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Samus Costume Almost Made It Into Axiom Verge

The indie game Axiom Verge was certainly inspired by Nintendo’s Metroid series. However, the connection between the two games was originally intended to be deeper. It was revealed in a Reddit AMA that Axiom’s developers asked for Nintendo’s permission to put a Samus costume in the game. Dan Adelmen handled the request but Nintendo eventually declined. While Adelmen claims that some people at Nintendo liked the idea, the company is usually very reserved about handing out their characters. However, the developers did put some Metroid references into their game. Just like Super Metroid, using the code “JUSTIN BAILEY” puts Trace in a leotard.

“We would have loved to have a secret code to have Trace where a Samus costume. Some people inside Nintendo really liked the idea, but after a lot of internal discussion, they ultimately had to decide not to give us permission to do that. I think the idea that someone could play the entire game of Axiom Verge looking like Samus Aran was too big of a concern for them.

There is a similar kind of callback, though. If you type JUSTIN BAILEY into the passcode tool, it has Trace in a leotard, just like in Super Metroid.”

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19 thoughts on “Samus Costume Almost Made It Into Axiom Verge”

  1. Of course they wouldn’t let someone use Samus’s image in a game similar to Metroid, even with permission- they don’t want their precious Federation Force to be overshadowed by a superior game.

      1. Of course neither are Metroid. But least with Axiom Verge, you will be getting something that actually respects Metroid, unlike FedshitForce.

  2. Not sure why fan remakes don’t go the route of this game; in which the game is a sort of spiritual successor rather than a game that uses Nintendo’s actual property — which consequently would have it removed. Like that Metroid 2 remake that got taken down… they could just easily modify the name to something else and make Samus, NOT-Samus. Hopefully fans can catch on by dubbing their work as “SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR/REMAKE” because I hate seeing such great work go to waste.

    1. Because the point of the fan remake of Metroid 2 was to celebrate how good of a game it really was and for fans to be able to see the game if were made today. Not to mention no one would care about the game for more then the 5 minutes they see it posted in an article followed by comments saying it’s just trying too hard to be Metroid. Instead fans celebrated and praised the small dev team to the point where they consider the game canon, and unlike Nintendo, these guys actually gave people something to celebrate Metroid’s anniversary with.

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  4. It would have been cool and that’d be a nice thing to do for the 30th anniversary considering they are barely doing anything at all to celebrate the Metroid anniversary

  5. If it would have been exclusive to a Nintendo console, where is the bloody concern!? Oh right. FedshitForce. Then again, this game is only going to be on Wii U. So again, where is the concern? Or are they trying to get the game on 3DS, too, as we speak?

    1. Considering one of the game’s weapons intentionally glitches parts of the game, I’m not sure if it will port to 3DS or even New 3DS- I don’t know if those can take that.

      I’ll likely pick AV up for that weapon/concept alone.

      1. Looks like I’m still set to get the game on my PS4 instead. But for now, I’ll wait a little longer before getting it because of my backlog. I honestly should forego this site for a couple of months, least the comment sections anyway, til I get most of the backlog clear since this site is obviously taking up a lot of my time every day. That & the other distractions on the internet. lol I’ve become addicted to reading comment sections and even partaking in some. @.@

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