Platinum Games Reconfirms They Would Like To Make Bayonetta 3

Platinum Games have been long supporters of Nintendo platforms since their inception and it is no surprise they are interested in revisiting some of their golden IPs. Kotaku caught up with Platinum Games co-founder Atsushi Inaba at this year’s BitSummit to discuss how the company feels about embarking on creating more sequels. Here’s what he had to say.

“For any time, if we have the chance to make a sequel, we want to do it. There is no title we don’t want to make a sequel for. So, of course, we want to make Bayonetta 3 and Vanquish 2. So, yes, we want to make sequels.”


Thanks, Paidenthusist


    1. Ugh! The one line that utterly ruined what would have actually been a very great Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg! Maybe the next time he portrays Lex, he’ll be able to redeem himself of that terrible line!


  1. I would LOVE Nintendo to publish Bayonetta 3 and Vanquish 2 ONLY for the Nintendo NX! If it’s true, I’m sure that Hashimoto is gonna create another masterpiece like he had with B2 on the U.


    1. ||And then we shall observe the agony experienced by the Xbots and Sonyans, their cries echoing through the void…||

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      1. Right you are Commander. If the rumors are true about Beyond Good And Evil 2 being an NX exclusive expect more cries from the Sonyans and Xbots. Their agony will be witnessed for sure if Bayonetta 3, Okami 2 and Vanquish 2 all belong to the NX lol

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      2. ||Yes, such a wonderful plan…||

        ||Me with Bayonetta 3, you with Vanquish 2, N-Dub Nation with BGAE2 and Sylux with Okami 2, watching their forces in despair, agony, misery and best if all venting their anger on all the gaming world…||

        ||The power of quads will not be denied…||

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  2. my guess is that nintendo will be the only publisher while sony and microsoft will pass it off since the first sold poorly on the ps3 and xb360 unless bayonetta 3 gets to be released on all 3 platforms plus pc.


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