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Here’s An Exciting New Japanese Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer

The marketing campaign for Pokémon Sun & Moon is ramping up as the release grows ever closer which means that the Pokémon Company has uploaded another brand new trailer for you to watch. It’s a truly great trailer and makes it apparent that the story is going to play a big emphasis in the new game. Pokémon Sun & Moon launches in November.

Thanks, Kero


  1. My goodness, this game is certainly shaping up to be quite the adventure! What a beautiful environment and set of intruiging characters! I cannot wait much longer to own this game! With the amount of new and exciting things coming to this game, I can’t imagine that I, or anyone for that matter, will be dissapointed.

  2. Please tell me I wasn’t the only person that noticed the player character was riding a Mega Sharpedo when surfing? :D Anyway, yes! They are returning! Now the question is will there even be new Mega Evolutions.

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