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Pokemon Was Left Out of The 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony Due to International Recognition

You may recall the surprising inclusion of characters such as Mario and Pac-Man in the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics. However, the Pokemon universe was not among them. According to an unidentified Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Committee member, the team behind the ceremony show began preparations in January. This was before Pokemon GO was released. Another reason given was that Pokémon was not as “well-known comparatively worldwide”. Mario games sold more than Pokemon games, 320 million and 200 million, respectively. They also felt that “the timing for including Pokémon in the show was still considered not right”. Lastly, the Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee just couldn’t pass up the pun of “Mario” and “Rio” from “Rio de Janeiro”.


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  1. Yet the likes of Jibanyan is a mascot there over Pikachu. Though that’s a completely different issue altogether.

    No matter, I can’t really imagine Pikachu carrying the red ball (Japan’s sun) in the trailer now that I think of it. He’s a bigger face than him, but not that Pikachu himself isn’t popular.

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  2. So wait, Pikachu/Jigglypuff/Charizard are not known across the world, yet Bluefur McGooglyeyes the Otter III to the right of Mario is.

    …What hallucinogenics are commonly available on the streets of Rio again? I think some of that got into their systems.


  3. “The team behind the ceremony show began preparations in January. This was before Pokemon GO was released.” I’m sorry, what other Pokémon game came out before Pokémon Go that was already in Japan since January last year?! Oh yeah, POKKEN TOURNAMENT!


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