Video: There’s A Smash Wii U Mod That Lets You Play As Sora From Kingdom Hearts

A new Super Smash Bros. For Wii U mod has recently been released. The mod enables you to play as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. A YouTube video showing off gameplay of the mod was uploaded, so if you want to check it out, we’ve embedded it for you down below.



  1. Inb4 Cease & Desist order gets shoved up their butts.

    As long as a legit copy of the game is needed to access the mod, no problem in my book- hell, as a Shulk main, I might give this skin a go.

  2. Too bad it’s only a skin of Sora. I want to say this is lazy modding to get something that looks like Sora in the game because it’s obviously just Shulk in an alternate costume that looks like Sora. Oh & the keyblade’s end is all wrong as it’s too spiky & doesn’t even look like the end of a key. The only awesome thing about this is the Sora skin itself.

      1. That’s what I was gonna say. As someone who was really into Brawl mods I was expecting more than just a Sora skin over Shulk (partially due to the title of the article). No disrespect intended to the creator of this, especially since I haven’t tried any modding on Wii U at all but I was expecting them to swap audio files and create a custom moveset. But as you said- the skin itself looks pretty good.

        1. I think that’s how most disappointed by this will feel, too, since we’ve all seen some mods that go so far as to change audio files, change animations, etc to get a true representation of the character into the game. Or as close to a true representation as possible, anyway.

          1. Right, although I have seen many characters “added” to Smash 4 I haven’t seen it hacked to the extent Brawl was by any means. The Wii was a lot easier to do that stuff on. Maybe once the NX launches and Nintendo switches focus the mod community will advance with less interruption…

  3. I don’t know why this is even news. Just a slow day I guess. At this point we’ve gotten a number of Sonic characters, Spongebob characters, Goku, Shrek and characters from all sorts of other games and anime series. Most recently would have been Yandere-chan, who looks almost exactly as she does in Yandere Simulator, a much higher quality than this iffy Sora one from last month.

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