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An NES Emulator May Appear On The Xbox One

A move by Microsoft to allow Windows developers to submit their applications on the Xbox One has resulted in applications being submitted that are not so related to Microsoft. In fact, one of them is more related to Nintendo. An NES emulator called “NES Box” was submitted for approval, as the emulator’s Twitter page confirmed. They have been waiting for the approval for a few days now. The submission was done on September 2nd. However, Microsoft may still decline it, and even if they did approve it, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo stepped in to stop the app. Whatever happens, we’ll let you know.

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64 thoughts on “An NES Emulator May Appear On The Xbox One”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||They will all be burned to their bones, frozen to their core and lost into oblivion…||

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Illogical sentence, it doesn’t even have a 0.00000000000000000000000% probability in any way, your brain is damaged…||

        1. Hey, I said with all due respect. No need to react emotionally. You seem like a stand up guy, Im just not looking for a relationship right now. Also, I don’t swing that way. Thanks though.

    1. They might, they did approve the same app on the actual Windowa store. I know because I have it. I hope they dont though, i dont want either of these 2 giants going at it.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      We’ll be counting on your Pop-Star forces to assist in the De-De-Destruction. This one is going to be met with high resistance.

      1. An emulator is technically not a nintendo product, it just has the ability to run certain filetypes which are associated with a nintendo system. As long as the emulator follows certain rules there shouldn’t be any problems.

      1. But it’s not their games. It’s an emulator to play there games if the person can figure out how to get them…which is really just a google search away but the question is will it be a LEGAL issue if MS approves it for the Xbox? And Could Nintendo really compete against MS in court? The only thing bad I can see coming from this is the small bond that starting to develop from the two giants getting crushed in the end if it goes through.

              1. I don’t know, I see your point, really, but I feel if Nintendo really cared about this sort of thing they would have been more forceful with the other platforms as well. It’s true, they may feel it’s a more blatant intrusion on their ip, but the emulator itself, as long as it doesn’t use any code from the NES itself, is not infringing on any copyright laws.

              1. Last time I checked, PC is still the biggest. For now anyways. If mobile gaming surpasses it though, I’m not going to be impressed. When most games are F2P or like $5, of course a lot of people will be able to play them.

      2. Well it’s not really a “franchise” it only emulates the nes console which is legal (as far as I know) unless they used any code from the actual NES. I don’t think it’s viable for Nintendo to sue no matter how wrong it is unfortunately.

          1. Well it’s not their IP either. It wasn’t developed by Nintendo so it’s not owned by them at all. It’s just software that emulates the NES and therefore is able to play NES ROMS. Emulators aren’t illegal Roms are.

                1. there is a way you can extract the file from the cartridge yourself if you have the proper hardware. It isn’t illegal as long as you don’t distribute it.

              1. No doubt, I don’t agree with it one bit. I think that it hurts nintendos sales and ips reputation. But unfortunately I don’t think that they can do anything about it or else they already would’ve gotten emulators like MyBoy! Emulators which is another example of emulators being on competing hardware (especially since casuals have moved on to mobile.)

  1. well, there are emulators for windows pc, which is Microsoft, so if there was a problem there it would have been brought up already I would think.

  2. Like how Microsoft is thinking about passing this but couldn’t work on passing fucking Goldeye? I know Nintendo said no way to the idea, but you rather play with fire and pass an emulator instead?

  3. Hey, Perfect Dark, battle toads Bad Furday, X1 has the Rare games. As long as they don’t emulate Mario Kart or something, this could totally happen without retaliation. There are a ton of games I played on Nintendo systems that were not original Nintendo IP’s. Nintendo do can keep Mario Kong and Kirby’s epic Yarn. As long as I can play the Capcom, Square and other great “Nintendo” classics, it’s just one less reason to boot a Nintendo box. I would love a sequel or port of Armorines from the 64 days, but I still have to Crack out my N64 for that one.

  4. That’s DEFINITELY illegal! Even Nintendo has to pay royalties for the NES games of other developers that you can buy in the eShop. There’s no way that you can play those games for free on the XBox. And let’s not even start talking about Nintendo games. Nintendo will sue Microsoft so hard that Bill Gates will dress up as a prima ballerina in his next shareholder meeting.

  5. well the emulator is not illegal, but what the aim of the emulator? If the aim of the emulator is to run Nintendo Games and don’t have any other purpose then Nintendo has a leg to stand on. If the emulator can emulate different platforms which are legal and does not infringe any copyright then it would be harder for Nintendo to sue Microsoft.

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