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Japan’s Olympic Competitor Kohei Uchimura Has A £3,700 Pokémon Go Bill

Kohei Uchimura, who is a world renowned gymnast, has revealed that he has racked up a £3,7000 bill due to Pokémon GO. The athlete who is competing in Rio incurred a huge data roaming charge while he has been Brazil. Thankfully his Japanese carrier service has let him reduce the bill to a £22 daily all-you-can-use contract.

“Uchimura may not get any Pokemon, but he will surely get gold.”-  Nikkan Sports newspaper



    1. Doesnt matter you can still catch pokemon, visit pokestops. Ive been playing it since the beginning and I’m not sure if the game ever be released in my country.

  1. In Brazil even with the game downloaded from an App Store from another country, you can’t play the game. Pokemon and locations don’t show up! I have the game installed from the American App Store.

    1. No. Not weird at all. If he spent that much on a free to play game in one single month, I’d have to question why in blazes Japan let a guy with an addiction problem for buying cheap shit & racking up 3700 bucks of any currency be an Olympian to represent their entire country.

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