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Toys R Us: Nintendo 3DS Titles Are Two For $30 On Select Games

Looking to get some more Nintendo 3DS titles to add to your ever-growing collection? US retailer Toys R Us just made that a little easier as they have announced that they’re running a two for $30 promotion at the moment on select Nintendo 3DS games. The deal sees any Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS game priced at $20 or less bought with another for $30. As you would expect there’s a number of titles available so check them all out here.

17 thoughts on “Toys R Us: Nintendo 3DS Titles Are Two For $30 On Select Games”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      I thought most of the games were going to be the ones nobody wants. It’s a half decent selection though. I’d been meaning to re-purchase Ocarina of time. I sold it for some reason and then the price on it sky-rocketed.

  1. Only game that interests me in the slightest is animal crossing happy home designer as I almost have every game i want.
    Still need Stella glow, Mario and Luigi dream team, Mario and Luigi paper jam and… Hmm. Zero Escape 3
    I have about 45 3ds games. Not including small titles like box boy. Only games that saw a boxed release. So there hardly is a game i still want

    1. Really? I thought at least the first two seasons got good reviews; plus Mark Hamill plays Skips. My friend and I have been watching it on Hulu several days a week for the last month. I would suggest watching the first season and figuring out from there if it’s your type of thing or not, but I personally think it’s good.

  2. theres nothing on the website about a 2 for 30 sale. Is this an online order only deal? instore deal? i called the toys r us in my area and they are not aware of any “2 for $30” sale online or in store, where are you getting this information?

    1. Most of the time, people that work there don’t even know when you ask them about certain things….
      One time i went to buy Mario Kart 8, the guy asked me if i wanted it for PS4 or Xbox One…
      I just walked out of the store and bought it somewhere else…

  3. TOYS R US.COM automatically reduces the price from 19.99 to 15.99 at checkout on each game when purchased in pairs. only applies to games 19.99 and under. totally misunderstood.

    It should have read, “Select any two 3ds games priced at 19.99 and pay only 15.99 each at”

    robinthetacticiancom’s comment seems just as confused as i was. hope this clears it up for anyone
    else that may have been confused.

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