Nintendo America Posts A Short Breath Of The Wild Teaser Video

Nintendo America has uploaded a brief Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild flyaround video of the Temple of Time. The clip is short but it will certainly whet any Zelda fans appetite. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches next year on Nintendo NX and Wii U.

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  1. Makes you wonder if there will be another world or time where the Temple of Time is fully intact. Maybe in BoTW you start off in the ruined Hyrule and can travel in time back to before Hyrule got destroyed…. Im sure there is some sort of twist to this game.

        1. They are still part of the mainline games even if they are on handheld. So no, this game can’t take place 100 years after Wind Waker because that’s Spirit Tracks’ placement. More importantly, there is only ever one Link at one time in each timeline so there can’t be a second Link around the same time as Spirit Tracks.

  2. Until the game is finally released, we will always be hungry for more infos, pics and vids. I just can’t wait to discover the rest of the story and put the pieces of the puzzle together. See if my theories are about some details and timeline placement have some sort of “right” instead of being a bunch of “wrongs”, that kind of stuff

  3. Can’t wait. Just how beautiful will the NX version be if the Wii U version looks astounding by itself?

  4. Personally, my speculation is this is after Spirit Tracks. It’s the closest game that has hints of technology in it and since this game focuses on magic combined with technology, it would make sense. I had these thoughts in E3 and it hasn’t been fazed since. It’s probably the strongest evidence for this game being after or around Spirit Tracks (or at least after OoT).

    … however, the only thing that shakes my logic in that respect is Calamity Ganon, since Demise said that an “incarnation of his hatred” would haunt both the incarnations of the Hero and Goddess and take control of the world, repeating for all time. He never specifically said “Ganon” or “Ganondorf” and so I would think that the incarnations would (eventually) grow into Ganondorf. And in that case, I would say that that would be the strongest evidence for this game to come after SS.

    But anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter.

    1. ||What if it takes place even before SS? Some kind of time travel plot since you know, the technology you see in the past (Lanayru Desert) is far beyond anything they have in any Zelda game, Spirit Tracks having the closest…||

      ||So either before SS or ST seems to most likely…||

      1. While that *might* be a possibility, the way that Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Aonuma are talking (as well as the manner to which the game treats itself) suggests that SS has pretty much become the genesis of the series’ timeline and that any chance of the possibility of a game that proceeds to that game is pretty much near zero at this point. Also, the fact that “Calamity Ganon” exists, pretty much makes me rule out the theory almost entirely, as (unless I’m missing something), Demise was first. I can’t really see Ganon being first, then Demise, and then back to Ganon. I CAN however see it as “Demise > ‘something else’ > Ganon > ‘something else’ > Ganon” or something like that.

        As for the theory of it being before ST,… do you mean before ST/in the main timeline, or before ST/after WW? Because if it’s the former, then… okay, I can see that; there are a lot of unknowns in there, so it’s a possibility. But if it’s the latter,… I honestly can’t see how that would work. that. Out of all of the three timelines after OoT, the “New World” timeline have been the most consistent, with each game happening (generally speaking) years later from the previous one; there are only two incarnations of Link and Zelda, with the second appearing only in ST. Futuremore, ST only takes place about 100 years after the events of PH and we know that BotW takes place after 100 years of… deep sleep? (I have to check that, but I know that it’s 100 years of something). Why do I bring this up? Because if they mess up that timeline, then it makes it harder to understand it in the first place; remember that this timeline is very difficult to understand and it’s taken many years for fans to figure out (getting it partly right with the timeline splitting into two), then Nintendo throws a wrench and says that it’s actually split into three. I don’t think Nintendo actually had a timeline, but they were just lucky since many elements were consistent. Anyway, the fact that I see technology being consistent throughout ST just makes me feel like it’s after ST; the technology in BotW is many times more advanced than what you see in ST and, while I forgot about Lanyard Desert (thank you for bringing that up), after looking more into it, it doesn’t look as advanced as ST and I can’t see the technology in the series going at a backwards motion. Also, before SS, the goddess seemed to be more involved, so I feel like the people in that world wouldn’t have much of a need for developing technology anyway.

        Of course, I could be wrong in all of what I said, but I’m only going by the research and observations that I’ve seen and played.

        1. It’s also possible it’s after Skyward Sword. We never saw the entire land beneath the clouds in SS so it’s possible Lanayru Desert wasn’t the only place with technological advancements. As shown in LD, the technology was powered by the thunder dragon’s magic of that province. With that said, it’s possible the Goddess Hylia & the other dragons also used their powers to give the people technology to use. We got steam based technology, electric based technology, wind based technology, etc so it’d be nice to see magic based technology which is what Skyward Sword hinted at being the case with the robots of Lanayru. Sure the Koroks might give the impression of the Great Sea timeline but what if the Kokiri’s original forms were that of plants to begin with. SS had plant like creatures in it with one of them living inside that giant tree that Faron Woods had. Maybe that’s the Kokiri & the Great Deku Tree before becoming Kokiri & Great Deku Tree. If that’s the case, the Korok form could be something they took as a transitional form between their original form & that of the Kokiri. If so, that would mean the Kokiri never evolved in Wind Waker but merely regressed into a previous form which was better suited to a bigger world.

          *shrug* At any case, we’ll find out for sure when Breath of the Wild gets closer to release.

          1. You just said many of the points I use to give a little suport to my thought. I also believe BotW could be set after SS.

            The presence of Hylia is to much to be ignored. Until now, the religious belief seems to go around her – there’s a statue of her in the altar’s place in the Temple of Time; Each Sheikah Monk pays tribute to her memory in their speech; The Spirit Orbs possess her Crest; And some of the landmarks are named after her (Mount Hylia and Hylia River). If the bridge we’ve seen in the trailer and the lake under it are also named after the Goddess, we have more indications of how strong her presence in this Hyrule is.

            If we go further in any timeline, Hyila’s presence seems to vanish, with her name being mentioned (if I remember correctly) by Shad in Twilight Princess. However, he didn’t use it as a reference to her. He said something about “The Hylians are the people of Hylia”, but here “Hylia” seems to be the land of the people, not their Her Grace.

            Some people seem to believe the Statue of the Goddess inside the temple is the same one from SS, but the one we have now is much smaller. The one that once took place above Sky Keep was massive, and I believe that no temple could house it.

            And the Temple of Time in Botw is not the same from OoT. The structure is similar, but the absense of the Altar of The Stones and that of The Pedestal of Time and its Door (time, time, time…) makes me think something else: The first Temple of Time was the house of The Gate of Time in SS. With that temple gone and forgotten, if BotW is set after SS, this Temple of Time was built in honor of the Goddess and the memory of the old days of the world.

            As you said, many seem to think that BotW would take place after Wind Waker because of the Koroks. But in WW the Great Deku Tree said something like this about the Koroks: “Long ago, they took on human forms”. This could have the interpretation you pointed: The Koroks are the children of the Deku Tree, Spirits of the Forest, and in this franchise spirits can change their forms. The Koroks, to me, are the original forms, then they became the Kokiri when a long period of peace took place in Hyrule’s History, reverting to their original state when the Great Flood happened.

            And the remnants of a huge tree in the Great Plateau could be what’s left from the Great Tree in SS. Why not? We’ve seen places changing names all the time (like when the Lost Woods and the Forest Meadow from OoT becoming the Sacred Grove in TP).

            We never have seen much of the Sheikah Culture, so the use of technology doesn’t apply this game is set in a distant future. The Sheikah could have been an advanced culture from the very begining, thriving for generations until the Calamity happened, reducing their tribe to the Shadow People we learned to know.

            And the Calamity Ganon… Most people use the fact of Ganon’s appearance to support that BofW must take place after OoT, no matter the timeline… What if OoT was not the first appearance of such a creature? Why couldn’t Ganon, or even Ganondorf, have appeared before? “The name GANON appears after Ganondorf’s transformation”, some would say, but we don’t know that. We don’t even know the meaning of the word GANON – it could have some meaning in one of the ancient languages of Hyrule – maybe “atrocity”, “beast”, “demon”, “abomination”. Ganon could be the first manifestation of Demise’s Anger and Hatred, but without physical form — and by the looks of the E3 demo, certain lack of intelligence and not much of sentience. Or Ganondorf could have been the first, and try to become something more vast and powerful through wrong means, or the process went wrong, thus creating the Calamity Ganon…

            Anyway, there are materials and ideas to turn this post into a book, so I’m finishing for now. And, of course, my mind is open to more ideas. But as you said, only the final release will give us the answers we want… or not…

            1. Awesome theories. One of the theories you have about Ganon ties in with a theory I have that maybe Ganon preceded Ganondorf, not the other way around as implied by Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf was named in honor of Ganon because Twinrova, Ganondorf’s surrogate mothers, were loyal servants of Ganon’s.

              1. It would make perfect sense if it was true, right? Those two were… not creepy (they don’t impose fear) bur evil enough (in the story at least) to do something like that

                1. Considering they ended up arguing about their ages and constantly changed their age, I surmise they were a lot older than the age they were trying to claim to be. That gives me the impression they could be close to a thousand years old if not older, so they can easily exist in a game that takes place very early in the timeline.

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