Nintendo’s ‘Supplemental Computing Device’ Has Now Been Patented

The supplemental computing device that Nintendo has been after has now been patented. The device wouldn’t offer improved visuals for Nintendo’s next console the Nintendo NX but would allow it to access increased processing speed, network functions, and memory. You can see how it would work in the patent design below.


The supplemental computing device can communicate with others over the internet and by doing so allow the devices power to be boosted. At present it’s just a patent and many don’t see the light of day, but with NX rumours heating up this is sure to be of interest.


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    1. not fully, the nx is a developement platform (like windows, android, ios) it well come in several devices.
      the idea with this patent is that the hendheld can plug into a home system to share prossesing power.
      idea is that you buy the hand held first.
      then you buy home system later.
      much like the xbox one s, and scorpio the home part of NX can be updated every few years to be more powerfull, but stay cheap as some of that power well still come from the handheld.
      they well play the same games (like windows, android, ios)

      in addition, the patent also could share power between handhelds so when you play online you might see a boost in power.
      or through servers (which xbox one already has server based power boosting.

      1. Now I know why someone reported it as being weird. It’s weird. I will have to wait and see. My initial impressions of this whole thing, if reports are true, is disappointment.

  1. ||We shall all Draw power from the Xbot machines and purify them into pure dark energy for our own sacred NX…||

    1. Yep. I’ve been drawing power from the Xbox for a while now, and it sure has been fun enjoying all the 3rd party and Microsoft indies I’ve been missing! ;D

      1. Maybe not for you. I am happy that they are revealing their next gen handheld first because I am done with console gaming, and have moved on to strictly handheld gaming since it seems to be going in a better path.

        1. What do you mean by first? This is it. There is no console. It’s a handheld. I can understand some wanting a handheld, but for me I’ve never been interested in them at all. I was really hoping for a more traditional console packed with power to rival XBox Scorpio. Sadly this is anything but that.

          1. We don’t know that. We don’t know anything. Everytime a rumor come out people take it as truth. All rumors are false until proven true.

            1. Maybe so, but the statement about this being revealed first seemed like a statement of certainty for something we apparently don’t know yet. But the evidence is stacking up in favor of the recent rumor being fully true. It wouldn’t make sense for Nintendo to have this sort of device “and” a separate console.

              1. This device only will allow more processing power through internet for better gaming. This is not a docking station and this don’t say anything about it being for sale. This could just be an internal patent for Nintendo for their own system. We know nothing at all about the NX. Nintendo have not told us anything.

          2. What do you mean? When did they ever state that this was supposed to be a home console? Wasn’t that just an assumption? Who is to say that we won’t be getting another home console from Ninetndo after this thing releases?

            1. While we don’t know a lot of things for certain, rumor combined with confirmed patents like this are painting a pretty convincing picture of what NX is. There has really never been any indication that two devices were being released. That was a far bigger assumption.

              1. Okay, hang on. You’re telling me that it’s a far bigger assumption for me to assume that Nintendo will release both a console and a handheld device like they have for nearly 40 years now, than for them to decided to ONLY release a handheld device suddenly with no confirmation yet of that even being the case?

                1. Yes and no. Yes, that’s what I’m saying, but not despite a confirmation from Nintendo, but rather the rumors combined with real evidence like this patent. Circumstantial evidence in some cases, admittedly, but very powerful circumstantial evidence. It just adds up with all we’ve heard and seen. I really hope I’m wrong, but I see no evidence to support that hope.

                  1. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. I can’t imagine Nintendo completely giving up on the console market.
                    We can’t know anything for sure until we get some solid facts from Nintendo. Patents are great and all, but Nintendo seems to always put a few out there that never get used, or never used in the ways we predict.

            2. To be fair Reggie Fils-Aime, Tatsumi Kimishima and Kensuke Tanabe who are all employed with Nintendo all did say at one point that the NX will be a console. Now it’s fair to say that they never used the term ” home console ” but still, them (Nintendo) alluding to the NX as a ” console ” is a bit misleading to some because portable gaming devices have always been referred to as handhelds.

              If the NX is indeed a handheld/console hybrid device I really don’t see the point of them releasing a home console especially if the device can hook up to your tv and you can play your games on it. Also (assuming the Eurogamer rumor is true) Kimshima saying the NX wouldn’t be another Wii U isn’t entirely true if this is indeed what they’re doing. It appears that if the NX is what the rumors are saying it is then this is what Nintendo intended for the Wii U to be.

              I hope there is a NX home console coming and yeah I’ll still get the NX even it is a handheld/console hybrid device but like I said before, I think it’s gonna be a very hard sell in the North American and European gaming markets unless the software for it is ” A1 ” and I mean it’s gonna to have to have games that cater to those markets but of course this is all speculation

              1. I can see how that may be misleading. Also, judging by the mockups in one of this page’s more recent posts, Nintendo may have actually produced a winner here. However, that will only be known as time goes on. We still don’t know what it is they are doing. I hope they reveal it SOON.

          3. Man, if you ever expected something near Scorpio you were BEGGING to be massively disappointed.

      2. They haven’t revealed it yet, so I’m just gonna wait and see when Nintendo truly reveals this. I honestly just want them to make it so the console and handheld device are seperable, and the tegra x2 power that was recently described was only for the handheld part and not the console portion! Now if they were to say that the console portion adds more power to the NX that surpasses what was recently described when playing on the tv, then I’ll be completely satisfied with that, I would just have to wait for the console portion to release:)

        Please let the NX be region free, I can not stand bad english localized Nintendo games anymore!





    1. No need to use all caps. I would have to agree, however. Anytime you have more memory and more CPU power you can certainly increase your visuals.

  3. greatest gaming device in history incoming FACT

    detachable gyro mouse wii remote and chuck vs2 that is all the controls of a pad split into 2 and including gyro mouse fuction PRESTO A PRO PAD A WIIREMOTE A NUNCHUCK ALL ROLLED INTO ONE


    a super powere4d handheld with great graphics and function then dock to tv INCLUDE SCD presto a far more powerful console with cutting edge gyro mouse and twin pod gamers controls

    add in connections for classic pad pro pro pad and even gamepad and nes pad classic etc

    a compleat do it all all included gaming device

    comparing scorpio to that a box and a 1990s pad kindly SHUT THE F&*K UP

            1. ||There is always a reason to destroy anything made by Xbots, even if it’s only a cord…||

                1. ||Every word in your comment is irrelevant to my mission…||

                    1. ||It’s the Microsoft Realm I am against, which leads to the Xbox One, every other Xbox and their slaves that are corrupt must be destroyed to to purify gaming once and for all…||

  4. Maybe it’s both… 720p on handheld and when mixed with the base suplemental device connected to the tv, the game wun a 1080p.

  5. ITS CLEAR AS A SUMMERS DAY THE controller if true is not for two peole its a left hand and right hand gamers pod/mouse/shell imagine detaching the sides from the gamepad of wiiu and having every function of pro pad and every function of 9axis gyro and every function of wii remote and chuck ALL COMBINED INTO ONE DUAL HANDED CONTROLLER

    its all so simple its all so commonsense its all so CUTTING EDGE


  6. I don’t see why everyone is seeing the NX as being strictly a handheld. Assuming all this info is correct, wouldn’t this be the hybrid that was speculated a long time ago? It’s a handheld you can use with your tv. Sounds like a hybrid to me. Sounds awesome too.

    1. I’ll put it this way. If your Nintendo 3DS had an audio/video cable that plugged into your TV would you consider it a console system suddenly?

        1. A bit, yes. Seems like plugging it into the tv device will add memory and CPU power. But the core of the system is still a handheld. Yes, it’s a bit more than just a pure handheld, but I think it’s a far cry from a console.

          1. FAR CRY 5 CONFIRMED FOR NX.

            But seriously, I think we all need to just wait to see what this thing actually is once it’s officially announced instead of bashing it based off rumors.

      1. Of course not, seeing as the 3DS is primarily focused on handheld gaming and its games are built around that, plus that’s not exactly the same idea as this. We barely know anything about this system and how it will be marketed, but from these patents and info it looks more like a hybrid than just a handheld. So why jump the gun and see it as only a handheld? It’s going to have Breath of the Wild so clearly it’s capable of delivering a console experience. The supplemental computing device furthers the idea that it’s a hybrid, giving a boost in specs to offer what you’d expect from gaming at home on the tv. A simple audio/video cable wouldn’t do that. If they are trying to combine both the handheld and console space that would be genius. They already own the handheld market, so using that as a footing to get back into the console market would make too much sense.

  7. i dont aim with a analog stick and i dont own a black and white tv with no remote either sony and mx fans with there 90s concept nonsense

  8. It sounds to me like this could be the console portion of the handheld-console hybrid rumor. It could be the dock you put the handheld in to connect it to the tv, and it could provide the extra power to improve/upscale games. So when you are out and about, you could take the handheld with you and play the same games but with less graphical capabilities. Then dock it when you get home to pick up where you left off, but with a much nicer visual presentation.

  9. If the NX turns out to be nothing but a super powerful handheld that can also play on the tv, I’m NOT going to be happy. I just might cry. Or break something. Every time I read the word “handheld”, I cringe. I already got sick and tired of the 3DS and gave it an early retirement. I want a new TV CONSOLE! Not a dumb handheld.

  10. This device, if actually utilized (whether in-box or sold separately), could be an elegant solution to the problem that created PS Neo and Xbox One S/Project Scorpio.

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