Video: Celebrate Crash Bandicoot’s 20th Anniversary With Skylanders Imaginators

While Crash Bandicoot may not be traditionally associated with Nintendo, he’ll be crashing onto Wii U in Skylanders Imaginators later this year. To celebrate his 20th anniversary, Skylanders have released a trailer showing off his upcoming appearance. Check out the trailer below.


  1. he never have a new game since 2010. so basically his series is far behind and he will never get a new game. i’m not much a crash fan and all, but some developers busy with other titles. and same goes with Banjo-Kazooie series.

  2. Crash Bandicoot, a former mascot of Sony’s, on a Nintendo console!? Never did I ever think we’d see the day. Then again, back in the day, many never thought Sonic would be on a Nintendo console. xD

    1. There was a lot of Crash games on Nintendo consoles. In fact, most post PS1 Crash games got a Nintendo release, I think the only ones that didn’t was Crash Twinsanity and the upcoming remakes. There were even a few GBA exclusives.

    2. ||Even though I wouldn’t want Halo on our machines, it would be the Ultimate Insult to the Xbot filth…||

  3. The Crash Bandicoot games (much like Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet & Clank) always looked so boring and unappealing to me. I’ve never had any interest. And these days, my interest in games is lower than it’s ever been. Meaning, it’s very hard for me to find new games that I actually end up loving.

      1. No they arent. Shawn Layden clearly said that they were going to “fully Remaster the trilogy from the ground up.” He was very misleading. If it was a full remake then he wouldve said it was a full remake, just like they did when they announced the Ratchet Remake.

        1. If it was a remaster, they wouldn’t have said “from the ground up.” It can go both ways, but I’m sure it’s a remake. If it was just a port in HD widescreen, they would’ve shown gameplay. Sony and Activision also know they would get a lot of hate if the games were just given a widescreen treatment, for obvious reasons. That and I highly doubt they would’ve brought back the most recent voice actors purely for a couple of cutscenes in Skylanders, a game that’s not even a Crash game.

          1. Thats the weird thing. You would think that the president of leading console this generation would be clear enough when announcing something so dear to old gamers. But why not right out call it a REMAKE, but instead they chose to call it a full remaster? These guys only play with words when they dont want us to know, hell Reggie does it all the time, and so does Shuhei, they dance around words all the time.

            From the ground up could mean anything, cutscenes, VA, or even textures. It doesnt mean its a remake.

            Doubt all you want, this is activision we’re talking about, the same company that replaced peter dinklage VO with Nolan North with a single update.

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