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It Looks Like The Ness Amiibo Is Getting A Restock

It looks like Ness will be zooming back into stores at some point. In the U.S all toys must hold a Children’s Product Certificate. This is usually a good sign of what is coming up in the toy world. Seeing as the Ness Amiibo’s certificate has been updated, it looks like it will be getting a restock in the coming months.

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      1. No. He buys two of every amiibo he gets. One to put up as a collector’s item & the other to actually open up & use. He stated this once before if I recall correctly. That or he buys a second one to give to a family member; I think he said his niece. Besides, since amiibo aren’t region locked, it’d be pretty silly to get an American amiibo & a Japanese amiibo of the same amiibo when both work no matter what region your home console and/or handheld is from.

          1. It’s extremely possible some collectors are doing just that but I don’t think The Collector is that hardcore of a collector. I could be wrong, though.

  1. THEORY: They are updating the certifications of these so that these can be restocked and put out their with the three that have yet to be released to put them all out their together in time for Smash NX port. Now talk about how this is or isn’t plausible below?

  2. All these articles on these restocks yet we haven’t gotten a single release date yet. This is getting annoying really fast.

    1. This explains everything. Trump slips in & out of his childhood where he thinks he’s still fighting aliens & shit so he goes ballistic on the telly over the smallest issue.

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