with ability to play breath of the wild.

          1. Then it will be a secondary device, that is as powerful or less than the wii u, based on reports from the past day, and will be a successor to neither the Wii u or the 3ds, as stated by NinPrez in May… So it is a altogether different system, but not in direct competition with Sony or Microsoft home consoles either.

    1. Handheld console hybrid. It is a handheld with home console abilities with extra equipment. It is the next evolution of handheld consoles.

      1. Right, if the Eurogamer article is true, that would appear to be so. It just seems to contradict some of the talk from Nintendo so far. At least from all I have read.

    1. You are finally starting to make sense here. Hybrid is the best word and the NX sounds fucking dope to me now.

      Probably why Third-party is blowing Nintendo off these days. I think they figured out how to keep cost down for third party companies and Nintendo themselves, all why still managing to please both casual and hardcore. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I’m excited to see what this will bring.

      1. ||I always make sense, I’m just quadruple times ahead the curve…||

      2. What about the people that is neither “casual” nor “hardcore”? Will it please them?

        1. There is an either or. You play games once in a blue to sometimes, or you are die hardcore. The system is trying to be sold as a mobile every thing but phone device. If they sell data plans and service, they might even make more sales. The president of Nintendo isn’t Iwata. He doesn’t care about customers, he wants money and his company to make money. I like this approach, since every system beside Wii and Wii u was made by business men. Wii, despite being the best seller, was Iwata and more catered to casual. Business people focused on hardcore. Point is, the system is going to be for everyone, and that’s the point. They want Wii money. Casual, sadly, is the way they have to push and understand not to alienated their core gamers. And notice that I didn’t say fans.

          1. you seem to forget that the NX started under iwata. There is nothing the new ceo could have done to make NX “hardcore” in the short time he has been around. The NX will be what iwata planned for it to be.

            If all these rumors turn out to be true… they have alienated their core fans already.

          2. You do know that a “casual” player could just be someone who only plays JRPGs or someone who only plays a certain type of shooter. Casuals are the reason for every gaming device on the market that was successful all the way back starting with Atari. I’m not a casual or a hardcore gamer. I am a person who plays video games. I don’t have a label.

            1. I’m confused, you said casual can be someone who just plays a game but then said you don’t have a label. You don’t have a label, Nintendo does. They’re target is the biggest market to make the most money. These are the people who play games once in awhile. Those are casual players. The play games every day are almost every day are the core gamers. And the hardcore are the eat and breath people. Those are my views per Nintendo’s view on the market they attempt to target for every system that they release. Wii and Wii U were for casual. N64 was for their fans (core). NES was for everyone. Snes built a core crowd. GameCube lost some of it and didn’t attract those who don’t play games at all or just give it a try. Casual is what Nintendo is aiming for based on their success with Wii. Casual and Wii worked because it got people who did not play games or played once in a blue, to actually commit to buying a system or some games along with it. Didn’t mean they would play it, as the Wii sold and most were dust collectors in the end –Casual gamers.

              1. All Nintendo consoles have one target audience……everyone. They are not just looking at a certain type of players but players in general. They target people who like or may like video games and want a system for themselves or for their family. All Nintendo consoles have a family style marketing from the NES to the Wii U and the handhelds too.

                1. If you believe that, then you are blind. Nintendo doesn’t care about the core gamers. The Wii U and the way Nintendo has gone with the direction of games and their push with Amiibo shows that. Nintendo is not targeting everyone because if they were, they would have targeted the fans who made Nintendo who they are. Shit like the new Metroid game, Zelda with no voice chat and three players, a horrible Paper Mario game to be easier to make others play it while alienating the fans who loved the series is just small examples that Nintendo isn’t aiming at everyone. Again, they just want casual gamers. Quality of games are shit and the systems are crap. How many 3DS ssystems can you make? Again, casual gamers. Core gamers and die hardcore fans haven’t been in their mind for a few years now.

                  1. So Nintendo didn’t bring Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, and Xenoblade X. It is easy to cherry pick games. As always Nintendo targets everyone. They always have. They targeted everyone with Gamecube, N64, SuperNES, and NES. Same with handhelds. I can see very well. Just because a person have issues with certain games don’t mean they wasn’t targeting everyone. You can rant about it all you want how Nintendo not targeting you but they have always targeted everyone. They want everyone playing video games not some small group of people that have a superior complex that think they the only ones that matter.

                    1. Bro, let’s be honest, how many games can you name off Wii U that’s for core gamers? I have 10 at max. Even Star Fox was turned into a casual gaming idea gone wrong. A series is now dead. Wonderful was made for everyone. Look up what the game first looked like, and why the end product with all the colors and visually appealing stuff and game play came into the mix. Nintendo wanting to appeal to everyone and ends up pushing away their fans.

                      Bayonetta was targeted to the core. So doesn’t that mean it wasn’t targeted to everyone? And, again, how many games can we say is on Wii U that did this? X was made for, as you said, a particular gamer in mind. Who in the West really plays that compared to the East? That’s why it didn’t sell.

                      And your comment makes no sense if Nintendo isn’t targeting me but you’re saying nintendo targets everyone. My rant isn’t a rant, it’s base on where the gamers are and how divided they have been with Nintendo in the past years. You can be blind, I choose not to as I see the light. If Nintendo is going for everyone, then that says a lot as to why their games have pushed away their fans. Your stuff doesn’t make sense

                    2. They always went for everyone. People take this hobby too serious. If Nintendo not doing what you want then don’t buy their products. It’s not the end of the world. Name me one so called core game that not anyone can made by Nintendo or their affiliates.

                    3. That’s such a closed minded way to view it when people take competitive player serious, and some make a living on it. That’s what games can do. I’m not saying Nintendo shouldn’t kill casual gaming, they should go back to actually targeting everyone. They don’t. They stopped when the Wii dropped.

                    4. You have your opinion and I have mine. It’s just a hobby for me. I buy and play what I like. I don’t work for Nintendo. Every game can be played casually. Those competitive players are playing casually made games. Fighting games and shooters can be played casually by anyone. We just have different views.

                    5. I forgot to name the games for you. How many Nintendo games made for the core gamer? All of them. Why do I say that because Nintendo make their games for everyone to enjoy.

                    6. We’re talking about Wii and U and now. I stated that Nes to GameCube was everyone until now. The argument is that Nintendo is not caring about everyone, they focus is casual gamers. Period. That is their big focus since hitting Wii money. They don’t care about everyone, just casual gamers. That’s the point. You’re too fixated on what Nintendo’s use to’s and not their now’s.

    1. ||It’s the Final Solution to the Xbot infection, the NX = Neutralizes Xbots…||

  1. Maybe it’s true after all. I just hope it’s a part of the NX brand ecosystem to where later we will get a NX home unit/console (that’ll probably have VR/AR tech) and then the NX SCD. If this is true I still think Nintendo is taking a major risk going this route so I really hope the software is compelling enough to make it successful if this is the only NX gaming device

    1. The one important thing that Nintendo needs to reveal this Fall is not only the revealing of the NX… but also a top secret add-on to the NX– SCD. Supplemental Computing Device.

      1. Problem is Nintendo has waited too long to reveal the NX. Now everyone knows what it is, and they have lost their big reveal… You cant keep a secret forever, someone will always slip up,,, They should have revealed at E3.

  2. There is nothing i would like more, than a “basic” nintendo console that equals the other 2 (sony, ms) both in features and graphic capabilities. That way we could have a machine with the awesome third party games like gta and the first party power of nintendo… seems to me that would be a winning hand. I can’t understand how nintendo doesn’t want to try that.

    1. Because that’s an already oversaturated market. People already own a console that plays those games, why would they buy another one? If they were that interested in Nintendo games, they’d get a Wii U or 3DS, but they don’t.

      Besides, it’s not up for Nintendo. Activision has tried again and again to support Nintendo systems to no avail. The same thing with a lot of other developers during the GC, N64 and arguably even SNES days. Developers like Rockstar knows their audience doesn’t pick Nintendo consoles as their platform of choice, so they don’t even try anymore.

      1. Snes is arguably the best console every made when you look at its game library, and the console did exactly what i personally want. To me Nintendo is dead if things turn out to be true after 31 years of support.

        It’s a shame that things had to turn out this way, witouth people like me there wouldn’t be a Nintendo today, cause we where supporting there industry when 95% of the world didn’t even play games.

        Don’t get me wrong I feel what your saying, but Nintendo isn’t for me any longer.

        I would probally still buy it just so I can play Zelda and Metroid and perhaps another game or two but everything else Ill play on my ps4 wich I haven’t bought yet cause I tought Nintendo would finally do the right thing.

        1. I’m not disputing that, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Genesis had as much third-party support, if not more.

          And Nintendo is doing the right thing. They’re finally offering a Nintendo box. Their whole software output under one single device, and then some more. It’s not going to get the latest multiplatform titles, you’ll have to play those on another platform, but that is not to say that it can’t have any kind of third-party support whatsoever.

          It’ll be just like all their previous handhelds. Third-party studios, particularly of Japanese origin such as Square or Capcom, will put their games on this thing. It’s either this or mobile at this point. The next Monster Hunter? On the NX. The next Bravely Default? Here too. Ace Attorney, Layton or Zero Escape? Same thing.

          So again, don’t expect the NX to be a multiplatform machine. It’s clearly evading to compete with that market. That doesn’t mean it can’t have a healthy output of third-party software.

          1. That’s all fine and dandy but for that reason alone is why I think the NX may end up being a hard sell to anyone who doesn’t enjoy Nintendo games, indie games or niche Japanese based games and JRPG titles. I know that Nintendo plans on making a profit regardless on how much it sells but if it’s only selling well in Japan (which I predict it will) and not the two major gaming regions (North America and Europe) then it will still be in trouble.

            As I’ve stated before the portable dedicated gaming market isn’t really viable sustainable financial business for the North American and European gaming markets because home consoles are the dominant gaming platform for both of those markets. Sure the 3DS did well but the sales have become stagnant for quite some time now and even the PS4 is catching up with it in sales.

            If the rumors are true about the NX being a handheld hybrid device then Nintendo better make for damn sure that the NX has enough compelling software outside of BOTW AT LAUNCH to entice consumers (namely casuals) to invest in their product. By default I am a hardcore Nintendo fan so I’m getting the NX regardless of whatever it turns out to be but they are taking a huge risk by going down this path especially if BOTW is their only flagship AAA launch title

            1. That demographic you just mentioned includes the almost 60 million 3DS owners, the 13 million Wii U and Vita users and a decent chunk of PC gamers. It’s not exactly a small market.

              Other than that, home consoles aren’t the dominant gaming platform in the West, the PS4 and to a lesser extent the XB1 are. Might as well avoid that market and try to establish themselves in the most exploitable, less cluttered market. And of course, the 3DS’s sales are stagnant as hell nowadays because we’re talking about a 2011 portable running 2005 hardware. That speaks more about how much a replacement is needed in that front than about the current state of the portable market.

              About their software output, I wouldn’t worry. Both the Wii U and 3DS are a wasteland when it comes to upcoming Nintendo titles, and they’ve “delayed” the system precisely because the games weren’t ready.

      2. But here’s the thing, it wouldn’t be like this now if Nintendo fixed the relationship with third parties long ago. They let it drag on. That was their own mistake. The GameCube wasn’t as bad as the Wii U with the third party support and they could have strengthened it even more with the Wii. It is not impossible. I would rather see Nintendo try to get them back and fail than not try and ignore the problem.

        1. ||This goes back to the Ancient Era of our Origin, they couldn’t stand our almost complete domination over the gaming world, most notably the Electron Army…||

        2. It wasn’t impossible, as you mention, but it pretty much is by now. The GameCube was their hardcore, competitive console, and it failed even with decent third-party support. Furthermore, western studios know that the demographics Nintendo attracts are mainly interested in games rooted on Japanese design philosophy. Sony has managed to create an environment that caters to both sides of the globe since they entered the market, but Nintendo has never had that much of a strong grip on both kinds of games. Not since the SNES, at least, and that was twenty years ago.

          They’re in a similar position to that of Microsoft, only in reverse. The Xbox brand stays alive purely out of Western games, with the occasional oddballs like Dead Rising here and there (and even that series is currently handled by Western devs, if I’m not mistaken). Microsoft would never try to cater to those who want Japanese games because it just isn’t a feasible option business-wise. Their own image as a corporation prevents that approach. It’s the main reason why I think they’ve stayed out of the portable market for so long.

          A similar thing happens to Nintendo, their brand perception is a barrier between the games made by those Western devs and the consumer. It just makes no sense to fight against what their brand is, in a word. The only solution to this would be to secure some key Western franchises as exclusives, but I don’t see GTA VI or whatever as a Nintendo exclusive any time soon.

          1. Largely the GC failed because while it was the 2nd most powerful console, behind the Xbox. Nintendo alienated 3rd parties by using a proprietary format (the mini GC discs which could only hold 1GB max).

    2. While I would love this too, sadly Nintendo is in a position where if they dont make the console at least a little gimmicky consumers aren’t going to be interested. In the end, if people want GTA and COD then theyr’e going to get on the PS4 or Xbox One. It’s better for Nintendo to not enter the console war because they know that when it comes to 3rd party they wont be able to compete. But imagine this: The NX can play 3rd party games with just a little bit less power, but they are portable. This is where NX is going to stand out from the other consoles. Your favorite Nintendo games and 3rd Party games runing at the rate of what a console could produce, anywhere you want.

      1. Not with the rumored specs it won’t!
        My major issue with the rumors is the spec of the NX! The ideal thing is to create a machine that is in the same grade/class as the competition. it doesn’t have to be first in the class… just be in the class!

        “a little bit less power” is the minimum we should be getting!

        i hope the rumored specs turn out to be false. I really do.

        1. The 3DS has third-party support. The Vita has it, too. So did the Wii and PS2.

          Specs are not getting in the way of third-party support. The console not selling or not being dev friendly are much larger issues.

          If you were expecting to get triple A multiplatform releases in a Nintendo console, you shouldn’t have been. The console wouldn’t get them no matter the specs.

    3. Because Nintendo hasn’t really been the kind of company that does this anyway. Remember, first of all, they don’t even truly consider themselves as a video game company; they’re a toy company (okay: yes, they know they are a video game company, but Mr. Miyamoto said that they consider themselves as more than that).

      And second, they have a history of making gimmicks anyway. Remember the Power Glove and the NES Zapper? They’ve been doing this since the NES days. Actually, scratch that: Game & Watch days; that thing was a gimmick all in itself. Up until now they’re doing this and it doesn’t look like they’ll stop anytime soon. Even with the GameCube days (probably the least gimmick-ridden console of their history), they had gimmicks. The Game Boy Player, GameCube Mic, and even the DK Bongos to name a few. So it’s not that they can’t do what you’re suggesting, but it’s more like it’s been too ingrained into their DNA to stop.

      There’s also the thing that Nintendo Military Strategist Sylux stated that I completely agree with as well: Nintendo wouldn’t be able to compete with that anyway. Period; it doesn’t matter how powerful and “non-gimmicky” they make their console: it’s not going to be enough for the third-parties to come aboard. The only third-parties that will do something are the very common ones (EA, Ubisoft, sometimes Activision), indies, “Ninties” (the small to medium sized companies that have deeply supported Nintendo; think Wayforward), and that’s it. Oh well; they may as well stick with what they’re used to.

      Finally,… let’s get real: Sony and Microsoft have gimmicks as well (think Kinect for Xbox and that touchpad for the PS4). Gimmicks are a part of the entertainment business and it’s never going away. So you better get used to it.

      1. Side note: none of my statements were meant to attack or hurt you in any way, shape, or form. If any part of what I said made you angry, I apologize for upsetting you, but note that the comment was only meant to be informative and not as an attack towards you.

        1. No worries but growing up with the 8 bit, snes, n64, Sega 16 bit and PS1 I just want a normal console that plays every game thats out there. I don’t have any issue’s with the 8 bit gun or the snes Zooka aslong as I have a console with a normal controller plus all third party games and Nintendo IP’s. The snes controller is one of the best controllers ever made Sony still uses it today only updated.

          And believe me thats exactly what It used to be back in those days, a simple console that plays every game.

          The gimmicks used to be addons that you could use for extra fun now there mandatory.

          1. I don’t think that having a “normal” controller as the default option for a Nintendo system would make much of a difference anyway. Many of these companies that make these AAA titles are already dealing with PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Windows, mostly). They don’t really look at Wii U and PCs other than Windows due to things like cost (even if it was easy to port, it’s still going to cost a significant amount), so Nintendo would actually be in a worst position than now. At least with the Wii U, they have something that they can stand out with, but without that, assuming they had the same third-party support as they do now, it’d be hard-pressed to convince people to buy it, since they would ask, “why buy this when I can buy a PS4/Xbox One/play on PC?”

            Case in point: Steam OS. It was super-powerful and the controller was pretty normal, but barely any third-party support (with the exception of any games that were compatible with Linux). The only reason why third-parties didn’t jump on board was, well… not a lot of customer support (because there wasn’t really much of a reason to buy it), but the biggest reason is that they couldn’t really see a benefit in releasing their games on yet another console. And I feel like Nintendo is sort of in that same position as well. The only reason why they’re still making money is because of strong 3DS support, the indie community for all of their systems, mobile (now it is, sort of), and amiibo. Oh, I guess the fact that their IPs are being shared a little more helps as well.

            I kind of get what you mean with what you’re talking about, but i don’t really think that it would honestly help. If the GameCube didn’t sell that well (and it had a normal controller and in spite of its growing Smash community), then I can’t see how Nintendo would be able to succeed with what you’re asking for.

            Also, you mentioned that the GamePad is mandatory. I kind of have issue with that, because unlike the Wii Remote (which I’ll give you that), most games for the Wii U use the Pro Controller as an option and not the GamePad.A perfect example is the Donkey Kong games, where one of the games (can’t remember which one) even turns off the display of the GamePad the entire way. Also, by that logic, the touchpad on the Dual Shock 4 is also mandatory, so I’m not too sure what exactly you’re talking about. If you mean that it’s just bundled with the console, then okay, that makes sense, but I don’t truly consider it as “mandatory”.

            (Again: these aren’t attacks. I have to repeat this because there are some people who overreact and take offence to my replies, calling me… well, interesting names, and venting their frustrations on me. I’m not saying you might be doing that, but I’m just covering my bases.)

                1. ||There seems to be a wide phenomenon these days among you humans to misspell [Bought]…||

        2. Ninjadude99 I understand what you’re saying but to clarify even further, I think Nintendo wants to be like the next Disney. They want theme parks and to create experiences and be apart of people’s lives and continue being there to fill people’s “past times”, hobbies and such.
          So I think he was trying to say we’re not “just a video game company” we’re much more. Nintendo is more Grand.

          1. I think the way I said my statement was unintentionally misleading.

            Here’s what I’m referring to:

            Miyamoto: “Nintendo is known as a video game company, but in fact, it is also a toy company. Toys must make consumers feel a “sense of wonder.” In that sense, with video game software, we can think about many different ways to emulate that feeling by creating virtual experiences for the users. When it comes to video game hardware, the hardware-development companies tend to take the similar and rather unified course of aiming to beef up the machines’ functionalities. In our efforts to differentiate our hardware from others, I believe it is important that users experience that feeling that they have played with a new toy. To that end, the fact that we can reproduce in our entertainment the experiences that people today can only have at a few limited places (mainly for business purposes outside the home) such as train ticket gates, namely, some results are shown instantaneously on the screen as soon as you pass something over somewhere, is very attractive.”

            He was more referring to amiibo, but directly after that quote he mentioned stuff like the e-Reader and other accessories that Nintendo has made in the past to prove his point, and not so much with the theme parks. And that is what I was talking about.

            My apologies for not explaining my points properly.

          2. I don’t have an opinion over whether or not they want to be the next Disney, expect that I don’t think that goal would be primary; it feels more tertiary than anything else (as in, licensing their IPs and putting them in things like theme parks would make them a little more extra money than making it as part of their bottom line).

      2. D-pad, rumble, bringing back the control stick, first party wireless controller, etc. All were Nintendo gimmicks, that every controller uses.
        Plus, I’m not sure that the newest ‘gimmick’ is a handheld system that plays on the TV. Remember, the reason Nintendo won’t reveal the NX is fear that Sony and or Xbox will copycat the newest innovation. That would be hard if newest ‘gimmick’ is so all encompassing of the system. I could be wrong of course. There could be other innovations that they are protecting, such as the cartridge based media. That rumor sounds like it’s a better medium then disks. Faster reading speed and potentially more storage, plus possibly on cart saves.
        Personally, I won’t get hyped up over the rumors until Nintendo itself tells us what the NX is.

        1. … that doesn’t really disprove anything that I said.

          “Plus, I’m not sure that the newest ‘gimmick’ is a handheld system that plays on the TV.”

          I’m not too sure about that. Xbox SmartGlass and PlayStation’s Remote Play are pretty similar to most of the Wii U GamePad’s features.

          “Personally, I won’t get hyped up over the rumors until Nintendo itself tells us what the NX is.”

          That’s good, because right now, these rumours are contradicting each other.

          “It may or may not be a hybrid.”

          “It will use x86/ARM.”

          “It will be as powerful as the NEO/won’t be as powerful as the NEO.”

          The only thing that seems to be really sticking and consistent (and probably has some hint of proof, too) is the fact that they’re using cartridges again.

    4. Nintendo just doesn’t want to be the same. They refuse to. If the NX really is a hybrid, that means they’re continuing to try to be different. At this point, it’s no use anymore. You pretty much have to buy a different console if you want to play the latest big games. For some die hard Nintendo fans, a hybrid console is great. Because Nintendo is once again trying to be different. Personally, I don’t mind them being different. It’s the fact that we miss out on games when they do it that bothers me. Even though I play more than one platform now, it does not matter. I’ve went through the struggle of only owning Nintendo systems and missing out on games, so I know how it feels. And I don’t want people to deal with that. If a good game comes out, everybody should be able to play it. That’s why I do not like the idea of timed exclusives either. That doesn’t benefit gamers, it only benefits the company with the console it’s coming to. The fact that you still cannot play the big AAA games on a Nintendo console today is utterly ridiculous. Nintendo has definitely acknowledged the requests for a more powerful console that can play the latest games and have features that are comparable to the competition, yet they still choose to ignore that in favor of trying to do their own thing and be different. They are literally resisting third party. Remember when the Xbox One was revealed with the Kinect 2.0 that wasn’t even optional? Not to mention DRM? Gamers reacted with disappointment and anger. And rightly so. With Nintendo, it’s like that all the time. It has gotten to the point that some people don’t hope for third party to come to Nintendo. Or even care if it does. They have moved on to something else and I don’t blame them for it. Not one bit.

      1. [quote] It has gotten to the point that some people don’t hope for third party to come to Nintendo.[/quote]

        I actually know a good amount of people who grew up with the 8 bit,snes and n64 that hope they leave the console business all together, and just make games for other console company’s.

        While I never agreed with them cause I love nintendo allot, i’m slowly starting to think like that aswell cause it seems to be the only solution to relive those golden days.

      2. @hollowgrapej
        you said it all! this is exactly how i feel…
        Why didn’t they make the Wii U on par and then let us see if the 3rd parties wouldn’t jump on it!

        Imagine … just imagine if the Wii was on par with the 360! The so called console war would have ended forever! With the motion controls selling the hardware, all game devs would have put their games on the Wii! the Wii would have gotten EVERYTHING the 360 got and more! Sony wouldn’t have been able to recover from their slow start.

  3. I have one thing to say about this, prepare for every third party AAA developer and publisher to unleash an aggressive attack of micro transaction riddled game apps that pretend to be full retail releases on the NX! This is why so many AAA companies are praising the NX because they plan to do exactly what mobile games are built to do, milk the consumer for everything their worth! I’m gonna wait to see how this thing plays out before I touch this mobile device!

    1. I think AAA developers are enthusiastic about NX because it is easy to port games to and they must think that people are going to buy it. It also allows for their games to be played on the go which they must think is good for business. Developers aren’t just going to remake their games to be free to play mobile games and if they did people would be pissed.

      1. Easier to port to yeah, but given how bad DLC, micro transactions, and multiple season passes for individual games alone have gotten I think it’s likely that these devs see this as a way to treat gamers the way they already see them, like cash cows ready for for milking! This is why I hate digital distribution, if you look at how bad mobile gaming is in japan, with their aggressive micro transaction games, you will see where I’m coming from, and the future of mobile gaming is not a good path that gaming should take! Even as we speak Pokemon Go is beginning to slip in popularity, and when Sun and Moon are released Pokemon Go will be forgotten.

  4. Now would be a great time for Nintendo to at least set a date for the official NX reveal… the silence from them is almost harming the hype at this point. The leaks/rumors are making people very weary and expectations for what this will be are getting lower and lower. It could be very cool, but if that’s the case I hope they show us that soon.

    That said I thought it was odd Aounuma said that Breath of the Wild would have “different” visuals on the NX version and not “improved” or “better” visuals. Now I wonder will is be slightly less impressive or something on NX. Either way I would love some clarity from Nintendo themselves here. Any info at all would be great.

    1. Exactly. Also, they risk having it revealed before they are ready by one of these leaks. That would kill the hype around their announcement if everyone already knows the console as they are presenting it to us. Supposedly they are revealing it within the next two months (seems like they almost have to since it launches in March), but each day more and more rumors are spread and while some of us are patient enough to wait for official word, there are people who have already lost hope because the rumors don’t appeal to them (of course they can be won back, but you never know). Nintendo’s silence is deafening. Now, I don’t expect them to respond to every single rumor, as they would be responding everyday, but they could have given us a tidbit. But it is Nintendo, and they do things their way. Hopefully they know what they are doing.

  5. can’t wait for Pokemon NX! A handheld with a stronger graphical power than the wii u. Pokemon is going to finally be the game we’ve been waiting for. *cough*

  6. If it plays Nintendo’s mobile games? Will it play Pokemon Go? Does that mean it will have a GPS and/or 4G capabilities? I doubt that very much. The past few days have been crazy for NX rumors.

  7. Part of me feels that Nintendo is deliberately misleading information here. Companies like Apple do this a lot with their iPhone rumours, so I can’t really see Nintendo not doing this. I mean, we’ve seen rumours that are literally contradicting each other at this point.

    Of course, it helps that there are those who claim that they have information just to get their 15 minutes of fame…

  8. if it plays Mobile games then sorry Nintendo but you wont be having me buy one im sticking with my 3ds and wii u and i’ll focus on retro gaming

    1. ||The rumours states that mobile games will be playable too, not that it will only play mobile games…||

  9. The NX frightens me…..

    It feels like such as massive departure from two types of platforms that worked. What to we play Pokemon games on? What do we play 3D games (SSB, Sonic 2017, Pikmin 4, etc.) on.

  10. Oh man! i could not be more thrilled to hear this. I hope it’s true. I just hope it looks sleek and they offer it in Different colors and I hope it’s not just black, red. Unless it’s red and Gold famicom edition. Yeah

  11. this is why i don’t believe rumors until an official statement from said company even if the rumors are accurate i still don’t and won’t believe them. like i said wait for official news from nintendo and only then i will believe the rumors.

  12. As a side-note, having every game that comes out available under the same device would be good for a consumer standpoint, but terrible for the industry. Console disparity breeds creativity, especially when developers have to work with gimmicks and underpowered hardware. The triple A market is already derivative enough without Nintendo going that route too, you can only imagine how horrible it would be if every single developer suddently had to catter to the dominant demographics of the market (teenage males). Stronger competition between developers gives them less chances of success and less chances of taking risks, and that’s what a console monopoly would bring to the table.

    1. ||True, there is however also a moderate statistical probability that if it is a Hybrid, a second rather affordable asset with upgradable specs at will that could be revealed down the path for the more stationary NX position…||

    2. Nintendo can have a console similar to the others and still be creative with their games. Trying to force developers to make games under limitations is not going to work. If they don’t want to, they shouldn’t have to. It’s a better idea to make whatever wacky new control scheme optional. Because guess what? If developers don’t like it, they don’t even have to use it! But there’s a chance that they might actually like it and use it more often. I disagree when people say there is no point of Nintendo trying to compete. The Wii U wasn’t exactly lining up people left and right just because it was different from Xbox and PlayStation. Either way it goes, they have to take a risk. Sony and Microsoft are! They wait for each other to slip up all the time and take customers when they can. Just like how Sony brought in aaaaaallll those people disappointed with Xbox One. Nintendo is doing no such thing. In fact, who are they even aiming for nowadays? Clearly not their fans because they’ve shown they have no problem turning their back on what you want in order to do as they please. Casuals I’m guessing?

      1. And isn’t that what they’re doing here? I don’t see any gimmicks that affect the gameplay on any significant way. In that sense, the system is less intrusive than the DS line. It’s more comparable with a device from 6th gen Nintendo, if anything. The only complain one could have is about underpowered hardware but, again, it has been proven that those limitations DO work, and numerous times at that. All portables are underpowered compared to their home console counterpart, and the two best sold systems of all time were the weakest of what their generations had to offer.

        So if there’s no hardware gimmick other than being able to play the games on a TV and power isn’t an issue here (because, again, this is a portable device first and foremost), then what’s the issue?

        And about who are they targeting, it’s too early to tell. However, you, as a Nintendo fan, have no reason not to be excited. The NX will be getting every game they make.

        1. ||Although it’s true that new gimmicks introduced do not affect gameplay in any significant way, the usage however has been at most barely fair across all 3 factions…||

            1. ||What I mean is that utilizing these so called gimmicks like the Wiimote, PS Move, Kinect and so on have been a failure in terms of purpose and attraction to non civilians…||

        2. Well, like I said, I have mixed feelings about the idea. I don’t really want to overlook the problems just because I can play on a different platform. I would really like to see Nintendo improve and fix the problem with third party support that has been going on far too long. Sure, I like Nintendo’s games, but I realized I’ve been letting them off way too easily. I’d have like a million different things to complain about, but then at the end of the day, I’d forgive them simply because I could play Smash Bros. Lmao. I can’t continue falling for that. When the NX arrives, I’m gonna disect that thing. Look at from all points. Will it be region free? What’s it specs? How does it work? Is third party support better this time? Etc. I’m not gonna take one look at Zelda and go WHOA, MUST BUY! Learned that lesson the hard way with the Wii U. We’ll see when it comes. For now, I’m staying cautious. Keep hype levels to a minimum or prepare to be disappointed. That’s what I say.

  13. Dear god… what is with all these damn rumors? We need solid facts!!! Rumors are false until proven true! Nintendo has to be the ones to deliver this for anyone to believe it!
    If any of this is true.. count me out..

  14. Yeah. Meh, we’ll see what happens. Honestly though, Nintendo NX doesn’t excite me at all so far. It’s an intriguing idea and concept, but it’s not what I (as a long time customer) wanted in terms of direction for the console.

    It’ll be interesting as fokk once they reveal the damn thing.

  15. It makes sense. Nintendo is bowing out of the traditional home console market like a lot of people wanted and it’s courting the mobile scene.

      1. yeah, man. A handheld that streams to a TV is indeed a home console. Sorry. Didn’t see that. /s

  16. Assuming it’s even true, I’m starting to warm up to it. I’m seeing any Wii or Wii U-like controller gimmicks with this, which should help 3rd-parties.

    And the fact that it can be a system where Nintendo can pool all their resources (in other words, no more Smash Wii U/3DS situations), then I can only see that as a good thing.

    But who am I kidding, I’m likely getting it regardless. I’ll go wherever my favorite franchises go.

  17. I thought all of these recent things about the NX was just more rumors? Why is so many people/sites reporting this? Nothing has been officially announced or confirmed. And personally, I don’t like the sound of the NX being a handheld hybrid. I want a traditional gaming console doggonit.

  18. So I think I’ve pretty much read through all of these NX threads on this site and I don’t think anyone has said it yet. So I’m just going to say it.

    Emily Rogers was right?

    1. Looks like it. Kotaku, IGN, EuroGamer and the Wall Street Journal are all backing her up, either through their own sources or through the same ones Emily is using. Also, people at NintendoLife have implied they”ve talked with either Nintendo or Nvidia and they know the NX will have Nvidia hardware inside. There’s no way this is not a thing.

      1. I hope so. I’m starting to get excited about this thing. I’m imagining I can hook this thing up to the projector in the conference room at work during lunch breaks. I’d even be willing to buy a second docking station just to keep at my office if it works well.

    2. One person said it. Although they wrote Emma instead of Emily. Not sure which article. Either way, until Nintendo reveals, I don’t believe. The truth is out there!

  19. I love handhelds. I can’t wait for a 3DS upgrade. Way overdue in my opinion. But will all those games I purchased on eShop carry over?! It better. Oh it better. That is a deal breaker for me. It must. Must carry over our purchases. It’s a lot invested.

    1. Even if they don’t carry over, it’s not like you should get rid of your 3DS or anything.

      Given all the games I have for it, I imagine I’ll be playing the 3DS even when the NX comes. It’s still a fun and easy system to play with.

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