WSJ: Nintendo NX To Use Cartridges And Analysts Believe Announcement To Be Made Prior To Tokyo Game Show

The Wall Street Journal has reiterated previous rumours that the Nintendo NX will use cartridges as its media format of choice. The news publication has also heard that the announcement could come before the Tokyo Game Show takes place on September 15th.

Nintendo Co. plans to adopt cartridges for its next-generation videogame console, people familiar with the matter said, a step that might prompt a reassessment of the old-school format.

Analysts have said an announcement could come ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, which begins Sept. 15.



    1. ||And why should the Eurogamers have the highest likelyhood compared to the other conspiracy theorists that amuse me?…||

        1. ||Patterns yes, still only theories…||

          ||Remember the same debate over Wii U’s power before it was released…||

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: by now news outlets are only rehashing rumors, calling them “news” and reporting them to stay relevant.
    I have no problem with anyone reporting “New NX rumor: blablabla”, but this circulation of rumors making them sound like facts that annoys me to no end.
    Clearly nobody knows the mind of Nintendo, so don’t pretend to do so.

    1. ||Except me to some extent even though I don’t have everything disclosed to me…||

    2. New sources backing up rumors is worth bringing attention to. I feel it shouldn’t be relayed as news though.

  2. The NX could be a dedicated Hybrid home console that can also act as a Hybrid handheld or just a Hybrid home console but if it’s a dedicated Hybrid handheld Hybrid device/successor to the 3DS (or potentially a part of the NX Hybrid ecosystem of Hybrid devices)………smh

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        Now we have pretty good conversations/debates. If you told me this comment section would be this civil 3-4yrs ago, I would have laughed and asked what you were smoking. ;D

  3. The NX is actually a clock that use VHS tapes for cartridges and will have the processor of a brita water purifier. I wouldn’t lie to you guys….All facts!

    1. I have check with my sources and there is some truth to this. My sources said “the NX is actually” is 100 percent confirmed.

        1. And powered by one of those miniaturized, cold fusion energy cells that they secretly built into the Zelda NES carts back in the 80’s, ensuring our game-saves would be there for eternity.

    1. Looks like a familiar movie. Now It’s gonna bug me I can’t remember which one?

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  4. Don’t you think that Nintendo would already have announced the date for the NX direct, if it’s really going to happen before september 15? After all, it’s important that all the media knows when the reveal is going to happen.

    1. Well yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was only announced 2 days before it happened, so who knows? It’s Nintendo. They pretty much do what they want whenever they want.

      1. A 3DS direct isn’t targeted at the media. They used to announce the big E3 directs two weeks before the event started.

        1. Well there’s still time. They could still announce it a week in advance and have time to reveal the NX before TGS. What I find unlikely is that Nintendo will reveal it around the same time as the Neo. Sony is expected to reveal that on the 8th. Nintendo might be better off waiting untill the end of the month anyway.

  5. All these shitty rumors. Why do I even bother buying an NX console now. It has now getting to bore me so much, that I wish all these ridiculous rumours would not exist in this world.

  6. Now this is one such rumor I hope is true. If it is true, though, I hope Nintendo doesn’t think that the return of using cartridges will make up for the lack of a universal account system since there are still digital games, the save data of digital games, & DLC that have to be taken into account.

  7. OK. It’s been fun. But another post is another debate. Can’t hold back just because we happened to have fun on this post! Happy Labor day all!

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