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RUMOR: Nintendo’s Developer Portal Updated & Gearing Up For An NX Reveal?

NWPlayer123, who has a history of accurate leaks, has mentioned that Nintendo’s developer portal was updated. To be more specific, the update was for the SDK, short for Software Development Kit, related to the NX. That’s not all, because the installer/downloader tool was updated too. Nikki says this is Nintendo gearing up for a “devs/reveal” of the NX. The tweets related to the matter are embedded for you down below, if you want to see for yourself. If these tweets are anything to go by, it’s that it may not be much longer until the NX is revealed.


90 thoughts on “RUMOR: Nintendo’s Developer Portal Updated & Gearing Up For An NX Reveal?”

        1. gamestop expo is probably just for announcing games for mobiles.
          announcing anything major there would be waste of breath.
          Even direct with 2 day notice would be better.

    1. I’ve kind of been thinking IGN knows too. Their main Nintendo guy announced he’s going on vacation after TGS knowing like every one else that NX is heavily rumored to be revealed this/next month and he’d most likely want to cover it… It also seems like they’ve suddenly stopped staying on top of the latest rumors for it. It’s a little odd when sites randomly go quiet on things they usually stay on top of.

      1. Oh yeah, on the last NVC podcast he mentioned this and he told his co-host to fill in for him on the show this week. And guess what he wants him to do in his absence? He told him to compile all of the NX rumors and talk about them on the show this week O_O

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  2. Well the NX its coming very soon because they said it will be reavaled in early in October. I think Nintendo is almost ready for the NX lineup and I wonder what kind of Slogan it will have.

    How about this.

    (The Future is Now) or

    (Time for the next generation)

          1. In all honesty you sound like a fool just going off on people for no reason. Not to mention bringing the site down to a trashy level with your language. People are here to talk about gaming so why does it seem unnatural to you that some people may be a bit nerdy? Who are you to judge? If you want to argue with people so damn badly then join a debate team or something.


    The moment the whole world has been waiting for, the day the internet will break, the time in which Nintendo shall rise again.

    All gamers, fanboys, haters get united for the most expected event in recent gaming history, now the future of gaming is within our grasp.

    Delight us Nintendo!

  4. Meh… That’s all I really got to say about Nintendo (unless it’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Metroid Prime 4, a true Paper Mario, true Mario Party, true Animal Crossing for home console, Super Mario Sunshine 2 (one can still dream!), a true, uncensored Fire Emblem, or NX with a universal account system, not this console locked bullshit)… and Nintendo related rumors…

      1. Not on my list of games I want a new game for but yeah, for others, there is that. You guys have waited long enough for a new F-Zero. Now if only they could ignore Miyamoto’s “If we can think of something unique for F-Zero, we’ll make a new game…” bullshit that he said years ago, or at least feels like years ago. Least I think it was Miyamoto that said that.

  5. Arent yall concerned that Sony is going to make changes to PS4.5 once the info gets released? What if Sony copies? Its not like time is against Sony with regular PS4 at 40million. They can postpone and change for NX. Its Nintendo who cant afford to waste time since they decided to give Project Cafe 3cores for 2016 with 2gigs back in 2008. Thats why the sells of Wii U sucks now. PS4.5 is made to challenge the NX not Wii U. Thats why it is not a PS5 because Nintendo had to hurry the NX sooner in the middle of a generation. Which is risky for Nintendo because PS5 will definitely have all the features than the NX in the middle of the NX’s cycle with more horsepower Now and better features. So what’s Nintendo’s plan 2.5 years after NX releases knowiing a PS5 will debut around that time? They should had thought about what PS4 was going to be like in 2008 instead of making Project Cafe slightly more powerful than the PS3 there wouldnt be no NX or PS4.5 to at least 2018. And the NX would be debuting at the right time of PS5 and Xbox 2.

    I say this is risky when Nintendo messed up Wii U’s features.

    Example if a redesigned Ford focus debuts in 2016 and the corolla desides to bring out their redesign model in 2018, Ford would have to do many facelifts before their all new 2019 model Focus debuts. Yet it is easier for companies to bring out resesigned models the same year and not in the middle of a generation.

    So how willl NX compete 3 years on sale if PS5 debuts if it is slightly more powerful than Xbox 1?

    1. I don’t think we have to worry about Sony copying. About as much people want a Sony handheld that want a Wii U. Like Microsoft, they’ll stick with traditional home consoles. It’s their strong suit like how Nintendo’s has always been more geared to handhelds since the original GameBoy. This new direction could be exactly what is needed for them if they play their cards right. All I really care about is that this thing is able to run a game like Breath of the Wild which looks stunning.

    2. Last time Sony tried to copy Nintendo… Like, the most current time, it was the whole, “vita and PS4 work like a WiiU!”
      Ha, UT didn’t come close. Nothing beat the lag-free game pad. Sony would just be wasting money trying to copy, it will be a couple years for MS/PS to mimic NX gimmicks. (I use the word Gimmick affectionately)

      1. Vita and Wii U are pretty much in a race for last place, lol.

        I really think the handheld/console gimmick is something neither of them would go after. It’s been proven time and again that you can’t touch Nintendo in the dedicated gaming portable arena even with more powerful hardware (before anyone says it, smartphones aren’t dedicated gaming portables). Now their next one will be able to run a game like Breath of the Wild and will also most assuredly have the main entries of franchises like Pokemon and Monster Hunter. This could also mean that they don’t have to make two different versions of one game like Mario Kart. Imagine if next gen the only one to come out was Mario Kart 9 (unlike this one where we got both 7 & 8) and instead of development of a second title we just got a constant stream of DLC to expand the one game with new tracks, drivers, etc. With all of their games in one place and development more focused, Nintendo could finally accomplish their goal of not directly competing with Sony and Microsoft in their quest for power. If the price is right, who’s to say this won’t be a great companion device to the PlayStations and Xboxes of the world? The days of groan worthy Directs because they only announced games for the handheld and not the home console would also be over.

        As you can see I’m very optimistic about this concept but only if it’s executed right.

        1. I certainly have nothing against healthy, educated optimism. And everything you said sounds pretty nice should it become reality, however fool me once (3DS) shame on you, fool me twice (WiiU) shame on me.
          I’ll be god-damned if Nintendo screws me over again. I don’t care if the NX can replace the astro-droid on an X-Wing, I’m waiting a year or two before buying it.
          Nintendo punishes early adopters, and people that jump in later get all the perks: lower cost, bundles, games to play… So I am 100% not getting an NX day 1.

          I’ll play breath of the Wild on my WiiU, I have some great Atlus games to catch up on my 3DS, and I’ll focus on my YouTube Channel launch.

          Then, I’ll buy an NX of Amazon or Newegg with a killer bundle and a hefty discount.

          But by all means, if you are compelled to pay a premium for early-adopting, I’ll look forward to your opinions on the system! I know I can count on you for an honest assessment! ;D

          1. Early adoption will depend completely on the games and price. I actually have a plan to get a nice discount. Some years ago my sister went to the NYC Nintendo Store and won a free 8GB Wii U and 3DS. The 3DS was sold as brand new and she kept the Wii U for Netflix. Now she’s looking to get rid of it so I made a deal with her to let me trade it in and I’ll give her most of the money. GameStop always has deals to get more when trading for a newer system. Let’s say we get $150 for it. I would give her $100 and I get $50 off the NX. Maybe I can convince her to give me more on my end until then :)

  6. Not long until revealed but long enough. I get it, there might be a reason for secrecy towards the console or maybe “system” but the date of the announcement?

    I wonder, can Nintendo keep this a secret like we will only know on the day of the announcement or as it usually takes at least a week, it won’t be announced before the other week or later.

    When they didn’t reveal at E3 I thought that by now, before the second half of September we would know already.

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