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Yo-Kai Watch For Nintendo 3DS Coming To Smartphones With New Features And Online Battles

One of the things to come out of today’s Level-5 Vision event is that the original Yo-Kai Watch is coming to iOS and Android. The revamped version of the game will include high resolution graphics, original new features, and support for online battles. It is coming to Japan at the end of the year and is expected to be a premium priced title.



    1. It wont be. The Ace Attorney collection was put on ios for like $5, I paid full price for it on 3DS and also lost it forever because my 3DS broke, this has happened to me 3 times and I lost hundreds of dollars in cash from Downloadable titles because Nintendo doesn’t have proper account systems and that pisses me off and I’m pissed off at Capcom for only releasing the 3DS Ace Attorney games on the eShop in the States

  1. REALLY? Why couldn’t the original have online battles? The main reason I quit playing after beating the game is there is no player communication outside of local and literally NO ONE i know in person owns it. :(

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