Video: Miitomo Candy Drop Mini-Game Footage

We posted earlier today about a new Miitomo update that will be available soon, and one of the things mentioned in the update notes was a new mini-game that will be introduced to the app. The new game, similar to Miitomo drop, allows you to win items and outfits for your Mii.

Some footage has emerged of said mini-game, posted by the YouTube channel Nintendo Hall. You can check it out below:

Miitomo was Nintendo’s first mobile application and gained a lot of interest at launch. However, the app has steadily had its decline of users, and the impending update seems to be an attempt to freshen things up.

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  1. There is so much untapped potential in this app, but it remains just a pale shadow of what it could or should be.

    1. There should be a more involved world for the Miis to interact in, with not only apartment customization, but other locations to see and have Miis encounter each other, mote like Tomagachi Life.

    2. The Miis you dress up and interact with in Miitomo should be more intigrated into Nintendos other social lobbies, such as Miiverse and the WiiU home screen. When you dress up your Mii, and take silly photos, they should show up that way in the Mii Plaza and on Miiverse, along with answers to your question of the day, etc.

    … in fact … Fuzing Miiverse and Miitomo into a unified social environment might be a fantastic next evolution for both. Miitomoverse.

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