Video: Paper Mario: Colour Splash Rescue V Stars Episode 2 Is Live

The latest episode of the amusing Paper Mario: Colour Splash Rescue V Stars is now available to watch on YouTube. This particular video highlights the efforts of the valiant Rescue Purple squad and shows how they can obtain hard to reach items for Mario. You can check out the amusing video, below.


  1. At this point, make a terrible Paper Mario game & make a terrible Metroid game. I don’t care anymore. I just won’t be buying them & will have to accept the franchises might be doomed to be mediocre compared to the better entries in the franchises. Maybe Axiom Verge will take off & become a suitable replacement for Metroid. As for Paper Mario, I guess I’ll just have to go after the original 2 when they hit virtual console on the NX.

    1. ||At least Color Splash is somewhat better than Sticker Star, at least it still looks like paper…||

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