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Nintendo Network Maintenance Over Next Few Days

Various Nintendo Network platforms will be undergoing maintenance over the next few days. This includes the eShop, general online play and the Wii Shop Channel. While this work was announced last week, the exact timings have now been published by Nintendo. Check when each service is unavailable to stay prepared.


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          1. Except Quadraxis wouldn’t be caught dead playing that abomination. In fact, he’s one of the people here that hates that game.

              1. You are sentient, correct? You have your own conscience & mind, correct? Then you are people. You could be a talking dog from the planet Corneria & I’d still call you a person or people. You don’t have to be human in my eyes to be called a person or be lumped in with the term people. Now if you were just a dumb, mindless Ing with no will of your own, then I wouldn’t call you such words.

              1. Didn’t notice. So many people on here hating on Quadraxis that I get confused on who’s joking or messing with him & who’s being serious.

  1. It’s a good thing I transferred my n3DS data from my old red one to my Galaxy style n3DS Saturday night!

  2. I know what this is about still blocking region free. Nintendo , I love you guys very much but there’s only so much a fan can take before they jump ship.Sony and Microsoft dont have region lock on their systems maybe you guys need to follow suit and not keep to the fact of an overly protective parent. and censoring games that are adult themed! It’s that attitude that made developers move away from you. Now I undesrstand some fans will say Oooo your being a troll (not saying names) but think about it before you start being a crybaby.

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