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Nintendo Releases New Trailer For Animal Crossing amiibo

Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer to highlight Animal Crossing amiibo and some of the games they’re compatible with, including Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for Wii U. The two-minute promo also showcases Animal Crossing amiibo cards, which expand with 50 new ones on December 2.


  1. Of course they had to release a brand new trailer for this brand of Amiibo since it was arguably the least successful one compared to Chibi Robo. I guess this is what happens why they were tied to such a soulless spinoff like Animal Crossing Amiibo Party.

    1. I remember doing that when I had just one game and that was City Folk on Wii.* Much more convenient than making a house in one game and then transferring it to another that’s just a Mario Party rip off don’t cha know. I’ll just assume your post was sarcasm.

      *Still the only AC I’ve ever owned.

  2. I got KK slider on his way to me now from Amazon. It is coming with those two sheep characters. Got that 3 pack for just around 10-13 bucks. I’ll just give the sheep to my son as I only want KK Slider. I hope they each come in individual boxes, though, so I can keep KK Slider in his. Maybe it’s time to start investing in those amiibo cases they are selling on Amazon & such.

    1. I might be able to have more room if they are in those instead of being stuck in the original packaging which takes up a little too much room. Even without the board thing attached to the plastic packaging.

    2. I believe it’s one big package of all three if you’re in USA. Unless you buy the European or Japanese version. I think KK slider is stand alone in those regions.

    3. Thanks for telling me, guys, but I found out on my own earlier today when it arrived. I’ll just leave it closed til I can get one of those special amiibo cases I’ve seen floating about.

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