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Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Opted To Make Super Mario Run Initially For iOS Rather Than Android

As you already know Super Mario Run will be a timed exclusive for Apple’s iOS platform. Many of you might be wondering why Nintendo opted to go with Apple rather than Google’s Android platform. Miyamoto says that the reason is iOS is a great and stable platform to work on. He also said that Nintendo found a good relationship with Apple.

“We are planning to release it on Android phones in the future but for us iPhone and its operating system, iOS, are great to work on because it’s a very stable platform. And we found Nintendo and Apple share a lot of the same philosophies with a strong focus on an accessible interface, for instance. We meshed well with Apple.”


99 thoughts on “Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Opted To Make Super Mario Run Initially For iOS Rather Than Android”

  1. Lot’s of hate is gonna come my way, and I have apple products so I am biased, but exclusivity is a very good thing to have when you can, and Nintendo has made that a hallmark with their IP, as Apple has with their hardware and software, and if Nintendo kept it exclusive to Apple it might be all the better and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened…

    Yet, if it really is about reaching all the users, you wouldn’t want to alienate over half of the market share and much of the tablet world as well.

    AppleTV streaming is going to be nice as well, so basically, I will have the same experience as with the WiiU to some degree

    1. Since you are admittedly biased towards apple, I’ll write off your comment as you don’t know any better.
      Wow. If Nintendo continues down this path, could be a clean break as I won’t even be able to play their games one day. But then, if Apple eventually buys Nintendo, neither will half the tech users of the world.

      I shudder, glimpsing into the palenteir, seeing a dark fleet coming to take over Nintendo one day. Starting with IP exclusivity. Commander worry about Xbox when far larger forces infiltrate the Empire…

      1. What path? They’ve already said the game is also coming to Android. And there is no chance of Apple buying Nintendo. This is just one game that will be out earlier on Apple than it will on Android. You’re blowing this way out of proportion.

        1. When I say “Path,” I’m referring to a gradual process in which the final outcome takes place over time and small changes. Path.

                1. Well what I meant was that Nintendo wouldn’t agree to selling the company to Apple. I’ve actually had fears about Nintendo being bought out though. But I imagine, if it happened, it would be more like a hostile takeover.

                  1. In order for such a thing to occur, the board members trying to take over would have to have their shares go over 50%, anything less & they wouldn’t get very far with such a takeover. Only majority shareholders can carry out a successful hostile takeover which is 51% of the shares or more. And if even one of the shareholders bow out of the takeover that would take a good 1% or more away from the “usurpers” performing the hostile takeover before it’s finalized, dropping the shares to either 50% or 49%, the hostile takeover would end right then & there.

                  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                    ||Your mind has been clouded by the Xbox One you have…||

                    ||There are many things that counters your fears, but they shall not be revealed right now…||

                  3. Wow is right. You’re a complete asshole. N8te just made a perfectly reasonable argument, and just because he was honest and said he likes apple, you have to be rude and snotty towards him?? You sir, are a part of the reason this comment section is always so filled with negativity. Seriously, go sit on a spikey shell. Don’t instigate arguements by publicly dismissing the commentor before you… And before you make some ignorant comment about me defending apple, be aware, I have a samsung. I hate the iphone. And hating the iphone is not a reason to discredit n8tes perfectly good argument, nor is your hyper paranoia. You really think Nintendo is stupid enough to sell their IP, or their company? They make one casual smartphone game and your on here screaming bloody murder like they’re already laying people off and moving their offices to Apple. You cant seriously believe that hot garbage you just typed…

                  4. “Don’t know any better” That is not true. I have experience with the other devices and the wide range of them waters down the quality and even the “best” Android devices are not as good in terms of their OS or hardware function despite the “specs” in my opinion. There are some things that would be nice on Apple, like being able to upgrade memory, but overall, I find the experience much better and I am not the only one. As it is, per the market, the share on mobile of Apple is larger than Nintendo has in the console market currently, so it still could make sense to have an exclusive pact for both parties.

                    I also never said Apple would have to buy Nintendo, although i don’t see that, at least in part, as a bad thing if they bought a stake in it. I am actually surprised (every time I hear or read it) how people are so down on Apple, or Mac computers. It seems silly to me, but like I have said before, i respect yours and others’ opinion on the matter, I just can’t agree with using those devices and lying to myself that they are somehow superior to the Apple products currently. Although, in a longer conversation I would argue that Apple is shuffling its feet and being to complacent with hardware and that is not a good idea.

                    1. “I have experience with the other devices and the wide range of them waters down the quality and even the “best” Android devices are not as good in terms of their OS or hardware function despite the “specs” in my opinion.”

                      100% agree with this^ and this:

                      “for us iPhone and its operating system, iOS, are great to work on because it’s a very stable platform.”

                      iPhone is simply the superior product.

                      1. I agree. I can see my next phone being an iPhone. Mainly because of the simplicity. You know the saying… “Everything just works”. And that’s not to say Android phones don’t work. The one I use works just fine. Lmao. But rather everything is just so simple and easy to use. Like iMessage and FaceTime can cover pretty much all your calls and messaging needs. As for iPhone being the superior product, I wouldn’t say that. It really depends on the user. Apple’s closed ecosystem isn’t for everyone and there’s certain features missing some may not like. I would rather have them both because if I stay one side for too long, I am going to start missing things the other one had. You never know what you had until it’s gone as they always say.

                      2. I agree. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have the effect of having basically one device take up half the market while the other half has many companies and many more iterations of their phones… and tablets if we are to go there. Nothing like opening an apple device and knowing exactly what you are getting and how the OS will work.

                        New ear buds I am not sure about though. I saw pics of some wireless buds before that looked better in my opinion

                        1. I could care either less either way about the wireless earbuds. I rarely use the iPod earbuds (and I rarely use my beats headphones, I’m just not a big headphone guy I guess). I use the built in speakers a lot more at my desk at my office job. But wireless anything is always better imo, so I’m looking forward to trying out these new wireless earbuds more so because it’s like getting a new toy lol

                          1. Hey, no doubt. I am all about the wireless, and I do use my headphones a lot, I am just saying that the look that was revealed could have been better… just “proving” I am not a complete apple fanboy haha ;)

                            1. The AirPods are questionable. They are truly wireless, but it does make me wonder about the battery life. And, of course, sound quality. It’ll be interesting to see how they compare to other headphones.

                            2. ha yeah man no doubt, i only got a couple second look at the new earbuds and they did look weird. I’ll probably rarely use them. waterproof and 32gb and the improved built in speakers are what i’m looking most forward too. i’m not an apple fanboy either, (currently typing this on a windows 10 laptop) but I am a fan of iOS, it just feels smooth and android just feels um… not so smooth

                            3. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I have heard that Japanese companies cannot be bought out by outside companies. So it would technically be impossible for Apple to buy Nintendo. Unless im wrong of course, which lately has been a regular occurance.

                            4. Nintendo wouldn’t keep it exclusive to Apple. Their entire goal right now is to court smartphone gamers and attract them to Nintendo hardware. They’re not about to leave out half the market.

                              1. They weren’t “about” to put their IP’s on smartphones either, remember?
                                Listen, I don’t like it any more than you do.

                                1. “They weren’t “about” to put their IP’s on smartphones either, remember?”

                                  No I don’t remember that. When did Nintendo say that? If they did say that it was probably true at the time they said it.

                                    1. Really? What I see here is that your “shit” is nearly three years old. My exact comment was “If they did say that it was probably true at the time they said it.” When they said back in 2014 that they had no plans to develop mobile games it was obviously true since it was another 2 years before they came out with any plans at all.

                                    2. You’ll find I don’t talk shit unless I know my shit. I’m about data and facts, and if It’s my opinion, I will say as much.

                                      1. i agree with his part “Their entire goal right now is to court smartphone gamers and attract them to Nintendo hardware.”
                                        it’s how i’ve seen their whole road starting with Miitomo, if that wasn’t a clear indication… then Pokemon Go (nintendo has a hand in it) and the upcoming Animal Crossing game surely are.
                                        they are meant for the “Everyone” type starting at a very young age, and those kids have smartphones nowadays. (around 7y here o.0)
                                        Mario is a perfect middleground title, again for everyone if done correctly and they seem to have.
                                        i also believe the NX will play a role in all of this as well,
                                        the new Club Nintendo ties any service together although in a fairly basic way, just like that 3DS-WiiU Network ID sharing update from a while back. little steps that bring Nintendo closer into every device.
                                        i also predict a Nintendo Hub App any day in which you can manage your account, games, collected coins and rewards, friends.. and such.
                                        it’s fine to me as a gamer since the age of 3 because they showed us more than we could have hoped for of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, indicating they’ve not lost their hardcore gaming touches as well.
                                        the NX will be awesome like all of their previous devices.
                                        it’ll always be a little bit like a wii (and i hope there’s still plenty backwards compatibility left) but it’s also still a NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube… and hopefully this time around the whole handheld spectrum as well.
                                        not being a hybrid would be the disappointment i can imagine the coming year..

                                      2. Apple exclusivity is a bad idea for Nintendo, temporary exclusivity deals are good. If they do it temporarily, many Apple fans will buy the game, then, as they lose interest, it will release on Android, steadying the waning cash flow, and causing friends of those Android users that use Apple products to either get it for the first time, or start playing it again, providing a new minor boost of revenue.

                                        1. That is true to a degree and I can see the logic there for sure, but that might have more short term benefit than long term, and the exclusive rights for Apple would benefit them, so compensation for Nintendo would be discussed in any deal that was struck between the two companies. It is also just the first foray the two companies have had in any sort of partnership capacity and down the line, more exclusivity between the two and perhaps more synergy with hardware and software is very possible depending on the success of these early ventures.

                                            1. Not really, as long as it is temporary, it is beneficial to Nintendo to have the steady cash flow and renewed interest after the Android launch.

                                          1. “but for us iPhone and its operating system, iOS, are great to work on because it’s a very stable platform”

                                            Exactly this. People need to stop thinking developers just hate Android or Apple is paying them.

                                            1. Yes. Just like people shouldnt hate on Devs who find Nintendo platforms difficult to develop for. Same difference, yeah?

                                            2. With crap like Federation Force & Color Trash trying to appease a wide audience by changing them into things the franchises aren’t so they will sell to those people, I can’t help but also think Apple might be paying them for timed exclusivity. Nintendo, sadly, is not immune to being corrupted by greed especially since they are ran by a board of shareholders. :/

                                            3. They’re getting paid… Have you ever seen a third party get as much coverage and appearance on an Apple stage. They’re patting each other’s backs heavily with this.

                                              1. Even if that’s the case, I honestly can’t imagine most people would turn down an offer like that from a massive company like Apple. Would you? I mean, it just seems like the logical thing to do.

                                              2. We share a lot in common. Yeah does not give us half of what the computers do.
                                                USB media playback

                                                1. You forgot to mention a universal account system where our save data & digital purchases are not locked to one single system. If Apple does have that, ignore this obvious ignorant post. I guess I just saw this as another way to bash (might as well use that word in this instance) Nintendo for something about the Wii U that really pisses me off. lol

                                                  1. Don’t remind me of my broken USB with hundreds of gameplay hours. :-(

                                                    But yes Apple has that in place at least, tho most of their software required wired or Wifi connections vs wireless and mobile on Android.

                                                    1. Well at least it’s something. Better than what we have on Wii U with no other way to get our data or digital purchases off of the bloody thing.

                                                          1. I won’t lie, I used to despise Apple. I was one to call all their products overpriced and that they’re a greedy company. And call people sheeps. Now I realize how very wrong and ignorant I was. The specs that people keep going on and on about of Android compared to iPhones is tiring and pointless. They aren’t even utilized the same way because iOS does not work like Android. While I don’t think iPhones have the best display either, it’s nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. They see the specs and then automatically get straight to hating. I like Android, but when I go to YouTube and other sites, I can’t help but facepalm. The Android community is making fans look like a bunch of elitists constantly downplaying anything related to Apple. And it’s mostly Samsung users which is pretty easy to tell because they keep mentioning “wireless charging”. And not a lot of Android flagships of late have had this feature. Lol. But that’s not to say Apple doesn’t have their fair share of fanboys. It’s like the console vs PC war. Really ridiculous, honestly.

                                                            1. All I say is to each their own. I’ve tested multiple OS options and can say from experience my choice remains Google & Android due to the open ecosystem and new features. I don’t like being controlled or told what to do by a company and what to buy, so I like having options.

                                                              There’s extremists in everything, including this very board for Nintendo. I used to be like that, but through experience I’ve been let down and opinions change.

                                                            2. I agree with you about Android users hating on Apple. My own feelings on Apple are kind of mixed. I’ve always felt that Apple as a whole had an air of smugness about it. When I think of someone owning a Mac over a PC I just imagine them like “Oh a PC? I have a Mac.”(Read with condescending tone.) I especially can’t imagine why anyone would get a Mac when PC’s have such a wide range of customization options.

                                                              When it comes to phones my feelings are pretty much switched. My first smartphone was an iphone 4. For my next phone I tried out an S5. For a long time my feelings have been this. Apple is much simpler than Samsung. It doesn’t have nearly as many fancy bells and whistles, but this also makes it easier to use and less likely to have problems. The more stuff you add to a device, the more that could go wrong. For instance when I got my Galaxy, it came preloaded with about 20 apps and features that I had absolutely no interest in, which immediately made the phone feel cluttered. After a year I started having problems. The gyroscope stopped working, the battery began to give in, finger print scanner stopped working, and now I’m having problems with the software. At random times Chrome and other apps just stop working. Maps seems to take 10 mins just to locate me. Sometimes my keyboard will freeze with a message that says it just stopped working. How does a keyboard stop working!? What could go wrong with it? Finally, my storage seems to be disappearing. I haven’t added a new app in a month. In fact I’ve uninstalled some. Yet somehow my storage space shrinks every time I look at it. My iphone never had any problems like that.

                                                              I also don’t like the slam campaign Samsung ran against Apple a couple years ago. I’ve always hated companies putting down other companies to make their product look better. I’ve found that if a company has to do that they obviously don’t feel confident in their product. Sega did it to Nintendo and look what happened to them. Pepsi does it to Coke and Pepsi sucks. (I hope I don’t get hate for that.)

                                                              And that’s all I have to say about that.

                                                              1. Yup, exactly right. The average person doesn’t really take advantage of the things Android has to offer and I’ve found that people converting from iPhone to Galaxy to be almost just as clueless. Lol, they saw the hate bandwagon and decided to hop on. And how are people not noticing price? Samsung is one of, if not the most, expensive Android OEM now. There’s really good Android devices like a OnePlus 3 for example that basically have high end hardware (even on par with more expensive phones) in it that go for $400. That’s it. A Note 7 is $850. That is quite literally the price of the highest tier iPhone 7. LOL.

                                                                We’re paying premiums for either side now.

                                                                1. Price is another thing that pisses me off about phones. Who the hell is paying that much for a phone. I could buy a decent PC for that much; but you have consumer whores willing to pay it so the price ain’t coming down any time soon. If I didn’t need a phone for work, I guarentee I wouldn’t have one. They’ve never been anything more than a necessary evil.

                                                                  1. It really depends on what type of things you do and how you value it. I love phones and would have no problem paying $600+ as long as it does what I want. Cheap Android phones disgust me. I came from one before I upgraded to the Nexus 6P, and it was a truly awful experience. Freezing up from time to time, slow, laggy, terrible camera, bad display, low storage, etc. In my opinion, you need at the very least, a $200 phone. Anything under that compromises too much.

                                                                      1. Well I’ve been in the same contract with AT&T since 2008 and consequently have been grandfathered into unlimited data and my bill is always under $100 a month, so I can’t really complain lol

                                                                          1. Ew! I hate those cherry flavor & any other fruity flavored Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, & Pepsi drinks. I’ll stick to the basic flavor. And if I ever do drink a fruit flavored soda, it’ll be either Sprite or 7UP. And maybe the occasional Mountain Dew. And it’s not that I don’t like them but that I can’t actual stomach them for some reason. I guess I’m just so use to the original flavor that my body doesn’t appreciate alternate ones. I sadly don’t drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi like I use to. Those don’t sit well with my stomach, either, these days. D: And Dr. Pepper to a lesser extent. Now if they are ice cold, I can definitely drink them then without suffering indigestion.

                                                                            1. YOU ARE GONNA DRINK THIS CHERRY FLAVORED COKE AND YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT!

                                                                              But seriously though, I love flavored drinks. Coke is always my go to drink. But if that’s no option, then Mountain Dew is what I want.

                                                                              If not that either, then Fanta.

                                                                              1. I still hate Apple because of their effects on the mobile data market. Apple sells products to stores for $200-$400 more than the store is required to sell it for. If the store doesn’t sell the product at a massive loss, Apple refuses to do any business with them. Companies can make a profit, though, thanks to data plans. If they increase the universal price of data plans, they can regain their losses caused by Apple because they can actually get money from Apple users. If you ever thought about your phone bill being too high, it’s likely to be because Apple forced your phone company’s hand.

                                                                              2. I feel the same as you, just backwards. I used to really like Apple and thought they had the highest quality products on the market. While I still like Apple somewhat, IMO the quality not just in their hardware, but the quality in their business practice as a whole has dropped significantly compared to years past. The constant updates have rendered many of their own hardware products useless. Ipad 2’s are basically bricks now. Why would Apple allow millions of $700 Ipads to become useless with update? The answer is so they can keep selling new hardware. If you paid $700 for an Ipad, that device should last until the components give out. Not because the company who sold you the device decided it’s time was up. And thats just it. Apple has the ability to brick any hardware device they want to with an update.

                                                                                Another problem I have with Apple was also related to an update. I had literally hundreds of dollars worth of audio books on my Ipad. The new update was ready, and Apple promised nothing but positivity. So I updated…… Big mistake. I lost all of my audio books, and for some reason Apple Itunes does not let you re-download bought audiobooks. They let you download any other purchased items off Itunes as many times as you want. But not audio books. Why you ask? Because Apple, thats why. So $700.00 plus $280.00 equals $980.00 Apple has unjustly cost me.

                                                                                Another gripe I have with Apple is with their “streaming”. When you stream a movie or show from Itunes it mysteriously takes gig from your device. This gig cannot be retrieved in any way with the exception of completely wiping your device. (erase all content and reset settings) There is no fix for this, it has been an ongoing problem for years, and Apple to this day fails to even recognize it. They pretend the problem doesn’t exist. It’s funny really, channels like Twitch, YouTube, and countless others have mastered the art of streaming, yet Apple has no clue how to. It’s not streaming if it uses memory, lol. Thats the whole point of streaming! So you DONT use up your memory. If you download first, it uses TWICE the amount of memory its supposed to! Although you can delete half of it back off your device. It’s a joke really. Apple is nothing like they used to be. Sorry for the rant, it felt like the right place.. haha

                                                                              3. Yeah. For me Nintendo is the Apple of the video game industry. Just that I love Nintendo’s games which makes me love Nintendo. But I just hate Apple xD
                                                                                And I meant competitors and not computers but looking at your reply you seemed to have figured that out

                                                                                  1. No, an opinion. Remember Nintendo is not a mobile developer, they’re new to it. So they’re learning and have no valuable opinion on a platform they’re unfamiliar with.

                                                                                          1. I feel your pain, but Nintendo is a business. Maybe you don’t realize it, but Nintendo feeds us shit for $$$ all the time. I mean did you really think Zelda BoTW was going to release in 2015? Yea, me niether, but some people did, and many people went out and bought a Wii U because that announcement.. I have gotten used to it really.

                                                                                            1. Pingback: ผู้สร้าง Mario บอกเหตุผลทำไม Nintendo ถึงร่วมงานกับ apple | เว็บแบไต๋

                                                                                              1. I know you said you dont care, but its so simple I have to tell you. IOS is really just an abbreviation. OS meaning Operating System, and the I stands for Iphone/Ipad/Ipod. So, ios mean I (product) operating system.

                                                                                            2. It’s nothing that needs to be explained. Aple has far more smart phones out than Androids, they are the first to develop for. They’re not alienating Android as they’re still getting it. Quit bitching.

                                                                                              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                                                                                                ||When the Xbots or Sonyans do it, nobody reacts because it’s all part of the plan…||

                                                                                                ||But if Nintendo makes one little timed exclusive civilian tool, then everyone loses their minds…||

                                                                                                ||Introduce a little anarchy, disrupt the corrupted forces…||

                                                                                                1. Yeah, Nintendo and Apple are very similar companies. Both are more concerned with making money from people who don’t know any better. Miyamoto is really testing my patience.

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