Rumour: Nintendo NX To Use Tegra X2 Chip

Details regarding the Nintendo NX are still being carefully kept under wraps but we have already heard that the platform will use the TEGRA mobile chip to power the system. What we don’t know is whether it is using the older TEGRA X1 mobile chip or the TEGRA X2 which is in development under the codename “Parker.” Segment Next is reporting that it has heard from a source that Nintendo will use the latter and is partnering with Nivida for the launch. We should find out for certain when the system is unveiled later this year.

The company is partnering with Nvidia to use its upcoming TEGRA X2 that is more powerful compared to the original model. The TEGRA X1 released in 2015 and comes packed with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores in big.LITTLE configuration, as well as a Maxwell-based graphics processing unit.

The upcoming chip hasn’t been formally named as Nvidia TEGRA X2 and is in development under codename “Parker.” The new TEGRA chip will feature four ARM-based Cortex-A57 cores and two homegrown Denver2 cores, it will use Pascal architecture for its GPU. The same one used for Nvidia’s flagship GPU models – GTX Titan X, GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060.

Nintendo NX will benefit from is unified memory which means faster communication between central components – CPU and GPU. TEGRA “Parker” is using a 16-nanometer FinFET process.



      1. The rumor I’ve heard was that thing is a lot more powerful than Xbox 1 and PS4. But rumors are rumors… Take them with a grain of salt. I’m not talking about this rumor. It sounds like the console could be on par with the PS4 & Xbox 1. We shall see… I’m tired of rumors lol.

          1. It comes down to the rumored “docking station”.
            If this is true, the docking station will up the power level to stratospheric levels.

            Nvidia willl reveal this Tegra X2 on the 22nd of August.

      2. … HAHAHA!
        Good luck with that.
        Tegra X2 or to give it its REAL name the Tegra Parker chip was designed for CARS, AI, DRONES AND BUILDING TECH…. They already confirmed it wasn’t built for tablets or gaming devices.

        Plus, X2 wouldn’t even touch the PS4, let alone the XBox One.

        1. I like how you comment about this chips power yet you obviously know nothing about it. The Tegra X1 already is extremely close to the Xbone in Power, and the X2 should easily be 2-3 times more powerful than modern consoles if it gets the same jump in power there recent chips have been getting compared to the older ones. Also i love how you imply that the Xbone is more Powerful than the PS4 when it actually is much less powerful. Tegra X1 – 1.1 TF, Xbone-1.3TF, PS4 1.84TF. There’s less of a gap between the Tegra X1 and the Xbone, than between the Xbone and the PS4. The Previous chip before the X1 was the K1. The X1 was 3 times more powerful than the K1. So if the X2 gets the same jump, that will be Xbone – 1.3 TF, PS4 1.84TF, and Tegra X2 – 3.3 TF smashing them both.

      1. Right, but if you knew anything about how Nintendo (or the rest of the industry) designs its systems, you would know that they dont just plop a consumer chip onto the circuit board. Nintendo and everyone else always opt for a semi custom design, meaning if it were the X2 it would be a semi custom x2 manufactured specifically for Nintendo by Nvidia, and Nvidia hasnt reported any semi custom design wins for game consoles during any of their recent quartly reports or investor meetings, which are places where they HAVE to disclose that. They dont have to say the name of the system/console, but they have to tell their investors if they got a contract for a chip in a game console. Meanwhile, AMD has already said they have THREE semi custom design wins for 2017, one is confirmed to be the Scorpio, the second is presumed to be the Neo, and the third? Its almost certianly the NX. Its not going to have an Nvidia chip in it. Get the fun over it. Im so tired of all these sites taking Eurogamer as the Gospel. THEY’RE WRONG. They were wrong in 2009 when they said the 3ds would have an Nvidia chip, and they’re wrong again now. ITS x86 based. The Tegra chips these developers are leaking info on are PLACEHOLDERS. its the exact same mistake Eurogamer made back in 2009.

      1. That would be amazing, yet another 5 year old tech console. Been there done that ;)

        As for the gameplay over power comments : Nintendo games deserve the best and that includes power. Don’t say no to less than perfection guys.

          1. Everyone I know who used to buy all there consoles and games whants to buy a Nintendo console for 600$, so he doesn’t need a Xbox. Aslong as they can play games like GTA,Cod and all the other third party + Nintendo’s first party wich beats any other console easily.

            1. Mentioned people are probably all adults, though. Think of children or even parents, who both are part of Nintendo’s core target audiencen. None of them just buys a console for $600.

              1. You got a point there i’m probally no longer the type of person they aim for, my friends keep saying this aswell.

                It’s a shame cause Nintendo is a big part of my childhood, and I will always love them for it. I suppose my time has been and I should move on to sony wich I have already been doing since the ps1 kind of, I don’t even own a WII U yet.

              2. Who said the NX will be 600 bucks? I say 400-500 at best. Parents will buy that for their kids since they paid that amount for a PS4. In fact, most parents have already bought their child a PS4 since it has sports games & shooter games that kids love so much these days. If Nintendo can get those games to flourish on NX while offering the family friendly 1st party games like Mario, Kirby, Zelda, & Star Fox, parents will pay around that amount for the NX.

                  1. You don’t have to be rich to afford that. It’s called being good with rationing your money to where you can still have some left over to save up after paying your bills & stuff.

                  2. In other words, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but you just might have cheap ass parents.

          2. Mxbix one Scorpio will be around that price point, but Nintendo NX has one advantage over neo and Scorpio (exclusive content that is only playable on the NX). . My point is all games that run on Scorpio or neo most be on the standard ps4 and Xbox one.

            1. Oh no, Microsoft said nothing about that when they discussed the Scorpio, they are just gonna screw over One owners, whereas Sony have guaranteed it for PS4 owners. Also side note the Tegra X1 gave 500gflops at 10 watts, an actual handheld would give it 4-5 watts so I wouldn’t expect that much from Tegra X2 as I estimate its power around 700gflops maximum.

        1. But it is a brand new chip, so not 5 year old tech and also, this will be tailored to the Nintendo console and won’t be the generic chip… at least that is as far as I understand it.

          1. A brand new Chip that WASN’T designed for mobile anymore.
            Tegra Parker isn’t designed for mobile but Tegra X1 was barely even capable of keeping a stable battery life on a tablet compared to Snapdragon and Apples A series chips.

      1. Damn, you Nintendrones barely do any research…
        The Tegra Parker is weaker than both PS4 AND Xbox One, the CPU side of things is stronger but only used for (And I won’t say this again) AI, Drones, Driverless Cars and Building Tech.

        Just pointing that out there, plus, it barely researches 1 TeraFlop

    1. Yes, but it is a modular handheld. Meaning attaching it to the home element it well barrow power from the handheld. Thats the whole point of that Nintendo patent

      1. To play Devil’s advocate, saying your doing something doesn’t mean your not doing other things. Especially if there are NDAs involved.

  1. Wasn’t confirmed last week by AMD that NX will use one of their chips? Just asking, I don’t know if one thing may exclude the other or they can convive

    1. ||Nothing has been completely confirmed by the Envidians, A’Emdees or others…||

    1. I recommend arranging your life in a way that causes the least stress. If this site doesn’t meet the expectations you have then you should definitely leave it in the dust. I’ve left sites I didn’t like and it feels really good.

    2. If you are experiencing more bad than good in this place, leave & get rid of the stress of being here. If you are experiencing more good than bad here, ignore articles like these if you don’t like them because the site isn’t going to stop with them. Like the people on yahoo articles bitching about articles on Ariel Winter showing off her body, they aren’t going to stop with them so you might as well ignore them.

      1. Exactly to all trolls that claim they want to help Nintendo , they need to stop bashing Nintendo and its fans , also put there opinions in a more positive note (because Nintendo will more likely ignore completely negative comments/ videos compared to an optimistic video.

  2. Rumors are fun, at least when they don’t involve people.

    It’s even more exciting if this is one turns out to be true, or better. Nintendo could capitalize on the hype if they follow through with a power console.

  3. I’m taking this rumor with a grain of salt. As far as I truly believe, at this moment, is pending patent of Nintendo’s Supplemental Computing Device for the NX Home unit. I still hope the NX Home unit will have a built in AMD x86 processor and Vulkan API GPU.

    1. ||I just want to see the Xbots dead and sent to oblivion regardless of what core the NX machines use…||

        1. ||The Sonyans will put every last resource on their PS division…||

        2. All you people thinking Sony is going to fall are hilarious. Just like you people find anyone saying Nintendo is going to fall are hilarious. Why? Because like Nintendo, Sony is making more than enough money in one of their other products to sustain themselves. Not to mention the amount of money they got put up in reserves.

        3. Hahahaha, that’s bs. PS4 sales are and always have been higher than the Xbox One’s. Sony are currently winning the war with better sales than Microsoft and Nintendo using mobile chips for the NX.

          1. I see the war between PS4 & Xbone lives on. Makes me want to watch the Game of Thrones inspired episodes of South Park all over again where they made fun of people fighting over PS4 & Xbone.

  4. All rumors, but my perception is that Nintendo have learned a lot from the WiiU (not a bad console to be clear). With the NX probably they won’t compete directly with PS4 and Xbox, but hey common won’t make any sense if they’re using old tech (as they need to sell this new console in a good way), so in my opinion there will come out with something that will blow up ours minds. Just have to wait and see

  5. If Eurogamer’s rumor is true and if this ” source ” is right then there’s no way the NX will be $250 at launch. The Tegra X2 is rumored to be closer in power to the PS4/Xbox One and if the NX is indeed a dedicated handheld hybrid device and if Nintendo doesn’t want to take a loss on it then expect to cost around $350 to $400. I’m just gonna wait until Nintendo gives us the final word because this rumor sounds like an expensive one

  6. No…just stop with the rumors already, there is zero evidence to even back this rumor! I think people just love making up these rumors as click bait! Every time I see the NX even mentioned outside of Nintendo I’m gonna ignore that site starting today!

    1. ||They are making the “AI” for the cars, not the car themselves…||

  7. Im pretty sure we all knew what he meant. No need to correct him. And hes right unfortunately. Nvidia has moved on to bigger and better things. They have been failing at the game console table for a while now. Sure they’re doing great as a consumer graphics card option for pc’s , but they actually stand to make a lot more money putting their chips in cars. Theirs a lot more cars then ps4’s after all.

  8. Nintendo NX will benefit from is unified memory which means faster communication between central components – CPU and GPU. TEGRA “Parker” is using a 16-nanometer FinFET process.




    if they double the bus to 128 bit from 64 bit nx will have 50 plus peak gb of bandwdith
    that isnt enough YES ITS EFFICENT AND POWERFUL AND THE DEVNER CORES ARE GREAT CPU CORES And the pascal 16nm gpu will be at least double the x1 gpu


    1. The new Denver cores are about 15% better than a Galaxy S7 which is pretty good for a mobile system but in the console world… Not so much

  9. I’m going to wait for Nintendo to play its hand. They have an ace up their sleeve and a mean poker face. Nobody knows what they are working with.

        1. Considering how much of a good little puppet he is to the NoJ guys, I’m sure he knows quite a bit since it’s not like he’ll leak anything. Loyal lackeys would rather die than turn on their masters.

          1. You dare speak slanderous words of the Almighty Reggie? May he have mercy on your soul.
            You are right though. He hasn’t leaked a thing. Most likely due to the Nintendo Ninja Assassin Guild that is loyal to only the Great Master Miyamoto.

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