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Three Pokémon Go Players Were Robbed Of Smartphones At Gunpoint In London

In some rather shocking news, three Pokémon GO players were recently robbed at gunpoint in London for their smartphones. The three people were avidly playing the popular mobile game when they were approached by three asian teenagers at Whittington Park in Holloway, London on Tuesday night. The victims succumbed to the robbers demands and handed over their smartphones. Anyone with any information can call Islington CID on 020 8345 0262 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

PC Kevin Yeung said: “These were really shocking attacks on young people walking around a much-loved park.”

Yeung appealed for witnesses, adding: “Robberies where a gun is shown or indicated are very rare and we are keen to apprehend those involved as soon as possible.”




  1. I hope my niece is safe when playing this. She just now got her smartphone activated through a phone company, and downloaded Pokémon Go first thing.

    The other day, someone found another dead body (or two) while playing Pokémon Go. And, was the overdosed man reported on this site? I can’t remember, but someone found a guy who overdosed, but he survived due to the person who found him. And I also read that yet another person (a teacher from the UK) also quit her job just to play Pokémon Go full time. It’s a weird and twisted world.

    1. As long as she’s aware of her surroundings she should be fine. If you’re still worried get her a pepper spray if where you live allows it.

  2. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times, don’t be so lost in the game. Simple, and btw i wish a mother fucker would try to rob me while I’m playing its not gonna go as planned..

        1. ||Often a side-effect when choosing Sonyan devices…||

            1. ||Well then my logic is undeniable, I cured your boredom…||

  3. I love nintendo but i will be honest the psp is great for an mp3 and mp4 player plus it’s good for the retro emulators like nes,snes and sega games

  4. These people seriously need to dress up as Team Rocket before stealing people’s Pokemon. lol

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