Nintendo Launches Super Mario Run Sticker Pack Ahead Of Today’s iOS 10 Launch

Those of you with Apple devices will be able to download iOS 10 later today. One of the new features is a revamped iMessage application that now allows you to purchase and implement stickers. One set of these stickers is from Nintendo and is based on the upcoming Super Mario Run and the stickers themselves look rather neat. iOS 10 should be released around 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time today. You can check out the stickers, below.




      1. Because it’s lazy and dumbed down and nobody who actually plays games as a hobby gives a damn about mobile games.
        People want Super Mario news as in a new 2D Mario, a new 3D Mario or a new Mario spin-off, not a Robot Unicorn clone for casuals to play during their smoking breaks.

        1. “It’s lazy and dumbed down”

          So is New Super Mario Bros U. And 2. Those are just recycled Mario games and I would rather not have another. Nobody asked for this one, sure, but it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s already coming out, so if you don’t want it, only option is to just not buy it. We will get a new Mario on the NX anyways.

        1. ||Your memory is flawed, you must return to NERD HQ and have your brain refurbished…||

            1. ||Everything is some kind of machine, biological lifeforms are simply weak minded flawed designs no matter the origin of any universe or dimension…||

                1. First, it was the Luminoth. But he was incomplete til the Ing somehow completed him. Then Samus destroyed him and he was sent back to the Void. As for how he came back from that, beats me.

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