Here’s The New ‘Adventure Unfolds’ Trailer For Paper Mario: Color Splash

Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash. Titled “The Adventure Unfolds,” the extended promo highlights some of the things players will do with Mario in the upcoming game – as he investigates the mystery of Prism Island and its vanishing colors. Paper Mario: Color Splash is on track to launch on October 7 for Wii U.


  1. I’ve only played the first game through VC and liked it. I was willing to try TYD if it was also released on VC.

    Is it really that difficult for them to have kept the normal battle system?

    1. When you have Miyamoto or someone with the same mentality as him in charge of a video game, yes. Yes it is that difficult for them to keep the normal battle system. And that applies for other games these type of guys work on, too. New ways to play are nice & all but not with EVERY. SINGLE. ENTRY. OF. A. FRANCHISE!!!

        1. That’s why I said Miyamoto or someone with the same mentality as I don’t know who’s the twit directing Color Splash.

  2. I a think it looks better and better every time. I’m waiting until I a get to play the game before I say anything negative about it. And then I’m sure it’ll be super fun that I won’t a need to say anything negative about it. Well, I guess there is one negative thing…. where am I?

  3. Too bad looking good is all this game has going for it. I still can’t get past the new battle system. Why couldn’t this & Sticker Star have been classified as spin-offs by Nintendo!? D: Because that’s what they are to me: spin offs!

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