Nintendo Of America President Says Company Is Aware Of Past Mistakes And Won’t Repeat With NX

A List Daily caught up with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to ask him a number of questions regarding the future of Nintendo. It wasn’t long until the subject turned to the upcoming Nintendo NX platform and which lessons Nintendo has learnt with the well documented struggles of the Wii U. Here’s what he had to say.

“One of the things that we have to do better when we launch the NX—we have to do a better job communicating the positioning for the product. We have to do a better job helping people to understand its uniqueness and what that means for the game playing experience. And we have to do a better job from a software planning standpoint to have that continuous beat of great new games that are motivating more and more people to pick up the hardware and more and more people to pick up the software. Those are the critical lessons. And as I verbalize them, they’re really traditional lessons within the industry. You have to make sure people understand the concept, you have to make sure you’ve got a great library of games, and when you do that, you tend to do well.”


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    1. Yah. Reggie says that they learned but damn it’s so hard to believe that. Not sure why Nintendo doesn’t take a professional page from the movie business and “SCREEN” their ideas to certain personnel (real people;casuals;core;etc). This especially goes for marketing. By screening their ads before release, they can get some real feedback and prevent a colossal backlash.

  1. lets hope not. don’t get me wrong, the wii u while under-powered is a good console with lack of 3rd party support but it does have awesome games. anyone says it doesn’t either hate nintendo because they want mario on pc, ps4/vita and x-bone or has never played a nintendo game in their entire life and says they suck because everyone says it sucks are wrong, granted not every nintendo game is great like ‘animal crossing amiibo – mario party edition’

  2. With this coming from Reggie, I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe he should also pay attention to the many mistakes NoA themselves have made, not Nintendo as a whole. *cough*BullshitcensoringofT&Mratedgames!*cough*

    1. Agree. I hope it’s not just PR talk from Reggie. The NX doesn’t need to be in a Wii U situation

      1. Exactly, no one wants another Wii U’s tragic chapter. But since it’s Reggie, I can possibly think the mea culpa is as fake as George W. Bush’s $ 200 dollar bill.

        1. I will never understand why sports games aren’t on every system that is out and this include PC (Madden)

          1. I don’t understand it either. My first thought would be that the market just isn’t there, but I don’t see how that could be.

            I also think that the general market for sports video games has dwindled though. EA has 6 ongoing sports series’ where they used to have near 15.

            1. They can’t expect it to grow every year. People will get fatigue and wait a while on sports games. I bought every madden up til 2013 madden but I bought a hockey game once every 4 years and basketball every other year. Baseball was a once every 3 year and other sports I bought when I got the mood to play them. Those six could bring in 360 dollars for one sports enthusiasts.

  3. Well then, Reggie, on behalf of your masters, I sure hope they are really correcting their mistakes instead of just saying they will- actions speak louder than words.

    Side note, went to GS today and asked the guy working there if they had sold any copies of Federation Farce- he was enthusiastic when he told me they got ONE copy on launch and it still has not been sold.

    Keep up the good work, my fellow Metroid fans.

      1. Come on Root tell us something we don’t know already man lol. The game was DOA when it first got unveiled :p

        1. I know, right? But I’ve seen some Nintendo ultra-elitists saying that the game is cool, super fun, and whatnot… ¬¬

          1. The game is fun to some people. I hate anything to do with any metroid prime game but I realize people do enjoy that style. It is okay to not like something but the way people are handling this is not the way to do it.

    1. All 4 of my nephews and one of my niece have the game. Some of their friends bought the game. It is not about your ego or feelings. It is about people enjoying video games.

      1. Being like the Gamecube would be a good thing, though, unlike being like the Wii U. Least GCN had a ton of big name 3rd party games in spite of it only selling around 20m. It also had quite the few hidden gems on it, too, like Baten Kaitos & Baten Kaitos Origins. I wonder if it’s safe to call Eternal Darkness a hidden gem.

    1. It would be great if Nintendo did something like run polls every week and ask the fans what they want. Questions like “What would you like to see with the next console?” “What would you like to be in the next Mario game?” Etc. Then take the most votes stuff and see how they can build the perfect system. In fact, everyone should do this. It just makes too much sense…

      1. Nah, that would be a terrible idea. Polls are a horrible way of feedback, there would be no way to discern between genuine and misleading input, entire demographics wouldn’t bother with the polls, etc.

        The only scenario in which I can see them being somewhat useful is on a game-by-game case. Leaving feedback about a particular title on its eShop page once you’ve purchased it, for example. It would be just like what we have now, only allowing people to write in suggestions and whatnot.

        1. Good point. But I do wonder how Nintendo thinks sometimes. Like, where on Earth did Metroid Federation Force come from? I think I see it as their way to get the Metroid franchise into the eyes of the causals and boost it’s popularity. And while that could be good for them, they totally stomped all over hardcore fans that have been waiting. And waiting. For ages.

            1. Well he sure as hell went about the wrong way of doing it.

              Bobbleheaded, cartoony, characters?

              Spin-off title after a 5-year drought and 9-year drought since the last good Metroid?

              Focusing on multiplayer when Metroid is not known for it?

              I could go on.

              1. You can say it is mishandled but it’s not a bad thing. It provided 3DS with a game that people can enjoy. Metroid aren’t exclusive to Metroid fans. How would people grow to like the franchise? I only like the 2d Metroid but I was upset or hurt that the Metroid Prime series was made. It was a different take. The developers should take the consumer opinion in mind when making game changes but ultimately they just want to create a game and hope others like what they create. That’s all any developer or and company that make any product can do.

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      2. It does not make sense. If companies had been doing this then we would only be playing on boring systems that cost too much and the games would not change.

      3. Keeping the NX secretive doesn’t mean anything bad, in my opinion. Rather, they’re probably being careful about not having their ideas taken by Sony or Microsoft, and maybe they want to blow people away with their reveal. In fact, I’d be skeptical if they were desperately spewing info because of the situation they’re in with the Wii U. Reggie not telling the truth because the NX is secretive just doesn’t make sense to me.

        1. Honestly, I think that’s just a weak excuse. If what they bring out is good enough, someone will want to copy it anyways. Nintendo must not be confident with the NX because it’s unique idea (whatever that will be) is literally the only advantage it has going for it. We already know it ain’t going to compete with specs and I think it’s safe to say it won’t be getting a ton of big name third party games.

          1. No! I want to hold onto my hope that Nintendo won’t fuck up a 3rd time in a row a little while longer! *cries in corner*

              1. Clearly our faith in Nintendo has been shattered by the Wii U. Let’s hope the NX gets them out of this. Otherwise, it’ll be a new age for me as Nintendo consoles become second to PlayStation. :/

                1. PC would be my first choice and then PlayStation. Although I really do like the PS4, I’m much more interested in PC nowadays. Sony increased the price of PS Plus which is rather questionable. I really hope they don’t let the success of the PS4 get to them too much. I don’t think there was even a legit reason for the price raise.

                  1. ||And they lied to the Sonyans about many things regarding the misery that is No Man’s Sky…||

          2. When I meant copy, I was thinking the other companies might want to come out with something first. As for the rest, you and I could be discussing empty air since we know next to nothing about what the NX actually is. All I’m saying is that I think Reggie is telling the truth since Nintendo would be dumb to repeat their mistakes, and I’m glad Reggie and Nintendo as a whole have realized this. When we start to speak about the NX itself though, we fall into the land of assumptions.

              1. “Oh we won’t make the same mistake with Wii U we made with 3DS & it’s terrible marketing!” Yeah. Some correction they made with the Wii U!

    2. Even though many people don’t believe what Reggie says until it actually happens, I think it will. Nintendo as a whole has seen a large failure from the Wii U. And Reggie is telling the truth from what has actually happened; They failed to address the console as something completely different from the Wii, and yes, the first and last parts of the Wii U’s lifespan saw a lack of games.

      Instead of covering this up, Reggie has admitted to the obvious. Between what he has said, and the Wii U’s failure, do you think Nintendo will not address these issues? The Wii U situation hit them very hard, and I’m sure they’re well aware of the direction they need to go.

      Therefore, I don’t see Reggie’s words as “Is he telling the truth?”, but rather “Good thing they know what was wrong”.

      1. They saw a huge failure from Other M, too, yet here we are with FedshitForce. So yeah. We’re all skeptical of Reggie’s words. In fact, he’s done most of this gen lying or making excuses so some of us don’t trust him. Like another said, let’s hope this just isn’t PR bullshit talk from Reggie like all the other times he’s opened his mouth.

        1. I do agree that Reggie has said a bunch of bullshit, so I’m also skeptical on just anything he says. The thing is, most of what he says seems to be a matter of sliding out through a shitty alternative route of doing things. However, when it comes to the Wii U’s failure as a whole, what’s he gonna bullshit? Are they gonna just not pump out many games again? Will they make a useless gimmick again? Are they really going to confuse the NX as a Wii U extension again? It’s either pump out lots of good games, have a good and useful console feature, the system itself being unique from all other systems, or you could get something like the Wii U. No room for bullshit here. To me, he speaks the obvious truth.

          You guys act like they’ve been in the Wii U situation for at least two generations. This is the first time they made as big of a mistake with the Wii U. The Wii had a bunch of good games, and it was a very unique console with unique features. After that, they got cocky and made the Wii U. It was one mistake, and I’m sure they’ve learned from it.

          1. One mistake? If you don’t consider the 3DS’s first year a mistake or Wii’s last few years a mistake, you haven’t been paying very good attention.

          2. Don’t let Wii’s shiny 80+ million sales trick you into thinking the Wii was this massive, all around success. It wasn’t. Not by a long shot.

            1. You’re right, the 3DS had a rough start, and the Wii had a bad end to it, but you can’t compare it to the Wii U’s failure. The 3DS is still a good piece of hardware with the 3D that is still being used in numerous games. The 3DS also got a price cut, which helped. And to me, the Wii was a success not just because of sale numbers, but because of the innovative motion controls that worked well with so many games, unlike the Wii U’s gamepad feature.

              Also, the general quality of games was much better. For example, you had this creative Mario Galaxy, while the Wii U was desperate to sell games and consoles, so they pretty much rehashed Mario 3D Land’s uninspired core. By the way, the Wii U has many great games that I love, but I think they played many safe. While the Wii pumped out creative and fresh takes on franchises, the Wii U has been pumping out desperate newer versions of older successes. With the Wii and its success, Nintendo was able to take more risks with its games (although they took way more risks and made more creative, hardcore content on the Gamecube).

              I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. As a diehard hardcore Nintendo fan I so desperately want to believe you Reggie and take what you’re saying as a 100% fact but unfortunately……..seeing is believing for me. I do expect for the NX launch to be very strong but the only question is will the consistency of games coming out on a timely manner be an issue? I really hope the NX has at least decent 3rd party support at best because even though Nintendo has combined their handheld and home console software development divisions together, it still won’t guarantee that there won’t be delays or software droughts. I really hope the NX becomes the SNES of this generation and dominates the industry but Reggie is known for his slick PR talk so I’ll have to wait and see before I take his word for anything

  5. You know how you sell the concept to people? You launch with that concept-selling game, instead of waiting 3 years to make and put it out. You need to have a “Wii Sports” ready right away, not make us wait for that “Super Mario Maker” and hope your “New Super Mario Bros. U” will tide us over.

    And please don’t ever assume again that your “Nintendoland” is that game.

    1. To put it another way: People didn’t “get” the Wii U until we saw what Maker could do with that screen. People got the Wii right away because they led off with Wii Sports. People need to “get” the NX by the 2017 Holiday season at the latest, though at launch would be preferable.

      1. Exactly! People got N64 because Super Mario 64 was the selling point! Mario platformer in 3D! For the first time ever!
        Wii and its Wii Sports and twilight princess and sonic and the secret rings and excite truck and Rayman Raving Rabbids it had all kinds of awesome launch games!
        Wii u had nothing! It had crap! Worse 2D mario game I’ve ever played was U. Worse 3D mario to me is Mario 3 D world. 3D Land was awesome on the 3DS it felt really shallow on Wii U home console.

        1. Pokémon was also that for Game Boy as a whole. Tetris sold the portability, but Pokémon sold the system being designed the way it was (especially when it came to the link cable). While Pokémon could technically work on N64 with memory packs, the Game Boy was the ideal platform for it.

          If the opposite case is true for NX, a lack of platform barriers, here’s what an NX concept-selling game should do: It should make the player never want to play that game without being able to play both at home on the TV and on the go/off TV.

    2. Super Mario Maker sold well cause it’s the first time you can make your own Mario levels. Gamepad had nothing to do with it. It didn’t change anybodies mind. Nobody cares about the gamepad cause there’s really not much use for it despite what people wanna believe.

      1. More than the notion of it “changing minds,” it’s the game that should’ve launched the system. Being the Disney’s California Adventure of consoles, it was mostly a misfire from the ground up, but SMM could at least have acted as Wii U’s Soarin’.

    3. Nintendo land was that game for me. I hope they make a sequel to it. It was really fun. Gave you a taste of some great franchises. That game is the only reason why I like Pikmin. Never liked that franchise before nintendoland.

        1. I actually agree with that. My wife will play pikmin nintendoland but not a regular pikmin game.

      1. I’ll say there were a lot of moments in the compilation I enjoyed. For instance, Metroid Blast had me excited about the potential of a “third-analog” input via motion (though I would have placed the camera on the R-Stick and aiming on the Gamepad), Animal Crossing Sweet Day was enjoyably competitive, and I spent plenty of time working through DK’s Crash Course.

        However, it’s not the “a-ha moment” the system needed. It did that for some (like yourself), but I believe Super Mario Maker did a better job of selling the usefulness of a second screen.

        Too, as much as I liked seeing Wiimotes/Nunchucks be utilized here, it was a part of their past that got in the way when it came to selling this platform. It confused the messaging, contributing to the misunderstanding of Wii U being “an HD Wii” or ” a new controller for the Wii.” Super Mario Maker is distinctly Wii U.

      2. Same here, man. Nintendo Land gave me my first Pikmin experience…even though I probably would’ve gotten Pikmin 3 regardless. Also, if you have Pikmin 3, I suggest asking your wife to play bingo battle with you. It’s one of the best multiplayer experiences, in my opinion.

  6. I hope they fire Reggie. He sucks. He is no leader. Has no understand of the video game market and consumer.

      1. ||Well then, he won’t get it so easily since I’m one candidate too…||

    1. Ive been saying this for years and always had angry fanboys attack me, nice to see finally more people realize how much of a clown reggie is. Got to throw him away and fast, hes rotting bad, making nintendo worse and worse everyday.

  7. If nintendo had a wife, she’d be the most unhappy woman in existence. Everything would be a lie.

    You make only this much an hour! You work at a grocery store, and not a lawyer!
    What this is your car, a crappy truck! Not a race car!
    No swimming pool or hot tub!
    This is your house! What mansion!
    Guhhhhh! Why did i marry you! Well im divorcing you and i get the house and your shitty truck!

    Nintendo is a liar, yes we know this, but the message is in this post is…. bitches only love your wallet. Wayyyyyyyyyoooooo!

    angry feminists gym leader was deafeated with a 5 dollar bill! Heres your penny badge! Good job trainer red! No you dont have to fight me, thanks for the bill 8 year old kid!

    1. ||Your charades are amusing, specially since you still buy and use Wii U weaponry, I have my sources…||

    2. There is no such thing as a truthful company. They all lie. Name a business that doesn’t lie?

      1. Rock Bottom Productions

        As far as I know they sold only one product: the pet rock. I guarentee they did not lie about what you were getting. They simply played off of human stupidity.

  8. Reggie Fils-Aime…. You son of a bitch..

    How the hell do you expect for us to trust you when you lied to us so much during this Wii U era.
    Promises unfulfilled,,, dreams of greener pastures only to be reality checked into the continuous raping of something that has be beautiful from my childhood.

    And for the very words you have spoken Reggie… You will be held personally responsible for the downfall of the NX.. You can either redeem yourself gloriously or be burned at the stake… Yes burned, only to be a reflection of flames on Quaraxis’s lenses as he see’s one of his leadership figures destroyed.

    Oh what shall we do with you Quadranuggets… I have the urge to “Pull the plug”..

    1. ||Young fool, you do not understand the Path of Nintendo…||

      ||Only the Supreme Lord matters, everyone else is exchangeable…||

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  10. History only repeats itself, its the nature.

    Having a flop creates a sense of humility and perseverance.
    We can already see traces of that in Microsoft.

    Having massive success makes vain and stupid.
    We can already see traces of that in Sony.

    All of the big three have at some point thought they were the kings of gaming, and all of them have had the pleasure to falling from the top to the gutter to reflect oneself to muddy water.
    And that circle will repeat, no matter how much they try to avoid it.
    Though Sony might drop out of that circle sooner or later, they really can’t take as much hit financially as MS and Nintendo can.

  11. It’s the same thing when the Wii U was out, they told us (Iwata san and Reggie) they learned their mistake from the 3 DS and they will not repeat the same foward 3 years and the wii U has to be replaced by the NX and reggie has to explain why the wii U failed.

    As many, I don’t trust Nintendo and I will make sure I got every penny from my wii U before I decided to buy an NX… and that if I decided to buy an NX which is unlikely at this moment (still keep my option open and may change my mind).

    Dispite its very short library they are lot of games which are on this console I would like to play. The only issue I have my multiple platform which are also on Wii U is the price. One piece unlimited world is 3 to 4 times the price of PS3 and Xbox 360 version… PS4 and xbox one being £5 to £10 more explensive are around £30-£35 (+/- 2.5 time cheaper than wii u version)

    What he (and Nintendo) needs to understand is that build a cheap system which is powerful and developer friendly is very hard but when Nintendo do not do it then they needs to make lot of effort to sale the boody thing which they have not.

  12. This just reeks of bullshit to me, and is a rather backhanded way of laying the blame on the consumers. “Oh, we’re so, so sorry that YOU didn’t get it. It’s our fault because we should have explained it better, but because we didn’t, you didn’t appreciate it properly, and that’s why you didn’t like it.”

    Go fuck yourself, dude. How about Nintendo stops trying to re-invent the fucking wheel and just makes great games that are easy to play (not easy to win, just easy to PLAY; I get my cardio at the gym. That’s not what I need video games for after a crushingly long work day). Wii was a fucking disaster. Wii U was just… weird. The controllers get increasingly and unnecessarily complicated. Look, Nintendo, I’m sorry Playstation stole your design for the perfect controller, but they stole it and made only minor modifications to it over the last 20 years FOR A REASON: because it’s pretty much the ideal controller.

    Innovation is all well and good, and I’m all fro the advancing of the technology, but it would be nice if they stopped using us as guinea pigs at the retail level. Because it takes us 5-8 years of awkward, frustrated gaming for them to learn from their mistakes.

    And the last thing I want is some backhanded apology that more or less states that it’s all OUR fault for just not being cool and sophisticated enough.

    1. This would have been a great way to tell Nintendo how you feel if you sent a letter. Yes, they do read them and the information is past along. Make your voice heard with them. Your frustrations are valid. I will send a letter in a heartbeat. I’ve worked for companies that have received letters of praise and of frustration. They are treated the same as confirmation of how we are doing.

  13. We want to see actions taken, not words spoken.
    You can’t expect everyone to believe 100% of the things you say if you don’t follow-up and carry-out your promises in the future.
    That just makes you look as if you don’t care about a current/ongoing situation (regardless of weather it’s minor or severe), or will wait till the very last minute to try and fix things.
    Show us that you actually mean what you say.

    1. Words are meaningless without actions to back them up. “We’ve learned our lesson with the 3DS & won’t make that mistake again!” *makes the same mistake with Wii U* And that’s just one of many.

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