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Star Fox Zero With Star Fox Guard Only $26 On Amazon

Those of you who have yet to play Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard now have a good excuse to jump onboard as US retailer Amazon is selling the double pack for $26. This is possibly the cheapest we have seen the double pack so far. So if you have been on the fence then this price could quite easily sway you to part with your cash.

54 thoughts on “Star Fox Zero With Star Fox Guard Only $26 On Amazon”

    1. -{ My Dear children this is what we call a Disaster no amount of Support can help this. it has failed us and we shall send it to the Incarsiration of the garbage compiler. Only the First Order can save us…}-

    2. I loved the game. It’s extremely underrated. It has a learning curve, sure, but once you accept that and learn the controls the game actually becomes pretty damn good. Glad that I’ve bought the First Print Edition. It’s definitely a game I will replay quite frequently in the coming years and decades.

    1. Honesly it’s the motion controls that ruin it, not the actual game. So unfortunately the game could be marked down to $5.00 and it still wouldn’t be worth it. Gyro controls ruins games. Not so much even motion controls, I dont mind the wii mote and nunchuck. But Gyro controls? An abomination that shouldn’t exist on any plane of existence.

    1. I know, there’s no logic. Some great games get the Nintendo Selects treatment, others stay at $60. Some terrible games get discount prices, and some stay expensive. And Pokemon games will stay the same price until the heat-death of the universe.

  1. Miyamoto ruined this title because he’s obsessed with gyro controls and children. We spent TEN years without a SF game and then we got this… Nintendo, you are pitching your reputation into the trash can.

    1. If thats the case then Mr Miyamoto is totally off his rocker & completely out of touch with reality when it comes to what kids want.
      Last time I checked these children were playing GTA 5, COD Black Ops…whatever, Battlefield & any other shoot-em-up based game their parents can afford. NOT MARIO LIKE WHEN WE WERE KIDS!

      1. You are entitled to have your opinion on Star Fox Zero. But you’re acting like a Nitnendo elitist and deliberately ignoring all the complaints and red flags from most of the gamiing media and bona fide Nintendo fans.

    2. I honestly thing with a secondary, non-gyro control scheme, and online skirmishes – this could have been fun. I mean, I spent hours playing in tanks, airwings, and on food with a rocket launcher back in the 64 days. Why didn’t they bring back those multi-player options? Not even local skirmishes… Shame.

      1. Star Fox 64 3D doesn’t actually count since that was merely a port with upgraded GCN like graphics in 3D. So yeah. It’s been a lot longer than 5 years.

          1. Which make things even worse, then. Since Assault (2005) we don’t have a proper Star Fox experience. It’s not that hard to accept this.

  2. Saw price, freaked out, went to, remembered I don’t care about this game… mood back to normal now.

    Now if Starfox 64 3D went on sale for $20….

      1. Also, it could have something to do with how many actual games we’re made. I don’t think back then, people thought it was going to be such a cult classic kind of game.

        Maybe I’ll find a copy someday…

    1. The single player campaign is pretty fresh, and the final boss is quite challenging, and if you have the amiibos there will be even more replay value. I’d recommend at least giving the online turf wars a chance though, I’ve never been a big fan of FPS games, especially COD online, it’s just really boring to me, Splatoon is different though, something about it online is really fun.

    2. Since you can’t actually talk to people on Splatoon, you might as well be playing against a bunch of CPUs with varying degrees of intelligence. I doubt you’ll really notice you are playing against actual humans if you don’t think about it.

  3. I honestly believe that Star Fox’s failure is on us. We all bitched and complained that the gamepad was pretty useless and that not even 1st party IP’s used it. Shiggy was pretty much forced to use it on his next project and as well all know, if a gimmick is forced, it will fail.

    I still believe that the gamepad is useless, but im not putting all the blame on nintendo for this one.

    1. It’s Nintendo’s fault first and foremost for forcing the cumbersome thing on us in the first place, but I agree that this failure in particular is the fault of the fanbase and the media.
      DKCTF came out with ZERO gamepad support whatsoever, and everyone bitched about how there was no use to the thing, as if that mattered one bit.
      Now Nintendo is trying to force the gimmick into every game and we’re getting shit controls due to it.
      The gamepad is perfectly fine as an OPTION, with some games like ZombiU, Splatoon and Zelda making great use of it, the problem is people don’t get that the damn thing is a peripheral and it doesn’t have to have a function at all times, just like not every 3DS game uses the touch screen or the mic.

      1. Yeah im not blaming the gamepad on us, ive hated that thing from the getgo. I know some people like it, and thats fine, but i find it useless. Had the gamepad not existed the console could’ve been stronger or cheaper in price, thats why I dont like it. Thats all Nintendo’s fault right there.

        Yeah thats exactly what I meant, specially all these site that bitched and moan about the gamepad exciting solely for maps and a 2nd screen. That being said, shiggy shouldnt have taken that to heart, thats why i only partially blame us for that failure, but I do blame us.

        1. I get your point. But I barely believe Miyamoto listened to any of us during any time of his creative life. I respect your opinion, but I think that kind of rationale does not apply as “Nintendo” and “fan service” does not walk together at all.

          I firmly believe that what made Star Fox Zero is Miyamoto’s obsession for novelty, which is not always welcome if not properly designed. Nobody wants to split their attention between two screens — it’s so annoying and pointless.

    2. }{ Now you claim that our complaining about inferior hardware is what caused a crappy gimmicky game… I hate to inform you, but it is actually the fault of Nintendo attempting to find new ways to force console peasantry upon you. }{

    3. It may be part on us, but would it have killed them to give us a way to fly the ship without having to chew bubble gum, patting our head, and rubbing our stomachs at the same time?? :)

    4. Nope. It’s all on Nintendo. They should have taken into account that not everyone was whining about the absence of touch screen controls in DKCTF. In fact, they shouldn’t have taken the complaints to mean we all wanted a game where the gyro controls & whatnot were forced & weren’t optional gameplay. It’s not our fault Nintendo was being retarded & misinterpreted our complaints to mean we wanted forced controls.

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    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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  5. Dang now it’s $31.36. Sure I could price match at Best Buy and save even more with GCU,

    …but not worth the effort after my thumb drive bending behind my U and losing hundreds of hours of gaming.

  6. Let me know when it’s 10-20 bucks exactly! Then I MIGHT consider buying it if I feel like digging out my Wii U to play it.

      1. Not literally. I simply got it put up in it’s box. Least that’s the case with the refurbished one I bought to transfer my data from my old one to but find out I needed two Gamepads to do the system transfer which really, really pissed me the fuck off. And this was after the refurbished one arrived in the fucking mail so I spent around 200 bucks for roughly a new Gamepad.

        As for my old one, I got tired of it collecting dust behind the Wii U & PS4 boxes I had it behind so I threw it into the PS4 box. (I know I’ll get crap from someone on here for putting a Wii U into a PS4 box. XD)

        1. Wait… Two gamepads to conduct the system files transfer? F*ck, why Nintendo always make things as complicated as possible?

          My Wii U is still hooked to my TV because I play -Wii- games on it — I have a backlog of Wii games that I want to get rid of. Other than those, sometimes I play Mario Kart, but I get pissed off from people who cheat online. Ah, and I spent some weeks playing SF Zero a while ago. Nothing that I will remember of with great excitement in the future.

          Eh… Those are the memories the Wii U will imprint on us: “meh”.

          1. Yep. Two Gamepads. One for each fucking Wii U being used in the transfer process AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME. So I couldn’t switch the Gamepad between the two Wii Us to carry it out. Like everything else in the Wii U settings, if you don’t have a Gamepad, you can’t even get into settings. :/ It was total bullshit! So unless they changed it since I last tried sometime last year, you’ll need a Gamepad for each Wii U to be on at the same time to carry it out. :/ And people said the Gamepad isn’t integral to the Wii U. HAH!!!

            This is exactly why the NX better have a universal account system or I’m telling Nintendo to go fuck themselves til they decide to actually join the rest of the gaming world in the modern age. I’m sick of losing save data because it’s console locked to the fucking Nintendo console.

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