Kevin Pereira Teasing Nintendo Announcement At GameStop Expo on Wednesday

Kevin Periera, who is the host of Attack of the Show and the recent Nintendo World Championships, has tweeted that Nintendo is preparing to announce something at the Gamestop Expo which starts this Wednesday. It would be extremely surprising if this was Nintendo NX related and is more likely to be some sort of partnership, maybe something to do with amiibo or the NES Mini.



  1. ||The beginning of the end for the Xbot filth is coming closer and closer…||

  2. I can’t see how it would be related to the NX (though, that would be a super-extremely strange move on Nintendo’s part if that’s the case; I would think a Nintendo Direct and/or a large press conference would make more sense).

    Anyway, just before the large amounts of people comment saying something like, “I hope it’s the NX” and then when it’s not they end getting angry, let me warn you:

    It’s probably not truly related to the NX, so don’t get your hopes up.

    (I don’t expect anyone to listen to me though, so why am I wasting my time?)

      1. Ha! Then that would mean GameStop would announce one of two things:

        1) “GameStop/EB Games (and its crap customer service/practices) will now have stores in every country!”

        2) “The NX will not be released in Japan!”

        (The Internet would lose it if either of those announcements have happened.)

        1. I think NX is pretty much guaranteed to sell much more than Wii U.

          Why? All of Nintendo’s games will be on one piece of hardware if the console/handheld fusion rumors are true. That means it’ll have the mainline Pokemon games and for Japan Monster Hunter as well.

  3. Let’s just hope they market the NX better and actually put some thought into how they advertise and not just Spam Mario like Game freak Milks that little yellow bastard Pikachu!

  4. Nintendo is smart on not to release any information before PS4.5 and Xbox arrive.
    It would be stupid to give out information now allowing Sony and Microsoft to make changes to their facelifted consoles while in R&D. Then before you know after the NX info is revealed Sony and Microsoft will allow an additional 8 month delay then NX would come out and competition will make a copy and 4x more powerful than it is Wii U all over again. Smart move keep lips sealed.

    1. The PS4 Pro is coming out in November. Sony doesn’t have time to change anything. Also Nintendo said NX is being released in March. They don’t have much time to wait. They have to release info soon to have enough time for word to spread around.

      1. Yeah its coming out in November. If Nintendo announced the NX information today they have plenty of Time to post pone PS4.5. After all the regular PS4 is already at 40million so its not like Wii U . The only reason why they even have a PS4.5 coming is because they know about the NX. Thats the only reason.

        1. Yes, Sony is just going to throw away hundreds of millions of dollars in manufactured PS Pros just to respond to something that is likely not a threat to them at all.

          1. Oh yeah no threat? So why when the Wii debuted in 2006 did Sony hurry and debuted their version? Why when N64 introduced the Rumble Pak did Sony make their controller with a Rumble pak later? Why when Smash Bros Melee come out did Sony need to copy but flopped? Why when Nintendo Wii U with two screens revealed before it debuted did sony Reverse the PS Vita to have double screens for PS3? Now you want to tell me Sony isnt going to copy the NX?

            1. Did you just compare controllers, attachments, & accessories to an entire console? Sony has only ever copied Nintendo’s controllers, attachments, & accessories. They can’t just throw an entire console out the window, one that is most likely already in mass production and has probably been in mass production for at least a month now. You are being way too paranoid, dude.

                1. Besides, least when they do copy Nintendo, it isn’t something forced on people & is almost always just an alternate way of playing some of their games.

        1. The fake paidenthusiast is Entropic Void aka TheLulzyArtist and he sounds like Snagglepuss when he speaks and shares the same homosexual tendecies as him too lol

  5. I don’t expect it to be the NX reveal, but I do anticipate the confirmed date FOR the NX reveal will be part of it.

    Even Nintendo must know at this point that they are running out of time to have an impacting reveal. The hype train is slowing down and they need to throttle it again before it stops completely.

  6. People worried about Sony or Microsoft copying is just retarded. Sony copy’s microshit and MS does what Sony GayStation does but they can try all they want. They will never be NintenHo!
    NintenHo, is one talented freaky thang that nobody can duplicate, only emulate.
    Mimic every move they make the ps4 Slim is great, but wait… It doesn’t have That NintenHo quality feel.
    Ya dig?..

    1. Did Nintendo confirmed this, no , wsj analysts are predicting October they say it may still happening in September.

  7. I think they’re just playing off of everyone’s impatience for NX news and put this up as click bait. If it is NX, great.

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    Nx and Botw!!!!!!!

  9. Not gonna assume this is NX related, but what else could it be? GameStop exclusives; Mario Party: amiibo Festival & Wii Party U 2: amiibo Carnival?

    Whatever this is it’s time for Nintendo to turn all the hype/frustration/rumors & general talk about them in general into preorders, good marketing and the kind of anticipation that gets people to start saving money and gives them a date that they know they can do something with it.

  10. Please don’t be amiibo exclusivity! That is one of the things that hurt amiibo sales in the beginning of the amiibo craze! And if not a shocking NX reveal, at least an announcement for an NX reveal!

    Or maybe it’s my theory that Nintendo & GameStop are going to announce that Gamestop is now a property of Nintendo & all GameStops will eventually be converted into Nintendo World Stores. It would be something! “Hey! You wanted us to compete against the others again!? How is this for competing!? Starting in March 2016, all Gamestop stores will be converted into Nintendo World Stores as we’ve bought the company! Sony & Microsoft will no longer have products being sold at GameStop!”

    But I highly doubt it’s that. It probably is more fucking amiibo exclusivity. Bayonetta will be GameStop exclusive! You heard it here, folks! *sigh*

  11. would it not be sweet if the big N announced that the nx ran on 16 cores 12 gigaflops 16 gigs gddr5 40x bluray drive lmao. no seriously though…. i wonder if the final product features an upgradable apu and upgradable ram for future releases? instead of selling a different console every year or 2 they can just sell the upgrade. just a thought!

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