The Game Awards 2016 Takes Place In LA On December 1st


The Game Awards is making a triumphant return this year on Thursday, December 1st. The show, which is presented and produced by Geoff Keighley, will take place in Los Angeles and promises to include plenty of surprises. Hopefully Nintendo of America will once again make an appearance and showcase something exciting for the NX platform.


    1. These awards don’t mean anything. It’s just one big glorified advertisement. Seeing who can pay the most to get to the top. To even participate, the users should be required to play the game for at least 7 hours. If this were the case, modern game awards would look very different.

  1. This is precisely where I believe the NX will be revealed along with Zelda Breath of the Wild’s release date. In the event that either of these is delayed, we’ll hear about it there.

    – It’s not that long after Black Friday, yet still allows that time to go to the other 3DS/Wii U/NES Classic Mini content they’re selling this year.
    – It follows the “every 3 months”/end of quarter pattern they’ve established for update videos, usually talking about what’s coming in the following quarter.
    – The Game Awards is the only major event left in 2016 for them to reveal this at.
    – The last month of the year fits Nintendo’s M.O. of waiting as late as they can to reveal hardware in order to avoid imitators getting there first.

        1. I believe they should do it this month, but as of right now I don’t believe they will. My initial motivations for thinking September was the time they’d make their move were:

          – Like December, it ends a quarter. Like clockwork we’ve had update videos of a Direct variety every 3 months since last December (E3’s presentation filling that role in June).
          – It’s exactly 1/2 year away from the listed launch date, which seems like perfect non-E3 timing.
          – Despite Nintendo not actually attending TGS, that only accounts for location. The time is still a viable one for a parallel presentation a la Apple’s WWDC during E3.

          Those seemed like some very strong hints toward a September reveal, and the first hint was the strongest evidence. However, we got a mainly 3DS-focused Direct on September 1st, and that satisfies the quarterly pattern we’ve seen lately. Due to the special nature of an NX reveal it’s possible that said reveal could happen anywhere in the next 4 months, since it’s been outright stated that we will hear about NX this year (both leading into it and via Nintendo of Canada during E3). However, The Game Awards is the next large stage they have to do a public reveal at, and my suspicion is that Nintendo will utilize said stage to both reveal the platform and some system-exclusives.

          Side-Note: A friend of mine online pointed out an interesting pattern regarding September: Both the Wii remote reveal and the Wii U pre-launch stage presentation that introduced TVii and Bayonetta 2 occurred on September 13 of their respective years. As far as September goes, that might be a date to keep an eye on. It’s exactly 1 week from today, btw.

          1. One other thing to take into account: This is an unusual time for a system launch (at least for a home system, if that’s part of this). Though they should focus on making the most of their March launch (if that’s still the planned month), that does give them around 8 months to generate buzz until the next holiday season. If you’re not looking to utilize all that extra time in order to have a great holiday, then why launch your next system that early?

            1. Assuming Eurogamer and its pals are right and the NX turns out to be a handheld, March falls pretty much in line with Nintendo’s MO when it comes to portable systems. The DS came out at the end of 2004, but both the 3DS and GBA came out either on March or just before it.

        1. The only real benefit to any specific time this year would be pre-orders. By going any time before Black Friday they encourage people to use their holiday money to pre-order the NX. Despite being so close, December 1st misses that date, and it means the system will have to wait for 2017 to gain that holiday success.

          Again, though, they have roughly 8 months to do so. They need to start with a strong launch lineup, both day-of and through the first 3 months on the market. Then they need to wow the public at E3 2017 with all the games they debut there. Just as the Oct-Dec part of that lineup is coming out, they do a September Direct and introduce a couple unannounced buzzworthy games for 2018 to further drive system adoption. If this is what they end up doing, then the NX will have a great start.

          Back on the launch: They need that system-defining game to launch with the system. And by launch I mean day-of, not “launch window.” They need to launch with a game that does for NX what Mario 64 did for N64, what Wii Sports did for Wii and what Super Mario Maker could have done for Wii U had it launched with the system. They can’t wait 3 years to put it out, or even until Holiday 2017. It needs to come out right away, and it needs to be part of the system reveal.

          1. Completely agree, but I’ll say I’m not too worried. Their internal teams have been pretty quiet for a while now (since mid-2015 or so), not to mention their other studios like Retro (MIA since 2014) or Monolith (Takahashi’s team is probably entering the initial development stages for their next game). I don’t think we’ll have to wait that much longer to know what the console is. We’ve already waited what, 18 months? What’s another 2?

      1. Let’s be honest: Nintendo probably wanted to do an Apple-style “near to launch” announcement, but mentioning NX in March 2015 alongside their mobile initiative prevented that.

    1. Honesty, if they don’t give us the information on the NX later this month, then they are waiting too long. I mean, its release date is only in six months. There has to be some time for the non-rumor hype!

      1. ||Except they are all invalid because High Command will never show off our greatest machines at such a primitive stage…||

  2. As someone who attended last year, it’s a fun show to be at. Too, their after-party arcade alone is well worth the trip.

      1. It wasn’t anything so formal or merit-based. I just won a ticket via their official Twitter account. Just happened to be on at the right time.

  3. I’ll likely pass on watching even if there’s any NX news, which I can always catch wind of here anyway.

    Really hoping Nintendo isn’t planning to wait until this to reveal the NX- the wait has been long enough already and with all the rumors I am beginning to get burned out on the whole thing.

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