Suda51 Wants To Remaster No More Heroes

James Mountain, who is working with Suda51 on The Silver Case, was recently involved with an interview with Destructoid, where they talked about remasters that they want to do after The Silver Case is finished. Destructoid explained that “Suda-san would like to remaster the fan favorite Killer7 on modern platforms. After that, the next best candidate would be No More Heroes (specifically not the Xbox 360 and PS3’s No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise). ‘He really wants to do something if possible for those two titles at least'”. If the remaster does happen, it would be a remaster of the Wii version.


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  1. if I had actually played this game, I’d be “Hell yeah! Let’s do this thang!” With that said, I’d rather hear someone that can do them wants to do remasters of Eternal Darkness & the Baten Kaitos games. Then again, I’d rather see a full on remake of Eternal Darkness with better graphics.

  2. I personally hoping for a third NMH title, but a remaster is fine on its own. The sequel really expanded on everything the original had in terms of writing, gameplay, and the side jobs (even if some didn’t like the 8-bit resolution). The only real problem was the final boss itself, which the director purposely made it that way to prove how useless revenge is.

  3. Played the game. Honestly got bored to death within half hour.
    its so questionable things like this. I see constant articles about Bayonetta 2 and the amount of “I’ve never played before” astonishes me.

  4. Bring it on! Killer 7 is still one of my all time favorite game’s. In terms of Artistic value and playability. Absolutely a blast!

    NMH was alright, but I felt it suffered from control issue’s. Other than that the first game was kinda fun. Still wanna play the second game.

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