MCV Says Nintendo NX Will Be Cheaper Than The Majority Expect

UK trade publication MCV has reported that the forthcoming Nintendo NX platform will be cheaper than many have anticipated. We heard a report from Eurogamer yesterday that suggested the platform is a portable console with detachable controllers and a docking station. MCV has also heard from a source who has had hands-on experience with the device who claims that “It feels like a bit of a novelty.”



  1. My guess is that Nintendo will pick the Tegra X1 processor for the final build and that the docking station will just upscale the games to 1080p, without increase in framerate.

    If they manage to sell it in the 200-250 range, that’d be perfect. 300 is stretching it a bit, in my opinion.

    1. 299 to start might be the price though considering the new 3ds started at 250.

      Who knows, this thing might suck, I really have no idea any more

      1. The original 3DS started at 250, but didn’t the N3DS retail for 199-150 depending on the store/country?

        I don’t think they can overprice the device for a third time in a row only to slash the price months afterwards. They did it with the GBA, 3DS and Wii U. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now. Especially so with VR and console revisions on the horizon.

        Then again, it’s not like the handheld market is oversaturated nowadays.

          1. That’s because the 3DS is grossly overpriced. Judging the price by the specs alone, I’d argue that 250 is more than fair for such a device. The gimmick might drive the price up to 300, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they applied the same “Nintendo tax” that the 3DS has, making it 350. This article, however, makes me think they won’t make that mistake. Hopefully.

              1. Exactly. The only problem being, Nintendo has to realize that the general consumer is not that interested in spending that much to play Nintendo games. Pokémon Go is the best example of that: there is an underlying interest in Nintendo IPs, but the price of the handheld can’t be that large of an entry barrier for the general consumer. I’m not saying they have to give the system away for free, but there’s no need for a premium price tag either.

                Funnily enough, Emily Rogers has just tweeted the same thing I’ve said. $250 seems adequate.

                1. Assuming it is a handheld, yes. That is very speculative as of right now, and I know we are commenting only on the given information, but the big difference being, I cannot play the 3ds on my television.

                  1. The Wall Street Journal is supporting EuroGamer’s claims, for what that’s worth. I don’t know, this rumor feels solid enough to me.

                    And true about the gimmick. Having dual screens and stretoscopic 3D is not comparable to being able to play the games on the TV too.

                    The funny thing is, having TV connectivity is the easier and less expensive gimmick. The PSP came with a similar function back in the day, and it only needed a set of composite cables to do it. It looked like dogshit, of course, but technology has advanced a lot since then and scaling is not that heavy of a process. Not to mention, Nintendo has toyed with the idea since the Super Game Boy. It’s not that new of a thing, not in the slightest.

                    1. True… and I will look up the WSJ report, even though they are D-bags about online articles if I recall… Yet, to be more powerful than the Wii U in a handheld? That is something worth more than $200. As long as that hideous drawing is fake, then I might be able to buy it day one :)

                    2. More than $200 yes, but not by much. The Wii U is ancient technology by now. If Microsoft can sell its XB1 at $299, Nintendo can surely sell such a device for $250, all the more so considering that’s the point where portable systems start to become way too expensive for non-dedicated consumers.

                      And yeah, not digging EuroGamer’s mock design at all either. The form factor is what I’m most iffy about.

                    3. It looks like shit and how big could those “controllers” be? The screen would have to be bigger than the Wii U for those things to even make sense… but besides that, it sounds like some think it could be LESS powerful than the Wii U… I don’t know, the whole thing stinks and I am souring on the idea if what they’re saying is true. It may partially be, but I hope not completely

                    4. It will be more powerful than the Wii U, that much is certain. They can squeeze that much performance out of the aging X1, considering a console doesn’t perform near as much background processes as a tablet running Android. And even if it turns out to be weaker, let’s not forget that this is a portable device first. A portable device of such horsepower would be amazing.

                    5. OK, sure it would be. But there has been talk from Nintendo that this is the “Wii U successor” so, to be as or less powerful, despite the handheld aspect (thought to be secondary until these reports) would be a let down… to me anyway.

                2. I never owned a portable and i don’t intend to own one.
                  All we asked for was a console with decent power to run modern games. Wii U was already a gen behind, now this?

                  Nintendo seems to be going a direction i can’t follow… i’ll wait for the reveal. Abandoning the Wii U to make a handheld is just wrong…

                  1. Honestly, cry me a river. And speak for yourself when talking about what “we” asked Nintendo.

                    If you can’t afford to get a multiplatform machine and a Nintendo console, I feel bad for you. It sucks to miss out, but it’s not like they’re not making it easier than ever. It has literally never been more affordable than now, since you don’t need to buy two devices anymore.

                    Other than that, these kind of posts do nothing. Wrap your head around your issues with portables and the Wii U, then decide if you want an NX when they put an actual price tag on the thing and show some games.

        1. I would be, and I doubt it. If the NX is a home console, or ALSO a home console, I can’t imagine it being that cheap… If they can, great, but what is the potential loss on hardware? All speculative, obviously, and that is part of the fun of this, but still, with all the rumors of a dual home/handheld console floating around, that seems very cheap

          1. No idead where u eed wiiu being less than wiiu bc yesterday it stated its powered by wiiu or xbox one . Other rumored powerful than ps4 but never heard it be less than wiiu

              1. ||That’s where the Eurogamer’s logic is flawed when Sonic Project 2017 is for the NX, PS4 and the corrupt one, obviously it is undeniably at least somewhat more powerful than the Wii U even in terms of graphics…||

              2. Tegra X1 by all reports is capable of about 1TFLOPS. Wii U is around 0.35 TFLOPS. X2 would probably be around 50% faster than X1, and even underclocked should match the Xone.

                1. All right, well that’s definitely good. That would mean that the reports are inaccurate then so far as the new system being likely underpowered

    2. I was thinking last night how funny it would be if the NES Classic mini coming out this holiday season was secretly the supplemental computing device. Everybody and their grandma will probably be getting that thing for Xmas. Surprise! You already own a SCD! Now you have even more incentive to buy the NX!!

    3. That would be a huge mistake if Nintendo decides to go with the Tegra X1 especially when both the Neo and Scorpio will be able to do native 1080p 60fps with no problems even on graphically demanding games which could be the industry standard. That would mean that the NX would be only slightly above Wii U standards as far as power goes and only slightly on par with the Xbox One which could severely alienate them from any type of 3rd party support especially from western 3rd parties. If the rumors are true about the NX being only a hybrid device I don’t think they have a choice but to go with the Tegra X2 and judging from what Emily Rogers saying about it sounding very expensive this could very well be the case. I hate to say it but again if the rumors are true and judging from Kimishima saying that they can’t sell the NX as a loss, it may be a $450 device at best but even if the NX is using the Tegra X1 and remember now Nintendo doesn’t want to sell it as a loss AT ALL so with that in mind it will still be costly at $300 to $350 but hey I could be wrong but this is just me speculating

      1. Again, going by EuroGamer’s leak, the NX is a portable first and foremost. It makes no sense to compare it with upcoming console revisions. It’s not I getting those multiplatform titles, you’d do well to abandon those expectations right now.

        Power is completely inconsequential to get third-party support, especially if we’re talking about the portable market. Just take a look at the 3DS.

        About the price, I wouldn’t trust Emily’s word on that. Or anyone else’s, for that matter. There are a myriad of factors that can make a console more or less expensive, from manufacturing deals to build quality. There’s no way in hell Nintendo is selling another device beyond the $350 price tag in today’s market, especially after the Wii U fiasco. Mark my words.

        1. ||One way they could sell a powerful machine within the proposed range you mentioned is if the new so called gimmick isn’t a power-consuming part of the main machine like the Wii U Gamepad is…||

            1. ||I don’t mean tv connectivity, I mean connectivity between controller and machine and without the controller being as demanding as the Gamepad is to the Wii U…||

      2. The nVidia Shield tablet costs just $199, and that’s a small niche device, Nintendo could easily sell at around $299, especially considering their volume (there’s also the fact that nVidia might be desperate for some console action and might give some discounts). Personally, I don’t think Nintendo will go with the X1 as is, but either a custom version of it, or if they have any sense, a custom version of X2. The price difference should be minimal.

        That said, both MS and Sony are appeasing their current gen customers by mandating that games must be released for the current consoles even after the new ones come to market (price they pay for mid-cycle refresh). So developers would already be creating a version for NX power level -devices. If NX manages over 10M in it’s first year, you can bet devs will be interested.

    1. Except handhelds are where Nintendo sells best. Honestly, the hybrid thing, if true, is the best of both worlds. I prefer my gaming on the go but some people complain about playing games like Monster Hunter on the smaller 3DS screen when they want to play on their big TV at home. If you don’t want to game on the go then just leave it home with your TV.

              1. I know I cant spit it to suit me. The whole point is nintendo being ignorant trying to force handhelds onto everyone. Thats exactly what they’d be doing.

                1. No, they’re effectively dropping their home console division for the time being. Big difference there. You are not forced to buy anything, and you’re not entitled to get the product you want out of any company.

                  You are entitled, however, to decide whether you’re interested in the product the company is putting out or not. How can a company even “force handhelds onto people” in a world where everyone and his mother has a mobile phone anyway? And in either case, you can always buy this device and keep it plugged to the TV forever. They’re not forcing you to play the games on an handheld. In fact, it’s the opposite: they’re giving you the option to play their games on the TV DESPITE the fact that they’re not making a home console.

                  1. I know they arent technically forcing anyone to buy their products. Im saying if you want to play their games then you have to buy their handheld. Youve already said you can chhose to play it at home or on the go and I replied saying you would be paying for a tech you dont want. That tech wouldnt be there if it wasn’t a portable.

                    What you said about this point was accurate. That is they would be leaving the console market.

                    1. The “tech” they’re forcing you to buy if you want to play the games at home instead of on the go is literally just the screen. Nothing more. Just compare the Vita to the PlayStation TV.

                      The portable component is not driving the price of the device up. It’s the opposite, actually.

      1. Yeah but handhelds sell best in Japan as this generation has proven that. If the rumors are true about the NX being a handheld hybrid device then Nintendo had better have more than enough heavy hitters planned for the NX’s launch other than BOTW or the NX will indeed be a hard sell because portable dedicated gaming devices aren’t that huge in North America or Europe which is why I can see a lot of western 3rd parties ignoring it. I myself am still going to buy one day one but if the rumors are true I just hope for the most part that Nintendo steadily keeps pumping more games on a consistent basis and that at least some Japanese 3rd party devs bring their games to the platform or otherwise the NX could be on a uphill battle

        1. ||They must have a new generation Mario weapon ready at launch this time, not Pikmin 4…||

  2. That can only mean one thing, less GB storage space :(

    Look’s like I’ll be buying quite a few external hard drives in my life time.

    -Personal File Storage/Backup
    -USB Loader GX games
    -Wii U digital titles
    -NX content

  3. I’m torn on this idea. From a business point of view it could be a huge win for me as a developer to make games for the NX if it can dominate the market like other Nintendo mobile products, but from a game creation point of view it bothers me that it may not be up to par with even XBox One. I want to have as much power at my disposal as possible so I don’t have to compromise my designs. So this has really got me wondering what I will do. I’m going to have to wait to see the final specs and be cautious about what path I choose.

  4. Personally this sounds like a Shield Tablet with bluetooth detachable controllers. The Tegra is a powerful mobile chip, BUT nothing compared to a full blown PC Chipset that PS4 and Xbone are using.

    The problem here that I dislike is the segregation of mobile gaming space. If a company is designing a Tegra game for Nintendo, you KNOW it will be exclusive.

    I personally dislike any of the hardware since the Wii. Stupid controls have been the “cool” thing to do at Nintendo since. I get the controller screen, having a kid of my own, it is nice for him to be able to play outside of the main TV. However it should be an optional “screen controller” and not the required one. The NX started big, but like always I feel it will be lackluster in its final form. The DS line is doing fantastic. Why is Nintendo wanting to have another mobile device that competes with that space?

  5. If it’s 500 or even lower for the device and 2 launch games it would be great imho and I would definitely buy at launch.

  6. ||Before you silly people start assuming things once again, the original quote never said [2 Controllers], that was Eurogamer’s flawed interpretation…||

  7. its going to be 300$, will, make 10$ off each system sold, most likely have paid online, but not for all content. well probably work like xbox live by giving you free monthly games and exclusive sales, or rewards points.
    NX well be more OS based, if this hand held device is real then it well replace the 3ds and wii U, but well not be the new home system. the new home system well be x86, this hand held well be x64 but the OS and sdk well be the same.
    the eshop well be more unified with almost all new games running on both systems.
    QOL well launch shortly after the first NX device (march) and well take over things like the “wii fit” branding. it well probably be more universal, working with windows, android, ios

    Nintendo well probably start moving further from E3 and start having its own developer show for all its big projects. Microsoft well probably do the same with BUILD, but might have its own xbox conference.

    sony well be the only one going to E3 and thus the show well start winding down and may change states to focus on games not by the big three

  8. The NX better have all of the games that’s been overlooked on the Wii U (and in some cases, even the Wii). Such as a real Animal Crossing game. I also hope that the Luigi’s Mansion 3 for NX rumor turns out to be real. And darn it, bring a new Mario Golf to the NX that features a mini golf mode again. The original Mario Golf on the N64 is still the best.

    I also want a new Mario Baseball. And I hope that if there’s an NX Mario Party game that it’s completely rebuilt from the ground up and fixes all of the things that’s caused the latest entries to suck. Such as wins based solely on luck, and that god-awful car thing they ride around in.

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