Miyamoto Says VR Is Not Quite The Right Fit For Mario

Several publications have had the chance to interview legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto. One of these publications is USA Today who asked Mr. Miyamoto whether Mario was now ripe for virtual reality solutions seeing as he is coming to smart devices. The answer from Miyamoto was that virtual reality and Mario just wouldn’t mix.

Asked if he was bringing Mario to the newest gaming platform, virtual reality, Miyamoto said that VR wasn’t quite the right fit.

“I would agree that adapting Mario to new platforms is a key to keeping him relevant,” he said. “But we want families to play together, and virtual reality (which requires players to be closed off from the real world) doesn’t really fit well there. We also like people playing for a long time, and it’s hard to do that in VR.”



    1. The difference is that as of now the mobile market is the biggest gaming market by far and VR market is a already-stagnant little niche only for rich early adopters.

  1. mario mobile is dumbed down its marketing to get the ip to drive people to the nintendo hardware

    this is already happening pokemon go got pokemon 3ds games back into the top 10 and 3ds back to the leading system sold that month

    mario mobile is a single finger casual game for marketing mario to bring in mario players to nx etc

    hardly the same thing,maRIO MAY APEAR IN A VR TOTLE ONE DAY DOESNT MEAN mario WENT VR

  2. ||VR at its current form is a flawed system and thus The First Order shall not make any weaponry for it, once it has a 0.000000000023% flawed system or less then yes…||

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            1. It truly is amusing Commander. And it just goes to show your superiority!
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  3. Honestly…I was at GAMESTOP & tried out VR TECH. &, in the words of X-Plays Adam Sesseler, to me it felt gimmicky. Fun though but gimmicky.
    So Im not in a big rush to buy this technology just yet. Not to mention it’s $400 price. (On top of $300, $400 or $500 for a current gen or future higher powered system).

    As for Miyamoto. Im not surprised he feels this way. I respect him but the dude is out of touch! Lol
    He STILL thinks the year is 1996.

        1. If you dont even know if there was a sequel, why are you suggesting they make another sequel? Shouldnt you be knowledgeable on a game your hypothetically asking Nintendo to make a sequel to?

          1. I tried it man. I still try and play it now and then. But I find that most of the time my head actually starts to hurt from the odd motion. I’m not sure why but the walking on the planets made me nauseous.

            That happen to anyone else?

            Also, I really didn’t enjoy the control set up. Shooting the little stars at things felt pointless. I’ll beat it someday….maybe…

            1. Look there is no other way to tell you this and at the same time I don’t want you to be offended but here my issue with people like you.

              OK you don’t like Mario Galaxy and good on you (why everybody should like the same game) but on the other hand you sound like the whinging bastard who want easy and no challenging games and we (the others) feel frustrated because you shouting louder than us and we end up with shit/sholveware/mobile games….

              1. Honestly I don’t really care because it’s so far from the truth it’s hilarious.

                1). I never said anyone had to like the same game as me.
                2). Are you sure you’re replying to the correct person?

                I ask this because you literally took my small opinion and blew it up into something it clearly wasn’t. As for the rest of whatever your comment means, OK? I guess?

    1. Hell Yeah!! Gimme that Super Mario Sinshine 2 & 3 Biiiiiiiiiiiitch!! Oops! I mean Miyamoto. Lol

      Seriously…that is a damn good idea. Instead of Nintendo worrying about casual gamers & those stupid ass cell phone apps!!!

  4. If VR takes off which it probably will in the next few years that yellow goofball will change his tune so fast that it will sound like a completely different tune than his previous one

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            2. If your on the internet your basically role playing. Everyone has different aliases and everyone has a different personality online. It’s part of the charm. Why would you want to be yourself on a chat forum anyways. lol

              1. True. In real life, I’m pretty shy at first with people I’ve just met & only become more open with them once I’ve known them for awhile. On here, I have no problem immediately talking to a complete stranger. Even further from my own real personality, I’ll even go so far as to insult a complete stranger if they say something I think is stupid. Even go into arguments with them. Online, my personality is my regular personality multiplied by 3 or 5. Similar to how wrestlers tend to act like their regular selves turned up to 10 or 11.

                1. Damn bro. I will ask this respectfully. I have a large amount of respect for the WWE in that they are performing a live show, with plot twists, choreography, and raw physicality, but truth be told, despite all the technical skill involved, professional wrestling is still lame. Its fake. It might as well take place in a production theater, shakespear style. In fact, I would have more respect for it if it did, since then they wouldnt be lying to their fans about how “real” it is. I dont want to get into a big debate about it, although I am more than willing to hear out your rebutle, but making comparisons from gaming to professional wrestling is a far reach. Its not relatable. It seems like your trying to find a way to talk about wrestling. Maybe talk about it in a WWE forum instead? Again, asking this respectfully. Not trying to be “retarded” or anything.

        1. I would’ve replied. And I’m not being uptight about this. It just sounded like you were viewing his color as a negative aspect of himself. If that’s not the case then no problem. All you had to say was that it was a joke.

          1. lol That would’ve been worse. I don’t know. It’s tough to read tone in a text. The fact that you called him yellow while disagreeing with him made it sound negative. If you had said “I love that yellow goofball.” I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. That’s obviously a joke.

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          But if anything, your generic super aged racist shock comedy is WAY more cringey than some role-player nerd.

        3. Dude. If you just laid off the foul language, no one would be on your case. Theres no reason to call a decision someone makes “retarded”. Theres no reason to point out thay Miyamoto is Asian, or yellow, or whatever you said. Just use common language, that isnt offense or racist. You want to make it everyone else’s problem, and say there’s nothing wrong with saying retarded, or yellow, but the truth is that if their was nothing wrong with it people wouldnt be coming out of the woodwork to call you out on it. Nintendo is a company that is inclusive to all races, genders, and age groups. Its for everyone. And the people in this forum (for the most part) believe in that philosophy, so when you start pointing out people’s race or mental capacity, you are asking for the PC police to come and check you. You know who I am Raymond, we talked the other day. Instead of blaming people for being too sensitive, maybe just dont insult entire groups of people with your racist zenophobic terminology. I know you want to point out that if you called a white guy white, no one would have a problem with it, bit your wrong. If you shamed someone or gave them a slur based on being white, the same people in here would be calling you out. Its not about patting minorities on the back, its about equality. This is not a forum for racism, or hate speech. We are a family of Nintendo lovers here, and skin color has no bearing on what should be talked about in here. Can we agree on that? Sorry, i’ll get off my soapbox now. You’re entitled to your opinion, all Im saying is if you bring the racist comments like “yellow” or “white guy” your asking for trouble. Lets just leave the debate to NINTENDO related topics, not race.

        4. By the way Raymond, Im 28, and have a fully developed brain. Im not overly sensitive, your just a racist asshole who like to say things like “no one would be on my case if I was calling out a white guy!” Its the oldest, laziest excuse for racism in the book, and no one is buying into it but you.

    1. Right, but it will be too late, because Nintendo will have sold their company to Apple, right? Thats the “road” they are traveling down, right Raymond? You should stop commenting, you’ve embarrassed yourself enough. Also, I am a huge fan of chokers. LoL

  5. Good. In my opinion, VR is a gimmick and fad. I personally can’t wait for it to die out (which it seemingly already slowly is.. I rarely see people talk about it anymore).

    Also, I love how people complain whenever motion controls are implemented into anything, yet want more VR…. which uses motion controls for almost every title.

  6. “But we want families to play together, and virtual reality (which requires players to be closed off from the real world) doesn’t really fit well there.” That’s what this out of touch, still stuck in the fucking 90s idiot says about online multiplayer, too. This isn’t the 90s & the entire world is not like Japan where families are still highly connected by the hip! Please hurry the hell up & retire or something! Some of us are sick of your old timey wimey ways of thinking! And take the rest of the dinosaurs holding Nintendo back with you, please! Except Kimishima. The fact he saw the Wii U wasn’t going to do well gives me the impression at least that man is living in the here & now, not the days of yore!

    That pet peeve aside, I don’t really care about VR but this excuse for VR, and for online multiplayer, are both bullshit!

    1. I don’t think the Japanese players play with their family. In fact that quiet the opposite,as online gaming like mobile gaming is far more per-dominant than home console. Truth to be told, they play a lot with friends and like to gather around but grandparents, mum, dad, sister and brother playing together is a dream or an idea, not the reality.

  7. I am really careful with these kind of quotes which taken out of context means something else. I tend to agree with him to a certain point. Also I don’t think the quote implied he would not consider putting a Mario in the future.

    1) The technology is far from behind ready.
    2) Because of the limitation of the technology the game play will suffer from it and a Mario game play will need more than what the current VR can offer.
    3) It’s a well known fact that Nintendo is working on VR even before the virtual boy. So when he says it’s not the right fit, my guess and personal opinion he means it’s not the right fit NOW.
    4) I do believe that Miyamoto san is far from being out of touch as people believe. I do believe he following the technology very closely and wait for the right time to implement this technology which will give Nintendo the upper hand.
    5) If you look at Nintendo’s history, they failed big time and they know they cannot fail again. So his comment make a lot of senses.

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