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Germany: Wii U Has Sold 750K Units So Far

German publication Boerse Online has provided a current generation console sales update and it would appear as though the Germans favour Sony’s PlayStation 4. You’ll notice from the bulletpoints below that the PlayStation 4 has easily outsold the Xbox One and Wii U in the country and it is those two latter consoles that are battling it out for second and third place. Germany is one of the biggest video game markets in Europe so it’s certainly interesting to see how sales stack up between the three current generation consoles.

Lifetime sales:

  • [PS4] 3,250,000 (3.2m according to the article, but a bit difference from the graph)
  • [WIU] 750,000
  • [XB1] 710,000

Year to date in 2016:

  • [PS4] 460,000
  • [XB1] 105,000

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4 thoughts on “Germany: Wii U Has Sold 750K Units So Far”

  1. wiiu is not the poor seller people try to say its way way way ahead of xbone in more than just japan its also a profitable system xbox department loses 2 bilion every year FACT….

    and i also love the way the pic implys wiiu has a controler it doesnt it has MANY CUTTING EDGE CONRTROLER(S) it no repeat gen system it has controls of the current time not a controler from the mid 90s like casual station and copy box

    1. Reaching much? Xbox One has still sold more consoles total than the Wii U. Xbox losing money, whether this is true or not, doesn’t change the fact that it sold more in less time than the Wii U. And the picture is just a picture of the three consoles’ main controller. You think they’re gonna post a pic with one Xbox controller, one PlayStation controller, and half a dozen Nintendo controllers? It’s just a picture. Stop grabbing for something to complain about. Oh, and lots of people, Nintendo fans included, love these so called 90s causal controllers your speak of. Don’t be such a fanboy.

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