AMD Has “Won An Order” For The NX

Update: Old news, nothing to see here folks…

News has surfaced about AMD’s revenues. It may not seem like much, but the article mentions the Nintendo NX. It says that “AMD, which competes with Intel (INTC) and NVIDIA (NVDA) in the CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) market, dominates the gaming console market. It’s the sole supplier of semi-custom processors for Japan-based (EWJ) Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox. It has also won an order for Nintendo’s upcoming console, codenamed ‘NX'”. It seems AMD will be providing the processor to the NX, which has not been revealed yet.


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    1. ||One thing is certain though Mr.Dunne, you will submit to our rule once again, or in a kinder manner, Renew your “MEMBERSHIP”||

        1. ||That’s the surprise, I didn’t say what you thought I was going to say…||

        1. Handheld can’t be a gimmick because it is a tried and true form of gaming. If that is the “new way to play” that is something I think satisfies a lot of tastes. The only people who will be butthurt will be those who wished that the console was more powerful than ps4 XB1, which to some degree, I am also disappointed if that is the case

          1. ||Like I’ve said numerous times before, what good is a very powerful console if you don’t make alot of games for it?…||

            ||High Command must first fix the issue of droughts and usability for the NX compared to the Wii U before doing anything else…||

              1. Yes Sylux I agree. So long as the NX is at least on par with current gen consoles I’m good. Nintendo could always make a 4K version of the NX home console later on down the road but rumors from a very credible French gaming site is suggesting that the NX will be on par with the Neo but we’ll see

                  1. ||This is not acceptable, impatience is for the weak fragile minds…||

                  2. As am I. As am I, growing more impatient by the hour. I must game on Nintendo.

            1. Yes, that is true. But by attempting a coup of the handheld/mobile market, with a system that plays more mobile and 3rd party games as well as Nintendo IP and continuing with and expanding the indie dev relationship they started with WiiU, they should end the drought and bring back Nintendo to its rightful place. WiiU was just a bridge. Nintendo had enough collateral to take the gamble, and now the time to develop the NX will pay off. That is my opinion anyway.

  1. The return of the Nintendo Power (in the form of codename: NX) is about to be revealed this Fall 2016. Lock on phasers… arm the photon torpedoes, Commander. It’s almost go time!!!!!

  2. Thank god, I was seriously about to just abandon the Nintendo altogether! I’m avoiding this website and every other gaming site until they reveal the NX because these rumors are beginning to piss me off, also I’m done with any site or media that are reporting false rumors with no evidence! If they need to rely on false rumors just to get attention then they should stop reporting on video games altogether!

  3. Not to destroy anyone’s hopes, but AMD only specifically mentioned that they have “won an order” for the NX. They could very well just be providing the ARM processor and the GPU could still be from NVIDIA. In fact, I’m about 70% sure that’s how it is.

    1. You’ll be eating your words because Nvidia does not have a design win. It’s gonna fail once again because of Eurogamer’s failed assumption of the Nintendo 3DS powered by Nvidia (evidently, it’s powered by DMP). Only AMD has three design wins– PS4 Neo, Project Scorpio, and Codename: NX.

      Evidence #2: Last year, The Khronos Group had invited Nintendo to join in. So… with Nintendo and AMD in making the new systems, there is a very strong possibility that the NX will have a second GPU… the Vulkan API GPU. It will be a whole lot easier to port third party games for PS4 and XBOne onto Nintendo’s newest systems.

      1. ||Not to mention that deals with A’Emdees often ends up being cheaper than Envidians…||

      2. Well, I have solid reason to “believe” that the NX will, indeed, use an NVIDIA GPU. If not the final version of the system, then at least the current devkits (hardware in devkits, especially early devkits, is often different form the hardware in the released system).

        Also what does Vulkan even have to do with anything? Vulkan is just an API – it doesn’t have anything to do with the GPU. Any GPU could support Vulkan if developers wrote a backend/driver for it. Aside from that, PS4 and Xbox One don’t even support Vulkan, so what does any of that have to do with porting games?

        1. Well…….your trusted source Eurogamer has been wrong many times. One of those times is when they swore the 3DS was gonna use an Nvidia GPU only to be debunked later and no……there’s no proof at all that Nvidia was ever gonna be the supplier of the GPU powering the 3DS. Eurogamer could be right I don’t know but you should wait to ” believe ” what they say instead of just taking it as an absolute fact

    2. Nvidia already announced that they have no plans to make a Tegra based GPU for mobile/portable gaming devices. They officially cancelled their ” Shield 2 ” gaming tablet. They have stated that the Tegra processors will be for self driving cars. We’ll find out on the 22nd if Nvidia plans on making a custom design win for the NX but if isn’t Eurogamer will be in a shit ton of trouble

  4. Eurogamer was wrong in the same manner about one of the DS’ right? Either way though I kinda believe there might be something to the handheld-detachable controller thing because A LOT of reputable sources have backed that. That said I felt like Mr. Iwata (RIP) mentioned the NX not necessarily being one device so I’ve been holding out hope that the NX would have some sort of more powerful home console counterpart all along. Remember the rumor was that either the home console or the handheld would launch in Holiday 2016 and that the other one would launch around March 2017. So if they just wanted to wait so as to not launch another system without many appealing games for it, we could possibly get both in March 2017 or maybe get the handheld in March and the home console Holiday 2017; if Nintendo is still trying to finalize specs on it (which it seems they are?).

  5. The source article has no sources :). It’s written in May and only references AMD’s statement of 3 custom design wins, and assumes the third one is the NX. This article was written before MS announced the Xone S, which may very well be one of the three (the other 2 being the Scorpio and Neo). AMD may still make the SoC for the NX, but this is no source.

    1. Eurogamers claims had no real sources either.
      But NX is a lie anyways. Nintendo will “delay” it until summer 2017, come on e3 stage with panache, announce big fuck you to all and ride off to the sunset.

      1. According to the CEO of Nintendo of Canada, the company will announce the unveiling of their family of systems (code named: NX) this coming Fall 2016. It’s official and legit, petric22. Have patience and we’ll have that official unveiling from the Big N within next month.

        1. Wasn’t that an obvious joke?

          I don’t remember as well kept secret as NX in recent years.
          I’m interested in it solely because I don’t know what to expect.
          With MSony I know they’ll just come out with little beefier systems, release about the same grey games and in some cases exactly the same grey games but now with extra pixels.

              1. Think positive for once. Nintendo is the only reliable source for the future family of systems. Think about the future.

      2. They had sources they were unable to disclose (or so they claim). This article openly only references the quarterly report from AMD Q1 and makes the assumption (!!) the third design win is for the NX.

        1. My source whom I totally trust says moon is made of cheese.
          I can not disclose his identity, but he is totally credible.

          Though what many seem to forget in their NX rut, is that Nintendo has also made an side note about their mobile (handheld) platform project mh.

  6. yahoo are you kidding my nintendo you just linked this back to yahoo with no evidence

    yahoo got wiiu specs all wrong and stated 3ds was tegra,il await official nintendo shit….thius is getting moronic as fuk

    1. Both sources are making conjecture without any new information, these are still referencing what AMD said in the Q1 report. No idea if AMD has said something more recently, but these sources are not it.

  7. Did you know? That, NX rumours are like assholes. Everyone’s got one and it stinks!
    Give me the truth Nintendo! Show us your boobs!!! I got beads Nintendo! I got beads!

  8. I’ll be quite honest, I don’t know what this means. Is it any better than when it was rumoured to be x1 or x2? also, if it is x1 or “suped up x1” (I’ve heard phrases like this thrown around) Is that really a bad thing? will it mean 3rd party not jumping on properly for yet a third console cycle? …. Oy Vey! Oi oi oi how it worries me so.
    One could cut the anticipation with a knife.

  9. I heard it is using both nvidia and amd gpus in a hybrid scenario (not sure if if they are being used simultanesously when using the device hooked up to the base station). Nvidia x1 inside the portable section and amd gpu in the base station aka supplemental computing device. If this proves to be true that would be pretty sweet. :)

  10. You do know there is a recent article on KnowTechie…
    So if it’s a rumour about Nvidia Tegra on NX, you guys treat it like it’s truth.
    But when an old article that pretty much outright said that AMD is “Nothing to see”?

    And you call yourselves journalists -_-

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